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Seriously, I can’t thank you all enough for supporting me.

I had my first blog for four years and could never hit past 450, but in less than a year you guys have supported me way more than I ever could have asked for. I appreciate all of you, and thank you so much for every nice comment, tag, and reblog!

if-youre-not-a-dog-then-leave  asked:

Ahh ok I'm having the worst day ever. Everything is going wrong and I'm worrying about my major... so could you please write something about how the RFA members would help MC deal with a really bad day? Thank youuuu

I completely feel you anonny, bad days are the absolute worst. Sorry that these are on the short side, I wanted to write up something quick that would make you, others, and myself feel better. So if you’re having a bad day, remember that tomorrow is a new day for good things to happen! Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung feels so sad that you had a bad day so he makes it his mission to make you smile
  • The two of you lay on the couch and watch movies all day, he makes so much popcorn for you and even tries to be romantic and hand feed some to you
  • Plus watching movies all day means cuddles galore
  • Seriously, Yoosung will cuddle the heck out of you, it makes him feel warm inside when he wraps his arms around you to make you feel safe
  • He’ll make you your favorite homemade meal, he firmly believes that home cooked food always leads to a smile
  • Plus Yoosung will make you the biggest ice cream sundae and when the two of you scarf it down, you laugh as he gets a brain freeze
  • Basically the day is filled with cuddles and food which of course makes you smile
  • And you end the night laying in bed with Yoosung as he holds your hand and gives you lots of words of encouragement
  • Yoosung will always do his best to make sure that you don’t have anymore bad days but if you do, he’ll do whatever it takes to see you smile again


  • Zen will immediately do whatever it takes to make your bad day into a good one
  • He hates seeing you sad so he’ll say some cheesy romantic pick-up lines to try and make you laugh
  • Even though his home is tiny, Zen will play some music and dance around with you, his favorite thing to do is twirl you around until your a giggling mess
  • Lots of kisses all of your body because Zen is convinced that kisses can cure anything - Since this boy isn’t the best cook, he’ll order take-out from your favorite restaurant and cuddle with you after your done eating
  • He’ll take you on the rooftop and have you sit on his lap while he runs his fingers through your hair in a soothing manner
  • Either you vent about your bad day or Zen will tell you embarrassing stories of his early acting career to make you laugh, the choice is yours
  • He carries you to bed and pulls you into his chest, leaving lots of kisses on your forehead as he tells you how much he loves you as you fall asleep
  • Zen won’t rest until he know that you’re happy again and will do anything to help prevent you from having anymore bad days again


  • Jaehee never likes seeing you upset and when you have a bad day, it makes her heart tug with sadness
  • So whenever you do have a bad day, this woman is completely ready to help you feel better
  • She’ll make the room slightly cooler and then grab a bunch of blankets to cuddle with next to each other for warmth and comfort
  • And of course Jaehee will make you tons of coffee to help soothe you
  • Seriously, this woman believes that coffee can always cure a bad day be prepared to drink lots of it with her
  • Jaehee will always be willing to listen to you vent about anything, from why you’re having a bad day to why you don’t like work, with a non-judgmental ear
  • She has a lot of life experience so she knows how difficult it can be to deal with bad days, talking to her about your worries almost always helps
  • End the night falling asleep in each other’s arms to end your bad day, waking up to her messy bed head hair will make you laugh in the morning
  • Jaehee will do all that she can to stop you from having anymore bad days since she knows just how tough bad days can be


  • Jumin will always know the moment he sees you that you had a bad day, he believes it’s because of the deep bond the two of you share
  • So this boy won’t rest until he sees you happy and smiling again
  • He’s not exactly the best at talking to you so he’ll lead you by the hand to walk around his outdoor garden together
  • Smelling the fresh flowers plus a hint of Jumin’s natural scent helps to put your mind at ease
  • He has the chef prepare the most delectable meal possible plus a sweet dessert because food is the best
  • Jumin has his indoor fireplace turn prepared, he’ll have you cuddle into his chest as he talks about how much he loves you
  • Plus he’ll get Elizabeth the third to sit on your lap, Jumin knows for a fact that his cat will help anyone have a better day
  • He’ll draw a bath for you and fill it with calming, essential oils
  • If you’re willing, Jumin would sit behind you, washing and massaging your shoulders in the warm bathtub water
  • When it’s time for bed, he’ll make you lay on your side so he can rub your back or play with your hair
  • If you can’t fall asleep, he’ll play some classical music or softly hum a soothing song for you
  • Jumin becomes even more caring and attentive when you have a bad day, he’ll try his absolute best to help you in any way that he can


