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Things that don't make sense: a long saga

 1) ‘Louis’ team is using this strategy again because they are lazy’ why would they invest god only knows how much money into Louis’ and his album then if they couldn’t even be bothered to promote him decently? They promote decently all their other artists, why is Louis always the exception?

 2) ’Louis’ team is sabotaging him’ then again, why would they even sign him and pay what I am sure was a pretty penny just to lose money and not profit from one of the very few artists signed under Syco who could make a difference for them money wise? What the hell has he done to them to get such a longlasting reaction?

3) 'Louis wants this’ then why would he be willing to sabotage his own career knowing that those pics would drive his own most engaged, dedicated and loyal fans - and therefore profit - away? The kid is not a source of promo and JHO was proof of that. Louis knows that showing the kid before the start of the promo season is only going to hurt sales.  

 4) 'It’s for the closet’ Louis is still publicly dating Eleanor though, so that’s enough to make him look straight without severely hurting Louis’ own profits. There is no need to bring the kid back again just for the closet.  

 If anyone at Syco or JGG would like to explain what the hell they are thinking, I’d appreciate it.

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I’ve seen a few theories regarding Roman having problems with his self-esteem, and on that subject…. In Anxiety’s (Virgil’s) room when the room was corrupting the three of them, they all started declaring what they were anxious about, Logan was yelling about the chart because he was trying to get someone’s attention about Thomas beginning to have a panic attack, Patton said “I just don’t want to lose any of you,” and Roman (after his speech to Virgil) cried “was that good? Did I do good?” He even looked to Patton for confirmation because he wants their approval. He NEEDS their approval. Whenever he isn’t the centre of attention (for example, “you have kept me in the backseat for the past two Sanders Sides videos and that is criminal) he seems upset about it. He wants to feel validated and he wants to be seen as the "hero” not only from Thomas himself but also from the other sides. He wants to be told that what he does matters.

In the “Am I Original?” video, Roman even admits to Thomas “I can’t let you down,” and sounds so genuinely surprised when Thomas replies, “Princey, you could never let me down.”

As someone with high self-esteem issues, I can totally see what Princey is doing. I believe that Roman always acts like he’s the best to cover up that he truly feels like he’s the worst. Patton even asked him if he had self-esteem issues, and I hope that was a hint that this might be looked into further because it would be really interesting to see. I really do love the characters that Thomas has given us here.


If you wanna start a fight
You better throw the first punch
Make it a good one
And if ya wanna make it through the night
You better say my name like
The good, the bad, and the dirty

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could you imagine Celestial!Percy's horror at running into Vecna - who would be Very Interested in Percy bc he wants to be a god and having a celestial serving him would very much help towards godhood. Celestial!Percy who does not want to bind himself to *any* god is very, VERY freaked out by Vecna and when they manage to get out and ppl are talking about asking for gods help to take down vecna celestial!Percy is. Just. Screaming. Because Do Not Want. But also Vecna is a POS and needs to go down


you know, anon, I really didn’t know a ton about the different celestials in D&D, but after looking them up I can imagine the de Rolos having descended from Planetars or Solars, somewhere way back before The Divergence, when mortals and gods had a bit more interaction. 

Percy, for reasons unbeknownst to him (or, really, anyone), has a bit more celestial in him than the rest of his immediate family. Perhaps it was simply fate, or perhaps it was Pelor’s blessing, but it gives Percy a knack for Celestial that his other siblings didn’t have, and he learns to appreciate history more than all of them combined. 

He still liked to tinker, liked to explore with various properties of minerals that he found, and, when he first had the idea of a more efficient distance weapon, than used smaller, more compact ammunition fired at higher speeds, it was as a defensive mechanism for the city.

When the Briarwoods came, Percy assumed he’d been spared purely for Ripley’s benefit - she relished torture from the end of the persecutor and latched onto each idea or snippet of information he gave up with relish. And then Cassandra came, helping him escape, and he didn’t look back, not until he had a strange dream, where a shadow came to him and promised him vengeance for his family. 

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So Far Gone
Thousand Foot Krutch

(So Far Gone)

Quite a number of you were pretty upset with the first 4 frames I posted as wips(it was very entertaining to read some of your tags) but don’t worry!! Makoto and Haru will get through anything and they’ll come out stronger. Keep your heads up!!

Also I’m sorry that it’s such a long post(especially if you’re not into Free! or makoharu)!


i’m tired and stressed so here’s some random thoughts:

i know i could probably write decent (if not fairly good) fanfiction….but i’m just not confident enough to post lmaooo

like, i think i’m honestly decent at writing….and i have a completely unused ao3 account

idk it might be a summer project *shrugs*

Pros of having a lot of mutuals who are mutuals: “We’re like our own little community. Everyone is so supportive and friendly to each other. I know I can always count on them. <3″

Cons of having a lot of mutuals who are mutuals: “I’ve seen the same post 60 times it’s not even that funny anymore… wait did I reblog this already or did I just see it so much I think I did? Oh wait, I started it.”

