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Can we please stop with this whole “our characters are just as mentally ill as yours, if not more”. It’s harmful and disrespectful. This isn’t supposed to be about who is more tragic or whose representation was better. If a show touches those issues it is to raise awareness about mental problems and not for you to turn it into an argument over your ship. Especially if you don’t suffer from any mental illness just please don’t talk.  

why antis gotta have no chill? why? why y’all gotta ruin a good thing??? i know the other day at work i saw a little boy getting himself a voltron toy and goodness was it so refreshing cause this was like maybe a 6 year old child that enjoyed voltron and was innocent of the nastyness that is the older (teen and up) side of the fandom. like… it was so nice to see someone innocently loving voltron. a show that was made with children in mind. like dudes, why is it so hard to just enjoy something like that little kid? y’all ain’t gotta be nasty about it. i’m mainly looking at antis here, but shaladins gotta follow what they preach too. this fandom is a war zone and it’s become toxic. y’all anti’s preach about keeping people safe, but what are y’all gonna do when an excited child (no particular age, just able to use a computer) that is looking up more stuff about voltron and is ignorant of the horror that the fandom is, stumbles upon one of your accounts and sees y’all just being nasty, ruthless, and vicious towards anyone opposed to you. they won’t think you’re protecting them at all, it’ll scare them off most likely. One day (hopefully) y’all gonna regret all the shit you’re doing. i just don’t feel it’ll be soon enough. a good thing is being ruined.

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Could you write something about Alpha!Hux finding Omega!Matt in heat?????

Hux scowls, pulling his gloves on tighter.

His shift has been hell, he’s overworked and overtired, and he’s sure he feels the beginning of a Ren-related illness coming on.

He rubs his temples. All that’s left is a quick patrol of the lower engineering decks and then back to his quarters for–

Hux stops, breathes heavily, in and out through his nose.

The air is thick, potent with a sweet scent that sets Hux’s skin on fire, alighting his senses into oblivion.

There’s an omega close by. And he’s in heat.

Picking up his pace, Hux falls into a steady stride, his immaculate boots clicking against the floor like a wild deterrent, signalling others to stay away.

It’s when he rounds the next corner that he sees him; the divine creature writhing on the floor in front of him.

He’s blond, a mass of light curls sticking out all over the place as he obviously tries to keep his moans and shakes to a minimum but he’s struggling. Letting out angry growls as he tries to crawl along the floor, Hux can’t help but notice the wet patch on the seat of his pants.

“Going somewhere?” Hux says, hand held behind his back as he approaches the omega, leering down at him.

The omega gasps, turns, rolling over onto his side, and pants hard.

“N-no, need to get home, d-don’t need an alpha,” he stutters, legs splaying out as his pelvis slowly begins to rock forwards and backwards. The omega squints, managing to move his glasses down his nose. “G-General Hux–?”

“It’s alpha to you now, little one,” Hux says, squatting down. He runs his ungloved hand down the omega’s chest and rubs his cock through his overalls, and the omega shrieks. “So loud. Already so hard. Are you sure you don’t need an alpha?”

The omega whines, sighing.

“Oh, stars, General, alpha, I d-don’t, c-can’t think–”

“Hush, omega,” Hux whispers, helping the trembling creature to his feet, pinning him back against the wall, pushing his knee up in between his thighs. “Do you have a name?”

The omega grits his teeth.

“R….” Hesitation. “Radar technician. Matt.”

“Matt,” Hux says, dragging out the end of the word between his teeth, exhaling slowly.

Matt’s eyes sparkle, dark irises blown wide, but manage to stay locked on Hux, and Hux easily holds his gaze as he rips the front of his overalls and slips his fingers underneath him, euphoric at how wet the omega is for him.

A prize in a million.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The song Heathens by Twenty One Pilots was leaked on June 15, 2016. It may be a sign that the band is in the process of making a new album. It may have also just been written for the new movie Suicide Squad. It's presumably a warning call to people who may encounter the Clique and how they should be slow with them because of their varied mental states. Tyler Joseph has referred to his phone as a 'heathen machine'. He has captioned a blurry photo of himself ':.:.Heathenboyson:..:'. Some sources claim a music video will be released on June 16, 2016.