  • Seven has had plenty of bad days himself so it hurts him to see you having a bad day
  • He plans a day full of fun for you starting with some, slightly burnt, breakfast in bed
  • You suddenly feel something hit your back and see Seven holding a pillow as he hits your back again and declares a pillow fight
  • The two of you run around the house hitting each other with pillows until Seven tackles you to the ground
  • Seven will wrap his arms around you and tickle you until your sides hurt from laughing so much
  • He’ll make you a Honey Buddha Chip sandwich cut into the shape of a heart along with some doctor pepper with two bendy straws for you both to share
  • Then lots of more tickle fights because Seven believes that laughter is the best way to make a bad day better
  • He’ll take you for a long car drive with your favorite type of music blasting as the two of you sing obnoxiously loud along
  • Seven takes you to a clear spot where you get the perfect view of the starry night sky
  • The two of you lay down, holding hands as she points out the different constellations to you while giving you lots of kisses
  • Seven knows from experience how awful bad days can be so he always tries his best to help you stay happy and smiling

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if requests are open, but if they are: How would the Paladins react to their s/o falling asleep often, or needing to take multiple naps throughout the day?

Hey, it’s mod Enki! Thanks for sending in your ask! 

Alskdj honestly I’m exactly like this and I can’t figure out why I’m always super fatigued?? Coffee barely helps tbh and even makes me feel even sleepier. It’s the worst lmao



  • He’s really concerned at first because he thinks there’s something seriously wrong, like they’re super ill or something. He tries to get them to rest as much as they can until he figures out that they are, in fact, not deathly ill and dont need to rest to recover. When he finds out that hi s/o is not sick he’s super confused because what could cause them to need to sleep so much? It doesn’t make too much sense to him but he lets them take naps when they need to.
  • If they fall asleep randomly somewhere like at the table, or on the couch, or at training then he’ll take them back to their room until they can wake up. Gives them kisses on their forehead before he leaves to do leader stuffs. After a while it becomes kind of routine and he can time when they’re going to fall asleep. Usually it’s after training, or meals but there are time where he’s kind of caught off guard. He doesn’t really mind it unless it becomes an issue for missions and what not. 


  • Probably thinks it’s a little weird but honestly he uses it as an excuse to take naps with them. How could he leave them when they’re all curled up and asleep on the couch?? It would be a crime in his book so he’s more than happy to take naps with his s/o so they don’t feel bad about falling asleep all the time. Also probably allows him to be more cutesy with his s/o like smothering them with kisses when they wake up. 
  • He wishes his s/o could be a little more active without having their energy sapped all the time but he tries to understand the best he can. It is, after all, his s/o and he would do anything for them. If he can he’ll chose to do activities that don’t require too much strain so they can stay awake longer without draining their energy. He’ll constantly try to think of better things for him and his s/o to do.


  • Absolutely does not understand for a good while. He thinks his s/o is lying when they tall him they fall asleep and need to nap all the time. He honestly gets super frustrated with his s/o for a bit before he can figure out they can’t help it. When he realizes this he tries his hardest to understand why it happens. Get ready for a lot of lost looking stares and questions. This poor child doesn’t really understand the whole, “being in another person’s shoes,” thing. 
  • He does get a little flustered if his s/o falls asleep on him while they’re out in the den area with the others. Doesn’t dare to move while his s/o is asleep and tries to stick it out for as long as he can. If he can he’ll try to catch his s/o when they’re about to fall asleep and carry them to his room so they wont be disturbed. Secretly takes naps with them every so often if he can sneak off.


