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Can I just say if the new Sleeping With Sirens album doesn’t contain either a) political themed songs and/or b) at least one song that sounds at least somewhat decent if played on a piano then I’m probably gonna go rip up my Kellin poster

Kay so in Copycat Theo looks like Chat Noir, right?  And then Ladybug tricks him into using Cataclysm on the chains and his ring starts counting down.

But, like, what if they hadn’t purified the akuma in time?  I’d be willing to bet he wouldn’t be turning back into Theo.

I can just see the last beep going off and Ladybug and Chat being like “oh this is easy he’s not going to have powers now” and then the light flashes…

…and there’s Adrien.

And everyone is really confused.

Ladybug is like “I definitely thought this was Theo?  Chat, did you piss off Adrien too?  What the hell did Adrien get akumatized for?” while also freaking out because she’d just been flirting with Adrien and kicking his ass

Hawkmoth is freaking out because he’s finally learned one of their identities and why didn’t he think of this sooner with a possible additional holy crap I’ve been fighting my son.

Theo is freaking out because Chat Noir was Ladybug’s boyfriend and he was supposed to be Chat Noir not some random model Hawkmoth what is going on?

Chat’s freaking out because his identity’s been exposed even though no one’s really clued in on that yet save for Hawkmoth and he’s also freaking out because Ladybug seems to be going into a panic attack and this was definitely not how he was planning to spend his day.

So they purify the akuma and Adrien turns back into Theo and it finally clicks for Ladybug what that actually meant.  So now she’s freaking out even more and probably runs away because that’s usually how Marinette seems to deal with her feelings and Adrien’s sad and confused.

But then the next day Marinette shows up to school and gives him cookies and can actually talk to him and she tells him she’s Ladybug and they start making plans since chances are really high that Hawkmoth knows his secret identity.

Adrien’s really confused when he comes home from school and finds out about his dad’s new no-jewelry policy that’s been put into place for no discernible reason.  He manages to hide his ring, though, when Nathalie comes into his room to confiscate any jewelry.


Ok but remember this galra. So the fandom kinda decided on either this being Lotor or Keith’s mom. At work I just randomly realized this. Why the Mystery Galra doesn’t talk.

At this episode’s point in the season we don’t even think of Lotor being this person? (Maybe some old Voltron fans but??? Not most people). SO, if this galra was a guy, we’d have heard a man’s voice (obviously), and we’ve met plenty of male galra, so it’s No Big Deal, just some mystery galra why may show up again later.

BUT if we had heard a girl’s voice? I don’t think we’ve ever met a female galra. The introduction of a female galra, even if we don’t see their face, would be kind of a big deal. (And I mean… The Belly of The Weblum episode was AFTER the episode where it was revealed that Keith’s mother is galra… So it’d be an obvious thing for fans to jump too. (Which some people, me, did do))

So I think it’s part of the reason WHY the Mystery Galra didn’t talk. From a writing point of view. If it was a male it could just be any random galra. But adding a female galra all of a sudden? That’s a first. And intentionally keeping their face/name hidden like that??? Who are they???

Do you ever wonder if anyone would miss you if you’re gone

things cuter than tickling (a writer's guide)

- nose kissing
- ghostly touches that make you shiver
- sweet whispers
- playing with each others hair
- funny faces to make each other giggle
- just a hug is nice
- forehead kisses
- lazily interlocked fingers
- booping their nose to make them smile
- butterfly kisses
- a finger tracing their/your features
- face nuzzling of any kind
- drawing patterns on their naked skin
- kisses anywhere but the lips
- pressing against them to feel their heat
- eskimo kisses
- any type of smiles and giggles tbh
- silent fonding
- basically anything is cuter than being tickled okay please just be creative


the 100 au: minty’s always been a thing (even back in season 1)

okay so i’m working on a jungkook smut, it’s like 7k long right now and i’m starting the smut tomorrow so it should be posted tomorrow or the day after. it’s kind of writer!jungkook, enemies!au where they’re stuck in a motel, in a room, with one bed. i’m evil.

@occasionally-meowstic (should have mentioned you earlier but I was tired <3)

First attempt at a comic with Alx, Sorry this took so long but I really wanted to put some effort into this ask. unfortunately I’m not very good at story telling so this may be badly written but I’m probably going to continue this anyway <3 Tell me what you think and thank you for being patient <3

hahaha so i’ve been feeling like a straight up zombie for months now and i went to my doc and said hey is the depression (like she’s been low-key suggesting medication for like two years now and i”m not quite there yet) and she said probably but (and she sighed dramatically) we should test your iron just in case and anyway the joke’s on her, I’m like three ug/L away from serious iron deficiency. Take that, medical profession.

(I mean, I also still have depression, it’s just not what’s currently causing me to feel like I’ve operating on 2 hours sleep a night for 6 months)

also if i could stop getting heart burn of a night time, that would be great

All right, so someone crapped on me pretty hard last night about my fic “Then,” which I won’t even link to because apparently it’s a rotten mess (no but seriously in reality I got two hours of sleep in one hour increments and am too tired to link). ANYWAY, since someone shat on my fic, which breaks what I think is an unspoken rule about fan fiction – that being DON’T SHIT ON IT. JUST STOP READING IT.* – and you lovely folks came immediately to my defense to support me and prop up my wounded heart, I would like to know who out there is writing original work. I want to cheer you on. Feel free to send me a message or an ask (let me know if you want my response to be private), or just reply to this post.

You guys are fantastic. 💟

*Also, maybe if you don’t know the fandom all that well, don’t criticize and talk like you know what canon is…?


Was tagged by @laniemoriarty like billion years ago so… hair, pre and post taming.

Also I feel like I should mention I bought this shirt for irony reasons cause I’m deaf.

Uhhhhh I never posted here I don’t think but hi I’m on vacation and don’t have my tablet ;P

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more than 5 but anyways this is such a beautiful tag! i hope all of you (and not just the ones i tagged) have a good day/night and if not, i hope tomorrow will be better for you. <3 these ones i tagged are my favorite people on there and they’re the reason i’m stuck on this goddamn website lmao ily guys


onew’s toast song~ ♪

bookbroken replied to your posti’ve only read ten books so far this year i really…

me2 re: 10 books but i doubt i’ll be able to read much more because school :(

i’m always like “i have no excuse not to read more” but i say that about literally everything. i have no excuse not to write more. i have no excuse not to bring lunch more. i have no excuse not to get the right amount of sleep. i have no excuse not to keep the kitchen clean. i have no excuses and i am so tired all the time and it seems like it should be a lot easier to be a person than it is, but maybe i am just approaching being a person incorrectly.