At work - Ok I’m gonna be super productive when I finish my shift and get back home. I’ll write a few paragraphs for this and maybe get some notes jotted down for that and ooh, not to mention I’ll need to get some stuff done for college when I start back next month, so I should probably get a head start, and then-

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You know that one post about the fic where the character starts speaking in Spanish & then says it’s hard to switch between languages and the post says that it was clearly not written by a bilingual person? But like, it does happen that I or someone else says something & only realizes they used the wrong language after getting weird looks. Sometimes? You just?? Switch languages without realizing it (Especially when you revert back to your mother tongue)

A lot of my thinking is done laying in bed trying to sleep, and my most recent thought process I keep coming back to is about the once living museum exhibits and the power of the tablet.

So Ahk was a living human, was mummified so he still has mummified tissue and such on his body. This could make sense as to why he gets to come back as a full fledged (presumably working) human.

They’ve shown Ahk with drinks and food, so it’s a good bet to assume he can digest them, or at least have a stomach they go to? Even though his organs would of been put into different jars, the magic might be able to form organs and such details on it’s own. (And on this thought, Teddy seemed to be fully wax internally when he was cut in half, but the exhibits are shown/insinuated to eat/drink also (mostly thinking of the promos) so how does the magic work there? But as realistic as they all seem ad can feel, they’re still not real flesh, so they’re susceptible to fire melting them and etc. so they’d have to stay away from too warm food((also what happens to the matter that’s digested once they turn back? does it disappear like the matter that makes up Ahk’s fleshed out body?)) I know it’s just a movie with a catch of all “well, magic.” explanation but…)

I love all the different interpretations of whether or not the exhibits, previously been alive or not, bleed, or how their insides, or their skin, their senses, work when “living.” How much is purely magic itself and how much it’s the magic transforming them, giving them the biological science behind it all. Also, on a dirtier note, we all agree they have saliva, when they kiss it’s pretty much always gonna be described as wet and warm. But thinking primarily of the miniatures here, what about cum? Would they dry cum? Or do they produce that fluid as well as spit to lubricate their throats and mouths to help them talk? If they’re given the ability to eat and drink, do they have to use the bathroom? Thinking of that because if we’re talking sexual things between them, if they have sex then we’re talking possible intercourse and that’s connected to the way their insides are magically made up.

I have way too much free time on my hands to think way to hard about these things, excuse me. Feel free to ignore me lol.

With some of that logic, is that why the dino’s come back with just their bones? The magic holding the bones together like working joints in place of the plaster and such that keeps the fossils in it’s Dino shape when on display? It would make sense that because it’s just bones the magic doesn’t have anything else to work with when bringing it back to life. But if it can give organs and working insides to Ahk, and even the other exhibits, why not the Dino as well?

This gets me thinking of the theory of if Larry died the tablet could resurrect him just as well. Everything might vbe fine and dandy if they could get away with finding a place to hide and hold up his body in where it wouldn’t be fund, cause my goodness- just think of all the real life drama that could be investigated with that one. Why the museum was keeping some old night guards body buried would come up with one hell of a morbid mystery that would be hard to explain. 

Most logically he should be mummified. It’d be awfully horrific if one day Larry woke up from his dead sleep and parts of his body had bone peeking through because his body was rotting away and the magic didn’t work on what was becoming left of him like it did Ahk and worked more like how it did on the dinos. Best bet would be to just let Ahks parents help mummify him, if Larry could push past his religious givings for eternal living afterlife with Ahk. Maybe he would feel more comfortable with a modern taxidermy-ish sort of deal.

Besides, imagine hard it would be to keep his corpse from smelling as it rotted during the day. Even mummified I doubt he would smell like roses, or nothing but dust for that matter, for a long time. They would have to figure out some way of keeping the smell away and yet still have Larry easily able to come out of his hiding spot every night. And you couldn’t just place his spot anywhere, cause what happens if by some reason they want to do renovations or fixer uppers or a pipe burst or something and they have to go snoop around or moving and replacing things. Don’t want someone to whom you can’t easily explain the illegal corpse to accidentally coming across it. 

Then McPhee would eventually retire and/or pass away and he’d have to hope the new director was a good replacement to entrust the secrets too. Or at least get a night guard helper for Larry, cause even if they let Larry work (for free) as the eternal night guard, he’d probably still need help from someone o the outside and I doubt they could just put him on the roster forever as the spot being filled by him. State would get suspicious some time.

(I’m laughing at the thought of McPhee changing the night guard position every five to ten years to a new person with a suspiciously rhymey name. 

“According to my books you’re Barry Kaley now.” “What?”

“Have to change your name again, Here’s your new ID.” “Harry Nighty?? Really? Come on, that’s a horrible name. You have to be kidding.” McPhee starts walking away. “Come on! McPhee!” McPhee barely turns his head, keeps walking, grin badly hidden behind a stack of paperwork. “Hm? I’m sorry, I’m incredibly busy, I’ll see you next week.” Larry reluctantly clips on the new badge, not even worrying if Dexter will steal it.

“Ok, heads up, now you’re Carey Waylee. Congratulations.” “Ugh, fine, at least it’s better then Harry Nighty.”

McPhee snickers.

(I’m tired and that thought probably isn’t as funny as it is in my head rn lol)