  • REALLY thinks your dying for a bit or thinks your really ill or smth. He doesn’t understand at first until his s/o reassures him that they’re not sick or dying. He understands a little bit after but it takes him a while to get used to his s/o just being passed out somewhere. He tries to keep an eye on them at all times to make sure they don’t fall asleep in some really bad place that could hurt them if they slept there. Constantly on the lookout for when his s/o could fall asleep.
  • He really tries to experiment with his cooking on the castle ship to try and make something that’s going to give his s/o more energy so they have at least a bit more freedom to do more things. When all else fails at least Hunk will be there to take a few naps with his s/o. His s/o can rest assured that he’ll always try to be there for them.


  • Since she’s kind of like, the exact opposite she’s not really too sure how to handle the whole thing. If her s/o falls asleep randomly somewhere the most she’ll be able to do is get them a pillow and a few blankets because there’s no way she’s going to carry her s/o. She might get someone else to carry her s/o of she can find someone but most of the time she’s limited to what she can do. 
  • If she’s worried enough about it she’ll try to make a watch or clip or something to attach to her s/o so whenever they fall asleep she’ll be alerted and can go get someone to put her s/o in her room. Spends a good amount of time trying to research cures or treatments of some sort to try and help her s/o with their energy. Her s/o better be prepared to be a little bit of a guinea pig because Pidge is definitely going to want to try whatever remedy she can find.

1handedpiratewithadrinkingprob  asked:

I'm home sick with just the worst stomach bug. I wondered if maybe you could write CS + sick days? Like maybe Emma nursing Killian to health with modern remedies? Something like that?(:

omg I’m sorry you’re feeling sick, darling! I hope this makes u feel a bit better. xo I’m still taking fic requests!

+ Modern medicine is indeed a marvel, but it only takes you so far. Somewhere, way, way back in the hidden recesses of his mind, he can remember his mother. Her soft voice, gentle hands—the way she would feel his forehead, wipe away the damp hair, wet with fever. Anyone can force a potion down your throat, a foul tasting remedy meant to alleviate whatever symptoms of illness you might be displaying.

The alchemy in this land without magic, it is effective, there’s no denying that, but sometimes you just need that little something extra. Something like a hand on your forehead, or a song in your ear.

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anonymous asked:

I took a year break from applying to grad school. My undergrad professors that are willing to write me letters of recommendation told me to just let them know when I need them. I'm trying to figure out how to form an email (don't live close enough for in-person visit) without sounding too casual about it, could you help?

Hey there! Emailing professors is the worst, I over analyse everything :’-) Firstly, I’d recommend downloading or signing up for Grammarly.com so you can make sure everything you’re sending is correct. Secondly, I’d have a read through some of these articles:

This post has helped me lots when trying to email teachers. It helped me learn to be more concise and get to the point. Here are a few things I’d mention / think are important:

  • Firstly, perhaps apologise that you couldn’t ask this in person, considering your current location and being unable to visit them during office hours.
  • Maybe refer that you’ve spoken about graduate recommendation letters prior to graduation and were wondering if “You are able to write a helpful letter supporting my application to graduate school?“
  • List the things that are required in your application - if you have a particular transcript layout or something for the university, it is useful to send it with the email and reference to it. 
  • Remind them of any mentionable moments of your time in that class. If you had any special awards or things in their class, it might be worth bringing up. 
  • Be polite regarding a time frame. Obviously, you don’t want to be rude or demanding so best to email quickly. 
  • Sign off politely and gratefully. “I really appreciate this”, “Thank you in advance”.
  • Give some of your details. “If you have any questions, please contact me on …”. 

I hope this helps! Best of luck with everything xx

Boyfriend young!Remus Lupin headcanons
  • Nearing the full moon Remus, not saying a word, often walks right up to you and firmly wrapping his arms around your waist, his lips against your neck. 
  • Remus often using you like a human teddy bear, whenever he doesn’t feel the need to participate in conversations.
  • Remus often initiating the most casual and affectionate forms of PDA: pulling you to sit in between his legs, kissing your temple, kissing your knuckles mid-conversation, etc.
  • Remus initiating the most passive-aggressive forms of territorial-boyfriend behavior as the full moon nears: standing directly behind you while you talk to anyone he deems an attractive threat, loudly calling you pet names, guiding you by your waist or hips, biting your lips in public, gently pushing you against walls, etc.
  • Remus exhaling deeply whenever you run your fingers over him. 
  • Thousands of inside jokes about anything and everything.
  • Never ending conversations that pause when you two fall asleep on each other and will pick up on the walk to breakfast or whenever you happen to think of something else.
  • Remus finding clever ways to send you messages in class: origami flowers that bloom at your touch, muggle ciphers/codes, slipping notes in your bag. 
  • Remus whispering you during conversations with the Marauders, often to make fun of Sirius or James. 
  • Remus being slightly paranoid when you’re upset because what if he was the reason you were upset and what if it was because he turns into a monster once a month and he couldn’t fix that and he just wanted to fix everything in this unfixable world to make you smile… 
  • Remus needing you to hit him with a pillow, or threaten to hex him, or grab his face and smoosh his cheeks until he looks at you so you can tell him he is “Siriusly overreacting." 
  • He grins at the pun every time. 

