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Season 3 Master Plan

Step 1: Lance and Keith work together and finally put aside their differences in order to rescue/save Hunk. They realize that they’re actually pretty good teammates and friends when they both pull their heads out of their asses. Their rivalry becomes more playful and less antagonistic.

Step 2: The writers finally take the time to illustrate how deep and strong the bond between Lance and Hunk is. There is even a little flashback to how they met, to establish how close and essential they are to one another. “Sorry Hunk if this looks gay to the viewers,” Lance murmurs, right before they both lean in.

Step 3: Hunk and Keith continue with their bonding moments from season 2. Keith confides in Hunk about his anxieties, especially those caused by Shiro’s disappearance. Hunk quietly listens and comforts him when he’s done. After Keith leaves, Hunk goes to find Lance. Without going into detail about what Keith told him, Hunk outlines a plan for them to be there for Keith, because the guy really needs someone in his corner. Lance immediately agrees, showing just how much his character has grown since the first season, and also highlighting how his relationship with Keith has changed. The audience realizes that Hunk and Lance are truly essential to the team; as the legs of Voltron, they act as pillars of support, both literally and emotionally.

Step 4: Keith steadily learns to relax and soften around Hunk and Lance. There’s lots of feelings jam sessions, with either the whole team present or just the three of them. Hunk and Lance’s unwavering acceptance allows Keith to finally feel like a part of Voltron. Of course, their friendship doesn’t immediately solve all of Keith’s issues, but the realization that people care about him (and who he cares about back) is enough to help Keith with some of his worse anxieties.

Step 5: Lance, Hunk, and Keith are all shown to work incredibly well together during training and fights. Sometimes they work in pairs; other times, all three of them fluently tag team against a boss. There’s also lots of banter over the comms; Hunk is tickled pink the day Keith responds to his groan-worthy pun with an even cheesier joke. Lance threatens to dump both of them.

Lance: “Uhhh,,,, dump your friendships, I mean.”

Keith: “Friendships?? I thought we were all dating.”

Hunk: “Huh… Keith might be right? Guys, are we all dating each other?”

Lance: “Guys, I think I would know if I had two boyfriends. ‘Cause there would be flirting, and like dates, and feeling seshes. Y'know, real bondy stuff like that!”


Lance: “Guys, holy shit, I think we’re all dating.”

Step 6: Klunk confirmed.

Step 7: Voltron is saved.

Quote Writing Prompts
  • 1: "Yeah uh - Yeah no, that sounds awful."
  • 2: "Please... Don't leave me here. Don't leave me alone, without you."
  • 3: "So, that went well."
  • 4: "You're awful. I love it."
  • 5: "What the hell do you think you're doing, exactly?"
  • 6: "Is that... lipstick, on your collar?"
  • 7: "Did you do this?"
  • 8: "You know what? This place feels like home."
  • 9: "Oh shit. Am I - Am I in love? That's not supposed to be happening. That's not right."
  • 10: "Who are you? Where am I? What is this? WHAT IS GOING ON?!"
  • 11: "Dear (name), First of all, I'm so sorry. I really am."
  • 12: "I can't do this anymore."
  • 13: "So what, you're just gonna leave?"
  • 14: "Did you honestly think I wouldn't figure it out?"
  • 15: "You really think you can beat me? That's cute."
  • 16: "I'm tired of you. I really am, at this point."
  • 17: "Oh, just digging myself a nice grave, you?"
  • 18: "Shhhh. This is my favorite part."
  • 19: "Hey, can I hold your boobs for a sec?"
  • 20: "I think I may have found a song that accurately describes how I feel toward you."
  • 21: "Is that necessary?"
  • 22: "I don't like it."
  • 23: "I'm getting bad vibes... We should go."
  • 24: "HA! Loser!"
  • 25: "You wear me out, kid."
  • 26: "Is this a joke? This is a joke, right? You're joking."
  • 27: "The washing machine broke, I almost lost my keys, the car got dented, and a wasp got into the house and hijacked the bedroom for four days! Four. Days."
  • 28: "You're the greatest thing that's ever happened to me."
  • 29: "You kiddin'? That's brilliant, c'mon!"
  • 30: "So what do you say to this: you, me, a nice big glass of milk, a thing of cookies?"
  • 31: "My hero."
  • 32: "That was harsh."
  • 33: "You better pipe down. I'm not laughing."
  • 34: "So you're really gonna do this, huh? And nothing I say can change your mind?"
  • 35: "So uh. I noticed you're kinda naked. Is that intentional, or... ?"
  • 36: "Why is there a dog in the living room?"
  • 37: "They mixed up our reservations. One room. One bed."
  • 38: "Oh boy. I'm on the weird side of YouTube again."
  • 39: "You, my friend, are a filthy sinner, and I approve wholeheartedly."
  • 40: "Did you mean like... this?"
  • Keith: Lance what is your problem! You always do stupid shit! You could've gotten Shiro and Pidge killed!
  • Lance:
  • Keith: Really! Tell me what your damage is! You're bringing down the team like you always do! All you ever do is talk about yourself and how great you are but never consider anyone else!
  • Shiro: Keith... that's enough.
  • Hunk: Lance didn't mean to-
  • Keith: Why are you here?! Allura couldn't have chosen ANYONE better?! Totally useless Lance!
  • Allura: Keith stop it!
  • Lance:
  • Lance: I'm sorry.... You're right
  • Lance: I am useless.
  • Asuramaru: dude, why don't you tell him?
  • Yuu: wh-what are you talking about?
  • Asuramaru: you know what I'm talking about. I'm getting tired of your intense pining for your partner!
  • Yuu: Mika's not- we're not-
  • Asuramaru: do you forget that I'm literally inside your mind? I can see all the cheesy shit you fantasize about!
  • Yuu: *blushes* I-I don't know what you're talking a-
  • Asuramaru: if you don't tell him I will
  • Yuu: wha!? And how are you supposed to do that, huh?
  • Asuramaru: I have more influence in you when you're a demon, you know?
  • Yuu: *gasps* don't you dare!
  • Asuramaru: then confess already! I signed up for being a demon that feeds off of his wielder's desires, not to watch soap opera fantasies and stare at thigh high boots all day

Raise your hand if you’re tired of Lancelot being used as an unhealthy ship and only there to boost up another ship.

