i'm the one in the purple shirt

Suspender Man is one of my favorite SPG songs, so I combined what I always thought he looked like and the artwork Bunny Bennett did of him
I always thought the Suspender Man was possessed, so I gave him glowing eyes

[Image description: an ink and colored pencil drawing of the Suspender Man from Steam Powered Giraffe, who grins menacingly. He’s an aging black man with glowing yellow eyes, a purple button-down shirt, tattered jeans, a red bow tie, and big red suspenders. He wears a beat-up green hat with an ace of hearts and a striped feather stuck in the ribbon. He holds a banjo with a broken string. He’s sitting on a log in the middle of a mangrove swamp, beside an urn with two cents next to it and a wooden shepherd’s hook with a lantern hung on it. Reflected in the river water are the words “My music’s gonna blow your mind”.]
Puppy Love - Part 1

Pairing: neighbor!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,470

Summary: The reader’s dog wanders off and she finds him hanging out inside of an Impala that belongs to her gorgeous new neighbor.


You swear to god your dog is a ninja. He’s constantly sneaking off and getting into trouble. He’s worse than a little kid. He’s a 100 lb German Shepherd for Christ’s sake. You should be able to keep track of him.

“Murphy! Come here, buddy!” 

The beautiful beast is too smart for his own good. He’s a troublemaker for sure. He needs to know what’s happening at all times. You have a slight suspicion that he thinks he’s a police dog.

You quickly search the house and the backyard, you’re not surprised that he’s no where to be found. He tends to invade your neighbors lives. He’ll just waltz right into someone’s yard or house if he can. Sigh. You walk out your front door and start looking around.

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Wow I love your description of the characters and how they look, I especially love crane's. But as a major fan of joker I really wish you could give me example of how he looks in your version? I'm sorry if this is asked before.

Who ever would have guessed that something so evil could dwell within someone so beautiful?

A lithe, pale, strong-featured man, looking down at you with his emerald eyes, smiling with his blood red lips. You would almost forget he was killing you, were he not crushing your larynx with his bare hands.

There’s also no one alive who can pull off the purple zoot suit like The Joker.

It’s all about the 40′s for Joker’s attire - high-waisted pants, crisp shirts, big jackets, and spats (that he swears he was wearing before Eddie was - should Eddie ever beat him to a function, however, Joker keeps some Black and White Oxfords in the car. One time they both wore spats to the same event, and Harvey asked if they were on the same, losing, team. Very embarrassing). The ties change, from the western (his usual go-to tie), to a bow, to the standard. Hell, one time he wore a bolo (just to piss off Slade).

He starts his day with his dark green hair slicked back, but never touches it again until the next morning. If the cowlicks come back, it’s how it was meant to be. If he falls down a flight of stairs, it’s stair hair for the day.

The only imperfection would be his nose, which has been broken several times, but always from the top down (Batman always strikes downward, flying out of the shadows like some sort of… bat). The breaking has added some length to the bridge, but Joker likes it - makes him look tough.

Yeah, my Joker is beautiful, but it really doesn’t matter - he’s still an absolute lunatic.
(I tend to picture the Anthony Misiano cosplay when I think of my Joker’s looks - now that is a pretty man.)

Live In Living Color

Prompt I found on Pinterest: You have seen in shades of grey your entire life. One day you come across a stranger that appears in total color (so I made it a soulmate AU)
~825 words

“It’s a whole new experience,” Artie said, “learning how to match things to appeal to the eyes of all the lovers around me. Before I could get away with purple pants and a red shirt. People knew I hadn’t found her yet, but now I have and I have to dress like I have.”
Kurt found himself sitting, once again, at a table with all of his color-seeing friends. The difference was that last time he wasn’t the only one. Now Artie had found his soulmate and Kurt was the only person in his friend group that didn’t understand why purple and red couldn’t be together, or what the blue sky he had heard of since birth really looked like.
“We’ll all help you,” Rachel gave a supportive smile to Artie. “Finn and I both had a hard time. Some of us more than others. He got it eventually, and so will you.”
Since the class of 2012 had graduated from McKinley, the original glee club students had made a point to get together for coffee as often as they could. The afternoon was always spent catching up, and while Kurt enjoyed hearing what was going on in his friends lives, considering how often he felt like he was surrounded by a room that he didn’t understand, he had a hard time understanding why he continued to show up.
The conversation droned on as Kurt stirred his dark-grey cappuccino. He wanted Artie to stop complaining. He had met his soulmate-that is something Kurt had wanted more than anything in high school. He often wondered if that would have made high school any easier-and he often concluded that yes, it would have.
To his liking, Kurt left early with Rachel and began walking back to their apartment in Bushwick.
“Are you okay, Kurt? You seem a little down, and I know you didn’t get the grade you wanted on that assignment, but Professor Manning said he’d give you a redo, and I’ll help you.” She held his arm and walked with him through the city.
“It’s not about the assignment, Rachel. Honestly, I’m over it.”
“Then what’s bothering you?”
“Honestly, I’m feeling a little lonely.”
“You’re not alone, Kurt. You have me.”
And Rachel was his best friend-she had been since day one. So he didn’t want to invalidate her friendship, but you don’t get to see color from meeting your best friend. “You know what I mean, Rach. I just wish I’d meet the one already. I want to see the actual color of coffee.”
“No you don’t,” Rachel promised. “It’s brown, and not a vintage brown, a poop brown.”
“A what?,” he asked. