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I'm taking a mythology summer course and the current theme is trickster gods, so naturally all I can think about is Solas (and your wonderful musings on him)

Oh, thank you! You know, I really recommend the book “Trickster Makes This World,” it has really neat explanations about the jurisdictions of trickster gods. I’m tempted to anonymously mail a copy to Patrick Weekes.

Basically, it’s super fruitless to try to stop trickster gods from changing the boundaries between worlds (either tearing down or building up) and between elements of society, between life and death, awake and dreaming. Causing all good and bad change, being the element of uncertainty that keeps things moving. Challenging what is socially acceptable, changing the stagnantly unchangeable on levels unthinkable, when even other gods quail at the rich upheaval – that’s the one thing that Trickster is in charge of, that’s their dominion.

You can’t bind the Trickster’s actions because great change will always happen eventually, even to heaven and the unchanging gods. You can’t stop Trickster from causing that kind of transformation because they are literally that element of transformation embodied.

It’s a super fascinating topic, and one that gets more fascinating when the Trickster claims he’s not a god, and goes on to – almost against his will – keep unraveling and destroying the status quo of the existing world. More than once. It’s amazing. I love this story.

Imagine if Supernatural ended with Dean’s death, and it’s horrible and we cry and there’s a slow-motion Sammy shouting his name in despair, and the feeeeeels. But then the screen goes black, the names of the producers appear... and “Heat of the Moment” starts playing. It’s the last thing we hear or see and the show ends like that.

I’ll admit that this is a long shot, but: The contract Percy signed was very clear about the terms, and Vox Machina was to have all their equipment returned to them unspoiled. Doty, despite having been broken before the ‘my people will get you safely into the prison’ part of the pact went into effect, is still very much part of Taryon’s equipment. And not only was he not returned, the Whispers who were implied to be in Ipkesh’s employ tore him to pieces.

Guys, I feel reasonably confident that Vox Machina has grounds to sue a devil for breach of contract.


Hanasaki Kensuke Kobayashi Yoshio

A handy guide to Devil May Cry 3 styles


  • Average players: Become extremely mobile and dodge attacks with ease.
  • Master players: The floor is lava.


  • Average players: Gain extra attacks for your melee arsenal for more variety in combat.
  • Master players: Combo madness.


  • Average players: Gain extra attacks for your ranged arsenal for more variety in combat.
  • Master players: Combo madness, but with guns, too!

Royal Guard

  • Average players: Time your guards right and pay back what the enemy gave you.
  • Master players: Suicide watch needed.


  • Average players: Slow down time to gain control over the flow of battle.
  • Master players: Dio Brando is shitting himself.


  • Average players: Create a copy of yourself that mimics you and doubles your damage.
  • Master players: Is essentially another player.
Seussical in a nutshell
  • jojo: wow nice hat
  • cat: im here now, sO USE YOUR IMAAAAGINATION
  • -
  • horton: wtf who said that. theres only a speck of dust so the logical conclusion is that a miniature person is on that speck. actually a whole lot
  • sour kangaroo: bitch you cray!!!
  • gertrude: damn that elephant fine as hell
  • -
  • dust speck: so anyway horton you were totally right; we're a lost civilization on the brink of war and we're all about to die. Who-dee-who-who-who. Also we're guilting you into being our guardian. Who-who-who.
  • -
  • cat: jojo you're going into the story whether you like it or not
  • mr. and mrs. mayor: jojo you're grounded. no more thinking.
  • jojo: fuck yall i do what i want
  • mr. and mrs mayor: well we obviously don't know how to raise a kid so we're just gonna send you off to the war
  • -
  • horton: well everyone thinks i'm crazy but that's ok because i can imagine that i'm cool
  • jojo: well my parents sent me into the military but that's ok because i can imagine that my family accepts me for who i am
  • horton: yo lmao i hear you down there lets be friends 4 ever
  • -
  • gertrude: ugh i really wanna fuck this elephant but i'm not attractive :/
  • mayzie: bitch u right. go take drugs.
  • gertrude: k. ima go ham tho
  • -
  • wickersham brothers: lmao look at this nerd with that flower. yoink that shiz
  • horton: wtf literally why would u do that there was honestly no need and now i have to search through millions of identical fucking clovers to find my tiny fren jojo
  • -
  • cat: by the way did i mention im a sadist??
  • -
  • gertrude: hey im sexy now wanna get down
  • horton: hush im picking flowers
  • -
  • mayzie: always use a condom kids. horton, watch my egg for me
  • horton: why the fuck would i do that
  • mayzie: pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
  • horton: ok ok fine but be back in like an hour
  • mayzie: LMFAO BY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU IN HELL!!
  • -
  • horton: well its winter now and jojo and the Whos are probably dead but i refuse to move my ass off this egg ok it is my My Child now andOH FUCK HUNTERS
  • Cat: by the way did i mention that i'm also a trickster god?
  • -
  • gertrude: oh no im too sexy to fly... sorry horton.. ur ass about to get carted off to the circus :(
  • horton: god this sucks
  • -
  • mayzie: oh hey theres a circus in town and OH SHIT ITS THE GUY I DUMPED THAT KID ON uh hey man im so happy for u... such a big success... performing in a circus!! lucky u!! anyway i gotta go right now immediately so enjoy that egg!
  • horton: Where Is Paradise
  • -
  • jojo: fuck this war im going home to think what i wanna think
  • general schmitz: kid you're walking on a minefield... literally one wrong step and your dea-- ok too late..
  • -
  • cat: oh yes HOW VERY SAD boohoohoohahahaha dont worry jojo isnt actually dead he's just trapped in a nightmare realm filled with Unspeakable Horrors
  • jojo: fuck you cat!!! you've legit been behind everything bad that's happened! why didn't i call you the fuck out earlier!
  • cat: ok damn fine i'll turn on the lights geez...
  • -
  • gertrude: hi horton great to see you again hahaha so um i got all of my Sexiness™ ripped out of my ass one by one so that i could find you (and a whole lot of other shit) but no big deal haha
  • gertrude: oh also i found your dumb clover
  • cat: oh you thought this was gonna be a happy ending right here? you thought wrong
  • sour kangaroo: BITCH WE PUTTING YOU ON TRIAL
  • judje yertle: well horton's definitely crazy and were gonna boil that clover with the dust speck on it in hot oil for literally no other reason but to prove a point
  • horton: so uh guys if you dont wanna die you should probably start screaming
  • mr and mrs mayor: well the combined forces of our entire planet had no effect so we're just gonna put all the pressure on you, jojo, our small son, who only a few moments ago we thought was dead.
  • jojo: *gibberish*
  • sour kangaroo: well i heard that shit!
  • everyone: hooray!
  • egg: henlo fatgher i am Elyphant Birb
  • horton: wtf
  • gertrude: eh, we'll make it work
  • -
  • -