i'm the taller one

Do you ever think about the height difference between yourself and a fictional character and what it would look like if you stood next to them


Michael: what? find my pun shockingly good?


Michael: Are you staring at me because I’m strikingly good looking?

Jeremy: Adios asshole

  • <p> <b>Daewhi:</b> Hey Guanlin how tall are you?<p/><b>Guanlin:</b> Idk 5'11 maybe 6'0.<p/><b>Guanlin:</b> How tall are you?<p/><b>Daewhi:</b> I'm 5 foot 7 inches and 3 quarters<p/><b>Daewhi:</b> *whispers* and I will destroy you<p/></p>

Remember that photo I mentioned earlier? We took it!

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Shoutout to everyone who reads fanfics and are taller then their bias and have to deal with the fic always being written as if they are shorter…

a-taller-tale  asked:

I'm tipsy. Talk to me about Tucker's fear of failure.


Tucker’s whole deal of ‘whatever I’m not even gonna engage in or outwardly care about this thing that I’m not confident in!!’ thing at the start is really telling of someone who doesn’t like to do things they can’t ace (even if doing it is a necessary precursor for acing it). He says “I’m a lover not a figther” while being IN THE ARMY. Maybe he’s excellent in bed who knows but he sure makes an effort to have that rep, going as far as to video tape things in order to see ‘what works and what doesn’t (not a direct quote that’s why it’s ‘ and not “ I don’t remember what he said but sth like that I think?) 
You know people who say “okay but I’m REALLY BAD AT DRAWING” before they do their round in pictionary? and people who try really hard at this one thing and then brag about it to the point where they’re “that one person who does X thing”? Yeah thats what I mean.
NeverMIND that when he’s trhust into a role of needing to do things he’s not used to bc he has no choice, his failure has devastating effects for him, which is bad enough even when you aren’t a person who already feels like every mistake is devastating.