i'm tired of begging

bc of BPD I have this awful fear of abandonment whether real or perceived and so a lot of times when I tell people to leave me alone and they do for an extended period of time I go into Panic Mode and think that they’re abandoning me and I just Split More and 1) lash out bc they’re leaving me or 2) put up a protective barrier or 3) both! at the same time!

I love how dudes will legit beg for you to fuck them and then call you a hoe! I love how you could be covered head to toe and a man will call you a hoe!!! I love how you could be a 13 year old girl enjoying life and some grown ass man will take time out of his grown ass life to call you a hoe!!!! I love it!!!!! I love men!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t ask for a single present from my parents

All I wanted was for my dad to put aside a couple of hours and draw with me

He promised

And now he’d rather watch Monday Night football than do the ONLY thing I asked of him for my birthday

I’m so upset right now