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*knocks on your door* Doppio? I'm willing to talk out our nonsensical fued. I want a truce because i'm tired of bickering with no conclusion. If you don't want one, however, come outside and let's settle this with a fight once and for all. Your choice, dop-dop! -steelydaniel

Are you bullying my poor Doppio?


If you are referring to Zen as a fuckboi (originally a fuckboy), then you obviously don’t know what the word means so stop using it.

Learn hip-hop culture and then get back to me.

If you are trying to use it by twisting it into the popular incorrect use of the term, you STILL don’t know what the word means so stop using it.

Zen is still not a fuckboi.

He’s super loyal, flirts with no one else but the MC, and turns down a woman who is all over him even though it would advance his career tremendously because he has feelings for the MC. You seem to be latching onto his public persona even though you have seen many times over what he is truly like AND you know his family history and why he over compensates. 

“But he takes a lot of selfies,” you whine.

I take a lot of selfies too. The only difference is I’m not a popular actor who is known for his looks, who posts them to help keep his fandom happy.

Guess we all should stop liking all our favorite actors/performers because they are obviously all fuckbois too with their selfie posting ways.

But Zen’s a fuckboi somehow.

The whole James Roberts/Megatron controversy is wayyy overblown and people are treating James Roberts like he’s writing Megatron as if he never did anything wrong but let’s not forget the following points:

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((elsewhere, sammy and a handful of other employees are asleep at their desks. Also, somebody please get Henry to a hospital.))

Please don’t tag as kin/me - Please don’t repost to other websites - Ask Before Dubbing - Please don’t remove caption - Reblogs appreciated! <3 ✮


A crack comic I did in which Seto Kaiba is in fact channeling Grumpy Cat and it’s rather hilarious to me. Also may I direct your attention to the last panel and Atem’s pouty face, it’s my absolute favorite XDD Atem is real tired of your shit, Kaiba. This is in no way Rivalshipping, this is me drawing all the things I like in one short ridiculous silly stupid comic lolol

ATEM WITH PONYTAIL*cough* Yes..well..ahem. Here, have a thing :DD

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My best friend is odd but very smart. I didn't know what to do w/ my life before he saved me. It was always the two of us, but then he betrayed me by leaving for 2 years. I was so alone until I met someone & I felt okay again. I wanted to propose, but suddenly, he showed up, acting like it was all a joke! I forgave him and got married, with him as my best man; but for some reason, he left early. Now, I'm having dreams about the guy and my new wife is shady af! Any advice? (Btw, I'm not gay lol)

I read it the first time and didn’t fucking get it lmao I was gonna reply that no you are not gay but you are definitely bi man but then I read again and fml xD

John. Get your fucking shit together man and marry that bloke we are really tired of waiting.

i can’t believe it’s 2k17 and i have to remind everyone that characters are characters and people are people. those people take their time, their own goddamn free time, to create something out of love and they share it with others. you take that love and effort and you decide to what, shit on it? let me tell you why: that’s because you’re inferior, sweetie, and you made yourself that way. you feel threatened by your own inability to create something as wonderful as old xian does, instead of letting yourself inspired by it. 19 days is not your kind of thing? cool, walk away. artists have no duty to serve your expectations or to explain themselves, in any way. and yet, old xian had to defend themselves. this is harassment and it better stop before it affects old xian any further. those who talk shit, i’m aware you won’t be ashamed of yourselves, because there is no trace of self-respect within whatever kind of people you are. 

and for those who take this opportunity to make themselves look good instead of genuinely giving a fuck about old xian, please take a sit. hilarious. you’re no better than the assholes who directly harassed old xian, you belong to the same breed of malicious people who don’t deserve any kind of content. that’s deeply shameful.

if you don’t find enjoyment in the content, you move on, you don’t shit on the artist. they are people and they have feelings, yes. they could feel discouraged and disappointed — you just don’t know how this kind of treatment can affect them. you don’t, so shut your mouth. 

respect. old xian. respect artists. 

since op was a sha/adin or whatever i’ll say it myself.

Fuck you and fuck your ‘respecting allura juice’ posts. It’s all bullshit so you don’t have to actually make real posts about allura’s character and story.

Fuck you for your only reason to make her a lesbian is so she 'doesn’t get in the way of your gay ships uwu’

Fuck your space mom allura jokes. She’s the same age as the other paladins. You’re not funny, it’s gross.

Fuck you and your short hair allura. Allura is feminine, likes girly things and is strong. It’s all canon too buddy. Feminism is different for black women then it is for white women.

And finally fuck the not all galra bullshit.

I think one of the most frustrating things about executive dysfunction is how once your brain decides it’s bored, it’s p much game over. Good luck concentrating on the tedious real life thing you need to pay attention to! Your brain’s running all over itself trying to stay entertained, which ofc just makes you even MORE haphazard and disorganized at trying to get your actual real tasks accomplished……