i'm the pig

so um this just got submitted and.. @starcrossed-comets, bby, it’s not nice to call people ‘nasty pigs’ especially when you’ve blocked them so they can’t defend themselves:/ idk what I ever did to u but maybe unblock me and we can talk it out?? cause this shits just immature and ridiculous now. also to that anon I fucking love you, you beautiful creature omf

Enhanced 2x09 “Scottish Barbarian” Scene


my instant reaction to this part lmao 

I apologize...

Guinea pig!Au for Metal.

Bruce Dickinson (same expression, dude!)

Rob Halford (blond, sunglasses and jewels!)

The Manowar Guinea Pig, ready for the battle.

Ronnie James Dio (ah! those curls!!)

Scandinavian Metal Guinea Pig. Could be Alexi Laiho =P 

And last, but not least…

DAVE MUSTAINE!!! (It’s CLEARLY Dave Mustaine, look at him!!!)

Ok but imagine being the hyungs, watching smol Jungkook grow up from the age of 15, going through all those teenage hardships under extreme pressure to be the best. (Jungkook was being scouted by other companies he chose bts because he thought that’s where he belonged) He gave up his childhood to train to be something he loved and the hyungs watched him grow from a smol shy kid who was scared to express himself into a bright young man who’s strong, beautiful, and goofy and is everything they imagined him to be. Imagine them being his parents and looking after him during his darkest times and teaching him everything he knows now. I’d be so damn proud to watch him grow and nurture him. Thank you so much hyungs and thank you Jungkook, you’ve turned out so well and I hope you succeed no matter what you do.

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Can I just say that I love my mutuals?

Literally everyone I follow who is commenting on this whole Jinmin thing is defending Jin. And damnit, I appreciate that.

Oh and for the record, if you think Jin is in the wrong for this, you’re wrong. It was a bit cringy, I agree, but I hope you all realize that Jin has been on the receiving end of that (and countless other) rude jokes since the beginning of time.

I agree with the belief that Jimin is Not a delicate flower that can’t handle shit, and how Rude of anyone to even imply that. He’s a strong and grownass MAN that has come so freaking far in his self confidence and for anyone to say that one of his best friends making a joke about this (DURING A GAME OF INSULTS AND PURPOSEFUL NEEDLING) would crush his soul or something is just beyond ridiculous.

Jin apologized, Jimin was Very clearly not upset, and their best friendship is intact.

(And if you’re really still pissed at Jin, go count all the times Jin has been called a pig, or fat, or ugly (bonus points for never getting any sort of apology), and then come back to me and we can talk.)