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Apologies Owed

Summary: After accidentally overhearing Jeremy tell someone what the Halloween party was like from his perspective, Chloe thinks back on her actions and realizes that she really owes some people an apology. (ft some pining pinkberry and background meremine)
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Words: 2,423
TW: talk of past sexual assault

Jake was holding a small house warming party/sleepover thing that only consisted of the core friend group that he said was to “try and make the big fancy new house feel lived in,” but most people could guess he just used that wording to mask the fact that he was desperate for company after living alone for so long. Everyone had spent a few hours drinking wine and having increasingly strange conversations in the sitting room, but eventually they all had scattered to the wind. Jenna had to skedaddle home to look after her little brother, Jeremy, Michael, and Christine had gone upstairs to find a room in which to sleep, Chloe and Brooke decided to follow their lead and found a room as well, and Jake and Rich had passed out where they sat in the sitting room.

However, as Chloe lay in the dark about a foot away from a sleeping Brooke, she found herself oddly wakeful. She sat up and saw light shining under the door from the hallway, and decided to get up go to the bathroom. Once in there, she just stared at her own face in the mirror for a few minutes, playing with her hair and poking at her face.

As she walked back down the hallway, she heard talking from behind one of the doors. She was just going to ignore it and keep going, but she heard someone say her name. “You know when Chloe brought me to Jake’s parents’ room at the party?” It sounded like Jeremy. She knelt down and peered through the keyhole, and it indeed was the pale skinny young man. *He sat crossed-legged on the floor, looking a little teary eyed, with Christine and Michael each holding one of his hands.

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Have you ever read a book that changed you completely? Perhaps you just happened to go to the library and picked it up because of the interesting cover design, or maybe your friend recommended it to you. After you devoured each word and emerged from story, everything around you seemed…strange. Different. Even your own voice seems unusual to you. And you just can’t stop thinking about the story. Oh, but if only you could continue to live the rest of your life in that story, between the dusty pages of a dog-eared book. Your opinions changed, your perspective is somewhat different. Everything seems unimportant but the words, the titles, the paragraphs, the page numbers. The funny thing is, our life is that story, the story we can never get rid of. Every second of our lives is marked by remarkable moments, and what is even funnier is that we just can’t wait to move on.