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Inktober Day 18 - As someone who has swung around bags like that, I can tell ya it ain’t gonna end well


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It’s the middle of the night and both Shepard and Garrus are fast asleep when they hear a crash downstairs, although it doesn’t shock or frighten either of them, no. Not since they adopted their first child - a krogan. If only they had known earlier about the bonus feature that comes with young krogan and their sleeping routine.

“He’s sleep-raging, again. Go get him.” Shepard mutters, unwilling to move or even open her eyes.

“He’s your son, you go get him.” Garrus responds, just as unwilling.

You’re the one that suggested having kids in the first place.”

“And you’re the one that wanted to adopt a krogan of all species.”

“Because I’ve had experience, so you should go.”

Garrus pops an eye open to look at her, “I should go?”

“Oh, screw you, Vakarian.” Shepard groans, turning onto her opposite side so she no longer faced him, only for Garrus to huddle closer to her, his arm reaching around for her hand as he feels out for her wedding ring.

“Now, now, you’re Vakarian too, remember? So, who’s getting–”

“Oh, my God, shut up.” Shepard wails, pushing his hand away.

Garrus gets even closer, a sleepy smirk tugging at his mandibles as he nuzzles his head right into her neck, his mouth at her ear, “You love my voice.”

“Oh, my God, just–!” Shepard throws the blanket off the bed as she gets up, leaving Garrus to either go cold or to get up out of bed himself to retrieve the blanket, making his smirk dissappear. “All is fair in love and war.“

“There is no war.” Garrus sighs as he reluctantly gets out of bed to collect the blanket.

“Well, you married a woman who was already married to her job.” Now Shepard is the one with the evil smirk as she stops to look back at him before disappearing from the room.

Game. Set. [CRASH!] …Draw.

“She sleeps alone..”

- Beside You, 5 Seconds Of Summer


Hi everyone! This is the team’s pixel artist Miki o//

Honestly I have so much to say I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been part of Aurora for more than a year now, it’s amazing how time flies. Over that time, I’ve really gotten to know members of the team, and formed lovely friendships with people such as Fran-kha and Tobi. It makes me happy to say we’re a group that’s been brought together by doing things we love - art, music, story-making and programming. This project is more than just a game to us, it’s a great deal of effort and love (at least I feel that way ///). 

It was saddening to have to see Fran leave, and later see some of the messages directed to Tobi as well. But with that I saw the incredible amount of support from you all, and it was incredibly heartwarming (the team were gushing over the kind messages you precious cinnamon rolls). We’re trying our best to work on Aurora in our free time, and I’m lending a hand with managing the blog and posting updates so we can avoid any incidents with concerned followers. (So expect a few pixel sneak peeks and trash doodles maybe?)

I hope this post and doodle can be a small apology for our inactivity, but more than anything, a big, big thank you to all of you out there who have been following and supporting Aurora. It really means a lot to us!

Love, Team Aurora <3


I wonder… What would this place be like ten years from now?