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I love this blog, so here's an angsty ask with a (hopefully) fluffy ending. Mukkun's s/o is usually the one taking care of everything in their shared life and apartment; one day, they get home from work, finding a mess and finally breaking down in a nervous cry due to tiredness and frustration: "I want a partner to rely on, not a child to look after, I'm tired of this!". Hopefully, that'd slap some good sense in the purple giant and let him realise how worn out his s/o is. Thank you so much! <3

Hello to you, dear Anon! (。^‿^。)/ Aww, thank you so much, it made me so happy to hear! Oh boy, Atsushi and his mess… I wish good luck to his s.o. All the good luck. He’s my favourite character, but I probably would drop dead (or he would, because I’d murder him). This took me more time than usual because a) it’s longer (4000 words wtf) and b) I’m also working on another chapter of my Suga fic that I’m posting on Ao3. Here we go!

This was not a good day.

You overslept and were late to work, got a nasty comment from boss on it, one of the clients was a real obnoxious pest to deal with, your brand new outfit got splashed by a car passing over a huge muddy puddle, the bus was packed and someone in your proximity there smelled like they hadn’t had a shower in a month, you typed in the wrong PIN twice when buying groceries and was stared at by all the people in the queue behind you, and you forgot your umbrella and the keys in the morning.

That was how you were stuck at your own doorsteps in the dark (since the light bulb in the lamp above you must have burned out), waiting for Murasakibara to let you in.

In rain pouring down at you like a tsunami.

For ten minutes now.

Yeah, this really was not a good day.

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Love and marriage

So my mom is getting married soon. I’m making the wedding cake, about 75 cupcakes, sculpting the wedding cake topper, helping to decorate, taking all the photos, compiling the music and communicating to guests and family, so imagine a very tired voice saying “my mom is getting married soon”.

This marriage….I do not support it. I can’t. If it were just that I didn’t like the man she’s marrying, then I could still support it, but there’s more.

She all but told me right out that she’s marrying this man because she’s just afraid to be alone any longer.

My mom has been married twice before, she’s still friendly with her second husband even (my dad). But she is terrified of being alone without a husband. So she’s settling.

I can’t understand this. I cannot fathom settling into marriage with someone that I do not actually love and trust as my partner. That feels like a prison sentence to me.

And yet, I know and see so many people form their entire lives around just finding someone who is good enough and getting married so you’re not “alone”.

But why does not being married = being alone? Why are friends and family not good enough? Why aren’t devoted children good enough?

I understand being lonely. I feel lonely. But isn’t it far more important to find a person who is a good fit for you? Someone who cares and treats you well and makes attempts to understand you, and you do the same for them? Why would you settle for less than actual love and partnership?

I don’t support this marfiage. I can’t….but I do support my mother. She hasn’t always been the best mom, but I’m not leaving her alone, not through her wedding, and not through anything after.

Imagine a tired, monotone, and just a little bit sad voice saying, “so my mom is getting married soon….”

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Thank you! I finally got around to writing this prompt, which was number one from this list (yeah I know I’m terribly slow at answering prompts): “I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth”. 

Clarke has no idea how this keeps happening, but here she is, pinning her best friend’s brother against a wall and watching as his expression shifts from surprise to wild hunger. She soaks it in for a moment, this sign of how much he wants her, and revels in the way it makes her feel, her body practically humming with anticipation for what’s to come.

And she knows exactly what’s going to happen next, knows because it’s been happening with increasing frequency lately. It started one night when one of their fights, barely disguised as a passionate discussion, spiralled out of control and got them thrown out of the bar. Leaving their annoyed friends behind, they continued their screaming match in the street outside his apartment, and from one second to the next, they had been in this exact same position, with his back against the wall and her lips on his and her hands on his shoulders not so much holding him in place as holding herself up when she practically melted.

They barely made it up the stairs to his place before they all but clawed each other’s clothes off.

That was six months ago, and she still hasn’t managed to quit.  

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Imagine that you and Harry messed around a bit when you were drunk. You confessed to Zayn and he goes to confront him.

Listen Harry, I heard you were taking advantage of my girl. And, I’m here to tell you that you need to back the fuck up and stay away from her unless you want problems with me.