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The how-to-theory guide of merging one Yu-boy to another Yu-boy

1st step:

Locate and be present in the vicinity of another dragon boy.

2nd step:

Engaging them in a duel is absolutely necessary in order to get the desired result of becoming one.


If you no do not wish to duel, or find you don’t want to beat your opponent into complete submission, then don’t worry because your murder beacons will activate amplifying any hostilities that may or may not be present in you.

3rd step:

Once the duel has reached a headway and a clear victor has been decided, be sure to deal critical damage directly to the vassal in order for the merging process to take effect. Preferably the killing blow be made using a dimension dragon.

4th step:

A dragon boy must be in close vicinity of the critically injured vassal in order for the merging process to take effect, with their own dragon card on hand as well.


If there are no other dragon boys present once a dragon boy has taken damage, then recovery will take effect shortly afterward.

5th step:

Collect the dragon card of the absorbing member to complete the merging process. This is an important step in order to complete the revival of lord Zarc due to the dimension dragon cards being an extension of his soul.

Thank you for reading this step-by-step guide of merging, may our lord and destroyer Zarc find revival in the coming year.

I’m ranting, keep scrolling.

I still don’t really understand why Rip would leave Waverider and Gideon. Why? Like.. why? 

Waverider and Gideon are the only things he has left. Like, for a long time now actually. The man basically live on the ship!! He took the Legends in and they are basically living on his ship and then now he felt unwanted and decided to leave his own home? I always thought Waverider and Gideon are soooo precious to him. And now he is just going to give them up to others that are so inexperienced in time travel? Isn’t that a bit weird???? Huh? 

Isn’t that a bit lazy on the writers’ side??? Or I am demanding more from them? 

IF Rip does want to leave, I expect a more emotional reaction from him towards the ship and Gideon than just simply walked away. Talking to Sara is expected because she is currently the acting captain of the ship, and also their bond is quite strong too. 

Even if it’s just saying goodbye to Jax is better than just leave. Putting Waverider in Jax hands or asking him to take care of Waverider etc etc. … He trained/taught Jax all about repairing the Waverider and such and made Jax a very valuable member on board. No attachments on that? Really?

Also… I find the Legends not really acknowledging Rip’s departure a bit disappointing. Not a squeek, at all?

I expect too much I suppose. 

I miss Rip’s spotlight in Season 1. The good old days. He went from main role to recurring role in season 2. >_> 

Arthur Darvill’s Rip hunter is the main reason I kept watching the show, despite his absence in some. Because there’s an underlining promise that he will be back. With Aruba finale, he left the ship voluntarily, I hope when he does return to the ship, he would be storming mad and ranting, about messing the timeline and having to clear their messes. 

“..broke time.” That’s would really got Rip angry, 100000% sure.

But if Arthur wants out, then I’m out too. Not gonna keep following the show every week unless something sparks my interest. 

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sorry i’ve been gone the last couple days; i had some laptop troubles for a while. i still haven’t finished episode 28 hahaha. anyway i don’t really have enough spoons to fill the queue so yeah. blog should come back to life on saturday!!

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Royal Road Trip AU

Merlin Emrys is the crown prince of England. Leaving his teenage years behind, he is becoming increasingly involved in the inner-workings of the federal government, royal proceedings, and so forth. So much so that his social life has dwindled down next to nothing. Arthur Pendragon is noble by birth and Merlin’s closest childhood friend. Increasingly fed-up with Merlin’s lack of time for him, he plans a cross-country trip just for the two of them. All he has to do is convince Merlin to take some time off…