spacenebulas  asked:

why are you so good at making sims???? I would like to request a male that has darker hair and bright eyes, and he is the type that you don't expect to have a big heart. Oo, and he should be family-oriented. Everything else is up to you because I know it will be great anyway :) thank you!

you’re too sweet! your boi is coming right up!

shoot me a sim request!


Thank you so much for supporting my art, it means so much. I’ve been having the worst time in high school and just to know I can come back to you guys makes it all easier. I’m taking requests for the next few hours, so feel free to submit prompts!


When I last stood on this beach, on the worst day of my life, what was the last thing you said to me?

↳ requested by perfectlyrose

kazechi  asked:

I'm going to request something cliché: gifs of bangtan's reaction to their gf/bf accidentally getting a cut on their finger while cooking.

Seokjin: /brings your finger to his lips/ “Let me kiss away the pain.”

Originally posted by vminv

Yoongi: /when you insist that you’re alright/ “Just let me take care of you, idiot.”

Originally posted by banqhim

Hoseok: /sits you on his lap/ “Give me your hand ~ I’ll bandage it for you!”

Originally posted by kyusunchul

Namjoon: /you running away from him because he’ll probably make it worst/ “WHY WON’T YOU TRUST ME??!”

Originally posted by baobwi

jimin: /sticks to you for the rest of the day/ “No you can’t, YOU’RE HURT!!”

Originally posted by ment4lbre4kdown

Taehyung: /makes a bad pun/ (and hobie being your response)

Originally posted by bbomb

Jungkook: /is being a lil shit/ “but your clumsiness is what I love about you ~”

Originally posted by eatjin

all my otps feels ;^;

- Raye (/□\*)・゜

baby-snart  asked:

hello!! idk if your ask box is open, but if it is i'd like to make a request :) could i get the allies reacting to them coming home and seeing their s/o asleep and covered by kittens? or!! axis and allies, from best to worst cuddlers? i'm in a fluffy mood right now

imma do the cuddle one

Best cuddlers

2p England

2p Prussia

2p Germany

2p America

2p China

2p Canada

2p Russia

2p Italy

2p Japan

2p France

Worst cuddlers

Stream over

It’s almost 3am and I need to sleep.

Thank you guys so much for sticking around with me for so long, even though I didn’t get much finished at all xD

I just really enjoy getting to talk and interact with all of you! That’s the main reason for me wanting to stream at all, so it makes me very happy when I get to do this <3

Here’s a very small update on the one vs.Sans animation (link) that I can’t seem to get done soon enough. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to it now that I’ve taken the time to open it up again.

Other than that, have some shitpost material under the cut

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The Signs In A Horror Movie
  • yes, this was done before. I take no credit for the IDEA. But, I also go out with my followers requests so I am making my own. The one anon that asked for this, I'm sorry, I forgot but I remembered now. I love you.
  • The first to die: Sagittarius
  • The ones who get caught during a sleepover: Virgo, Libra
  • Secretly is the killer: Gemini
  • The couple that gets killed together: Cancer, Pisces
  • One who hides in the worst spots but somehow doesn't get found: Aquarius
  • The one who asks "Hello?" when walking into a room/building: Leo
  • The one that comes up with a plan to defeat the killer but fails: Aries
  • The one who comes up with a plan B, succeeds, but some how the killer gets away?: Capricorn
  • The one that confesses their love before they die: Taurus
  • The one that defeats the killer and lives: Scorpio