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Bill ‘Hoosier’ Smith Appreciation 3/?: don’t you know you’re in a middle of a war, sir?

for @iwanthoosier (you didn’t ask for this but i thought i’d dedicate it to you anyway) 

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My whole life My family has always had barley enough money to eat and now I'm having to work two jobs to help out and I don't know I was hoping I could I request Viktor spoiling a girl who has never been spoiled? Like a girl who basically came from nothing and he takes her shopping, to get her hair down to the spa or something like that?

“Viktor, are you sure this is okay?”

Hearing (y/n)’s question, the man stopped in his tracks.

“Of course it’s alright, why wouldn’t it be?”

(y/n) looked down, her face showing discomfort.

“I mean, why are you doing this? What caused you to start dragging me around the town, blabbering about spoiling me?”

Viktor turned around and stepped forward, enveloping her in a hug.

“I know your life hasn’t really been easy until now. That’s why I want you to have a day to yourself where you can just enjoy.”

Smiling a bit, (y/n) hugged him back.

“Thanks, love. It means a lot to me.”

what the fuck even is this

first off, gtfo my posts until you’ve at least seen the force awakens because first order stormtroopers AREN’T CLONES. they’re people who were taken from their families as infants/small children and brainwashed to be mindless killers. this was literally spoken out loud and established right there in the movie.

also finn’s orders were to gun down an entire village full of innocent civilians. you’re damn right refusing to carry out those orders makes him relatable. he didn’t “betray” anything and certainly didn’t seek the glory of being a hero. he just wanted to do the right thing and became a hero in the process. you’re damn right that makes him relatable.

i don’t know why a shitpost about finn being all heart eyes around poe and rey and despising kyIo ren is drawing so much ire lately but i’m fucking tired of it.