i'm the same as the inmate

I'm in love with you - Chapter 1. *FLARITZA*

Each day in Litchfield prison was the same, day in, day out. But, today was Valentine’s Day and Officer Healey agreed to allow the inmates to throw a small gathering to mark the occasion. Flaca and Maritza were prepared to take full advantage of this and try and have the most fun they could.

“Hey, is there anywhere we could get something to liven this up a bit?” asked Flaca, clearly already bored with the pop music that was playing on the CD player, unsatisfied that it wasn’t her favourite band ‘The Smiths’

“Here, take this. But, don’t get caught! You understand me? I ain’t getting put in the SHU for both your stupidity!” warned Gloria as she handed Maritza a flask of some concoction that would most certainly make the evening a little more fun…and bearable.

“Gee, thanks! Come on, Maritza, let’s have our own private party!” giggled Flaca while grabbing the smaller girls hand and leading her into the back of the kitchen out of sight from the guards.

Maritza’s heart started beating faster, she could feel her cheeks burning and was conscious of her hand that was in Flaca’s as she knew it was probably becoming sweaty. This is what she didn’t understand, lately her best friend was having this strange effect on her and she didn’t know why. Pushing her thoughts to the back of her mind and how she was feeling, Maritza wore a big smile on her face, excited to have a night with her best friend – a gossip and a drink, normal best friends do that, right? All is normal!

“Hey, help me up! You know I’m a short ass, tonta!” whined Maritza as she struggled to get up on the kitchen counter. Flaca laughed and extended her hand to help the shorter girl up. “You’re so cute!” she giggled. Maritza could feel her face burn up again and she tried to hide the massive smile that crept on her face when Flaca said that, realising that best friends do not react that way to compliments.

The girls both took it in turns to take a swig from the flask and it wasn’t long before the started to feel its effects. “Woah, this shit is strong!” exclaimed Maritza, passing it back to Flaca who took another gulp of the liquid. “But it’s good shit!” she laughed.

The evening progressed and because of it being Valentine’s Day the subject landed on love and relationships. Maritza was aware that Flaca was involved with some guy on the outside named Ian and honestly it made her skin crawl everytime she thought about it. But, when Flaca picked up the cookie with his name printed on it with icing and flung it across the kitchen exclaiming “Asshole!” Maritza was relieved. She knew these feelings she was having for her best friend were strange and new to her, she had never experienced them before, she didn’t even have as strong feelings for her baby daddy, there’s something so mesmerizing about Flaca.

Noticing that Flaca was upset broke Maritza’s heart. This girl was too beautiful not to smile and be happy so she tried her best to cheer her up. “You know what gets me? We’re wasting the best years of our lives in here. Like, our tits are never gonna look better. Our asses are never gonna look better. You know, no one is touching my ass, no one is kissing my lips,” Flaca smiled and Maritza’s heart fluttered when she seen it. “Shit…I’ll kiss your dumb lips”

Maritza could have sworn her heart stopped for a split second, her stomach had erupted into a million butterflies and her eyes widened. Flaca moved in and gave Maritza a pure innocent kiss on the lips. For that split second Maritza felt things she had never felt before, now she knew… she was in love with her best friend. Before she even realised what she was saying she blurted out, “Do it again,”

Flaca didn’t hesitate she pressed her lips against the other girls and her hands combed through Maritza’s hair, this kiss was different, it was full of passion and desire. Soon their tongues entered each other’s mouths. Maritza knew for sure she wanted her best friend. Just before Maritza could move her hands further south, Flaca broke the kiss and busted out laughing.

“Nooo,” she tried to say between giggling. A bit taken aback and extremely hurt Maritza didn’t want to seem more into it than Flaca and quickly joined in with the laughing “Definitely not,” she lied.

The evening progressed and the girls had to join the rest of the inmates to be counted up before it was lights out and bed time. Maritza’s lips were still tingling from the kiss, but she could not let on this affected her in anyway. She was one of the toughest Latina girls in prison, plus she never considered herself a lesbian, was it just Flaca who made her feel this way? Hundreds of thoughts were racing through her mind but Flaca grabbing her hand snapped her out of them, “Man, you must be super tired, I was telling you all about my favourite Smiths album and you just zoned out!” Maritza just rolled her eyes, trying to act like her normal self. “You know I think that’s pussy music!”

“Right ladies, get into your dorms, lights out in 10 minutes!” exclaimed a prison officer who was walking up and down between the rooms of the inmates. Flaca and Maritza both share a dorm and right now for Maritza it was torture seeing Flaca stand there in her underwear right in front her, she could not get the kiss out of her mind but it seemed like Flaca had forgotten about it already

The lights went out and the only lighting they had was from the moon that was coming through the tiny barred windows. Maritza stared from across the room at how it gently illuminated Flaca’s face. “Night night, sweet dreams,” yawned Flaca before turning in her bed so her back would be facing Maritza. “Sweet dreams,” Maritza whispered back.

Flaca had her eyes closed, she wasn’t asleep yet but she was thinking about what happened this evening. She never saw Maritza in that way before but after that kiss she may have to rethink the situation.  I mean, we are best friends. We spend all the time together anyway…She’d never be up for it though Flaca thought.

In the other bed, Maritza was tossing and turning, she couldn’t get to sleep. These thoughts were eating her alive, she just wanted to be able to hold Flaca and it was torture that she’s lying only a few feet away and she can’t touch her. So she did the unthinkable. She didn’t know if this was the drink giving her the courage or if she was just being brave but she sat up in bed and inhaled deeply.

“Flaca…I’m in love with you,” Suddenly, Flaca’s eyes shot open.

To be contined if I get positive feedback! :) Sorry if it’s terrible, it was quickly put together.

Ok so I’m on the same flight to New York as Adrienne C. Moore (Black Cindy/Tova in Orange is the New Black) and we were going through security at the same time and I was like ’!!!!!!!!! Hi, not to be annoying but you are so talented and I just really had to tell you’ and then she smiled real big and said ‘you are so sweet thank you. I love your hair!’ and I’m SHOOK.