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Story of Another Us // 5 Seconds of Summer

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It’s the middle of the night and both Shepard and Garrus are fast asleep when they hear a crash downstairs, although it doesn’t shock or frighten either of them, no. Not since they adopted their first child - a krogan. If only they had known earlier about the bonus feature that comes with young krogan and their sleeping routine.

“He’s sleep-raging, again. Go get him.” Shepard mutters, unwilling to move or even open her eyes.

“He’s your son, you go get him.” Garrus responds, just as unwilling.

You’re the one that suggested having kids in the first place.”

“And you’re the one that wanted to adopt a krogan of all species.”

“Because I’ve had experience, so you should go.”

Garrus pops an eye open to look at her, “I should go?”

“Oh, screw you, Vakarian.” Shepard groans, turning onto her opposite side so she no longer faced him, only for Garrus to huddle closer to her, his arm reaching around for her hand as he feels out for her wedding ring.

“Now, now, you’re Vakarian too, remember? So, who’s getting–”

“Oh, my God, shut up.” Shepard wails, pushing his hand away.

Garrus gets even closer, a sleepy smirk tugging at his mandibles as he nuzzles his head right into her neck, his mouth at her ear, “You love my voice.”

“Oh, my God, just–!” Shepard throws the blanket off the bed as she gets up, leaving Garrus to either go cold or to get up out of bed himself to retrieve the blanket, making his smirk dissappear. “All is fair in love and war.“

“There is no war.” Garrus sighs as he reluctantly gets out of bed to collect the blanket.

“Well, you married a woman who was already married to her job.” Now Shepard is the one with the evil smirk as she stops to look back at him before disappearing from the room.

Game. Set. [CRASH!] …Draw.

Girls Talk Boys // 5 Seconds of Summer

anonymous asked:

And how long does it take for the Sheriff and Stiles to figure out Peter is a werewolf once they're in full-on mothering mode on him. Like they're both nosy detective types I'm guessing it took them 5 seconds to realize that something is up. Only of course they don't talk about it because Stiles is a child so they're both poking at Peter trying to figure out what's off about him much to Peter's annoyance and maybe slight amusement (he'd be more amused in different circumstances).

It’s Stiles who figures it out first, because, of course, Stiles is ten. Werewolves make perfect sense. Stiles isn’t stymied by the fact that they’re not supposed to exist. 

John takes a little longer, but Peter catches him looking at him sometimes with a slight frown creasing his brow. He’s confused. Things don’t add up with Peter Hale, and John’s a good cop. There is no way that Peter should have full movement back. There’s no way he should have the only minimal scarring that he does. And it’s fading day by day. 

He catches John going though his kitchen cabinets on at least two different occasions, and his bathroom cabinets on three. 

“What?” he asks. “Looking for the source of my  miracle cure?” 

“The doctors are baffled, Peter,” John tells him. 

From the couch, Stiles grins, delighted. 

“Well, then,” Peter says, deadpan. “So am I. Baffled. Utterly.” 

“Dad!” Stiles announces. “Peter’s a werewolf!” 

John sighs and rubs his forehead. “Stiles, Peter is not a werewolf.” 

Stiles looks at Peter. Peter smirks. 

John continues to watch Peter like a hawk, because not only does he want to know exactly how he’s healed so fast, he’s smart enough to know that Peter is a total liar when it comes to claiming that he has no idea. Really, the whole thing could have dragged out for years except for Stiles, and the brat’s annoying habit of diving headfirst into danger. Danger, in this case, being a mountain lion. 

Peter acts before he thinks. Gets between Stiles and the mountain lion, and roars. It’s not until the mountain lion is fleeing back into the cover of the woods that Peter becomes aware of John’s frantic thumping heartbeat. And aware of the fact that somehow during the standoff with the mountain lion, he’s transformed into his beta shift. Well, that explains John’s panic. 

Peter shifts back. 

“Dad,” Stiles says. “Peter is a werewolf.” 

“Well, fuck me,” John says. 

“Thanks for the offer, John,” Peter tells him with a smirk, “but your kid’s right there.” 

It’s a conversation that John takes great joy in reminding Peter and Stiles of, ten years later, when they go on their first date. 

“Ah,” John says with the most fake wistful sigh in the world. “Just think, Peter, of how different things could have been. Instead of dating my son, you could have been his step father by now!”  

“Oh my god,” Stiles mutters, his face bright red. 

Peter, naturally, is a total gentleman. He takes John’s ribbing in the spirit in which it’s intended, and doesn’t at all mention how he’s pretty sure he can get Stiles to call him daddy by the end of the night. 

John might be Peter’s best friend in the world, but that would probably be crossing a line, right? 

the only personality dichotomy that means anything is

people who find vast places and concepts like the ocean and the infinite nature of the universe deeply unsettling and fucking offensive;

and people who can only calm down around vast places and concepts like the ocean and the infinite nature of the universe


Inktober Day 18 - As someone who has swung around bags like that, I can tell ya it ainโ€™t gonna end well


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