i'm the worst editing


“Your mother’s coming …” he said quietly. “She wants to see you … it will be all right.. . hold on… .” And she came… first her head, then her body… a young woman with long hair,the smoky, shadowy form of Lily Potter blossomed from the end of Voldemort’s wand, fell to the ground, and straightened like her husband.


the fact that you’re alive is a miracle
just stay alive, that would be enough

The gate… I opened it. I’m the monster.

Me: *Watching The Worst Witch on Netflix* Wow, this is pretty much exactly like Harry Potter/Hogwarts except they’re all girls. I freaking love it, but it’s a total ripoff 

Me: Looks up the book series its based on and sees that it predates Harry Potter by more than Twenty Years.



murphamy AU | Bellamy Blake is the leader of a kickboxing street gang, being infamous for rebellious behaviour and his weakness for lost kids. Murphy is a lone wolf, living by minor theft and sleight of hand, who hides in the shadows, knowing when to interfere and when to bugger off. After Bellamy catches the orphan breaking into the kickboxing gym, he tries to take a reluctant Murphy under his wings.