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The Sith Academy

By Imperial Law any and all beings, whether Sith or slave, found with any degree of Force sensitivity be taken to the Sith Academy or the Sith Preparatory School.

Beings from age 5-15 go to the Sith Preparatory School which is located on Korriban.
The younglings are taught within classes of their own age groups, under several different teachers. The teachers cover the basics of math, science, writing, literature, programming, history, music, art, basic combat, and use of the Force.

  • Math is fairly straight forward.
  • Science can be branched out into specialties, but they do more of this at the Academy.
  • The reading, writing, and literature are all covered in Basic as well as some rudimentary (common) Sith.
  • Programming should cover all the basics with dealing with computers, droids, datapads, and etc.
  • History is focused on the Sith Empire (obviously).
  • Music is mostly revolved around the use of musical instruments since learning to play one at a young age helps develop other skills.
  • Art is usually in the form of the visual medias.
  • Younglings are not given a lightsaber at the Prep School (for obvious reasons), but they are taught the basics of forms and some unarmed combat techniques.
  • At this stage, the younglings are taught basic control over their range of emotions and how best to discern and feel them. This then will lead to better utilization of the Force.

After age 15, beings are sent to the Sith Academy, also located on Korriban.
At the Academy, the initiates and acolytes are no longer grouped by age. Rather, they are grouped by skill, and later on, specialties. The courses are more specific and diverse.
While there are teachers and instructors at the academy, the students are grouped (by skill) under an overseer. The overseers personally keeps track of the students’ progress and grades. Eventually leading them into a specialty.

The different “classes” further in specialization, but not all are mandatory. In fact, the only ‘mandatory’ courses are Combat and Force Techniques (usually for the slaves or latecomers). But many at the Academy choose to further their education, especially ones that come from established Sith family lines.

Brief Overview of the Courses:

  • Literature
    • Classic Sith literature
    • Also language classes regarding common, formal, and classic Sith dialects
  • Writing
    • Writing can be focused on poetry and prose
    • Or also in the documentation, for the purpose of writing historical and scientific articles
  • Math
    • Advanced arithmetic courses. Like all of them, idk (I don’t like math lol)
  • History
    • Ancient History of the Sith, pre arrivals of Exiles
    • Post exile arrival history
    • History of the greater galaxy, including the Jedi and Republic
  • Programming
    • Also deals with slicing
    • Coding hardware and software
  • Art
    • Drawing, painting, sculpting, metal-working, etc.
  • Music
    • Continuation of one’s musical instruments
    • Also added are:
      • Sith Opera classes
      • Dances, formal or otherwise (think ballroom)
  • Science
    • Sith alchemy
    • Xenobiology
    • Basic medical programs
    • Biotic sciences
    • Genetic engineering
    • Beast taming
  • Combat
    • Lightsaber forms
    • Hand-to-hand combat
    • Use of other (improvised) weapons
  • Force Techniques
    • Sith sorcery
      • Lightening is a favorite
    • Mind tricks, or how to protect one’s mind from said tricks
    • Telekinetic abilities

From time to time, Lords and Darths will go through the Academy and talk to the overseers when looking for a new apprentice.
Overseers are usually good at advising/guiding a Sith toward a path that is suited to their strengths. (Doesn’t mean they have to be nice about it *coughHARKUNcough*)
The “graduation” can occur at any age, so long as an overseer approves that a Sith has adequate training AND a Lord/Darth chooses them.
Sometimes, groups of Sith may be chosen to rise to the rank of Apprentice at a similar time. Then the Academy may throw a small congratulatory ceremony for them.

Deaths occur at the Academy. It’s just a thing that happens from time to time, though at the Prep School, the goal is to NOT get the younglings killed.

The Academy provides lodging for its students, like “on campus dorms”. If the student has family residing on Korriban, they may live “off campus”. (Korriban, has a planet wide public transportation system)