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Okay so why did I post these pics?

So on the Disney Cruise, there is a place called Animator’s Palate and they have a special show all over the restaurant where you draw someone in this template and at the end of dinner, these drawings will be shown all over, dancing around, even in some old Disney shorts and movies.

So I thought it would be quite amusing to draw aph Germany for my mom’s friend who she says can’t draw (That’s why it says “Andrea?”) and aph Russia. But why the flip flop did I pick these two? Simple! They’re my two favorite Hetalia characters.

And the result was beautiful and I WAS CRYING IT WAS SO HILARIOUS




Wtf is Russia doing???


LOOK AT HIM GO HOW IS GERMANY NOT BREAKING HIS PELVIC AREA???? (also my bro on the right loling)


When I applied to college the first time I sent off like sixteen applications. And it was stressful but excited because college! you know?

I’m doing four grad schools apps. Four. And the entire process just has me tired and apathetic. Which is insane because I actually really do need to get into grad school.

…but also - a year off. that’d be nice too tbh….


For the art challenge asked by @hannahsblog​ and anon-san :)

The art challenge and request is still open until further notice~
Don’t be shy and ask me around! XD

Every time my mum books me train tickets to go to glasgow she asks “where do you want to sit?” And i don’t really care, as long as i’m on a window seat, have a plug to charge my phone and am relatively close to one of the luggage racks, i’m good.

The only reason i specificly say near the luggage racks, is only when i’m travelling alone purely because i have this horrible anxiety that someone is gonna run on at a stop and out of all the luggage, take my poxy knee height travel suitcase and run off with it. I don’t know how often it happens in other countries but it happens A LOT here. So i’m very cautious about it and get up to make sure my bag is still there during every stop which is like 5 or 6 times. But anyway,

She has this bad habit of always booking me the priority seat. Which has everytime- without fail- already been booked and taken by someone who actually NEEDS the priority seat and has been on the train 4 stops before i got on. Thankfuly there’s only been one occassion where i’ve had to sit on the floor but it was a bank holiday and the train was full so it didn’t bother me, i had popcorn, i was sorted.

And that’s another thing about booked seats, if the train has a decent amount of free seats, why is it that women from the age of 30+ are fucking livid if someone is in their booked seat even tho there’s 9 times out of 10, a free row of seats directly behind it? I’ve seen 3 women come on this train and kick a teenage boy, an elderly woman and a woman probably the same age as me out of their seats cause it’s “their booked seat” as if they’re losing money by not being in their seat

There’s no extra charge for booking a seat (at least that i’ve encountered from booking tickets)

The only instance i can think of their being a charge would be for first class, quiet coach and for specific access seats (disability access, priority seats etc) and even then, it’s something ridiculously cheap like a quid or something

Travelling by train is a bizzare experience in this country sometimes

anonymous asked:

LL became BC in season 3 to honour Sara. By bringing Sara back to life where she's now the WC, wouldn't that nullify, cancel out or undo LL's reason for becoming a vigilante? Wouldn't it defeat the purpose of becoming BC? And if she's BC to bring about justice, I think she's better at doing that in the court room.

I have many problems with Laurel’s Black Canary arc, but her decision to keep fighting after Sara’s resurrection is definitely not one of them. No matter the why of her choice to put on that mask, she found that she liked fighting for the greater good to help people. Sara coming back to life wouldn’t mean that drive of hers is gone. There’s not a one Canary quota in the world.

All of that said, I have never once believed that Laurel became Black Canary to honor Sara. Sara’s death is the event that prompted her to start on the path to vigilantism, but she stated herself that fighting quenched the fire within her that couldn’t be put out with any substance. Sara’s death may have motivated Laurel; Laurel became Black Canary for her own reasons. 

I can say this with the utmost confidence because becoming Black Canary was insanely reckless and even selfish. She endangered Oliver and Roy by hitting the streets unprepared, and she endangered missions by not having experience to hold up against real bad guys. Oliver was dumb pretty frequently in Season 3, but he was absolutely right that Laurel had no place on the streets. Even Ray at least had a supersuit.

Sidebar: I actually think that Laurel’s selfish streak is her biggest flaw, and I’d totally embrace it if the show called her out on it more often. This is partly because I’m defensive of Oliver Queen and it bothers me when all the characters pile on him without being called out for their own actions, but Laurel’s selfish streak being explored could have been fascinating. As glad as I am that Sara is on Legends of Tomorrow, I maintain to this day that resurrecting Sara was the most selfish thing that Laurel has ever done, and the whole plot could have been so much more interesting and felt like more than a plot detour to set up the spinoff if Laurel had faced some fallout. The fact that her gambles all work out shouldn’t excuse that they happened. 

Sidebar, part deux: I don’t think that Laurel is the only character that needs to be called out more often, but this ask was about Laurel.

The story has since been written that Laurel is a necessary member of Team Arrow who has helped out in a big way, but I’ll never forget the ridiculousness of her origin story as Black Canary. It didn’t make sense for her to become Black Canary when she could have brought something unique to Team Arrow as an attorney. I honestly don’t care if her comic counterpart was a badass vigilante. I care about what I see in the show, and I did not see a foundation for Laurel to become Black Canary in the way or at the rate which she did.

On the plus side, Laurel’s decision to become a vigilante did provide one of my favorite Arrow gifs of all time: Oliver in 3x03 going “Oh, Laurel…” in exasperation makes me laugh every time. Me too, Oliver, Me too. I wish I had the giffing abilities to end all my Black Canary rants with it.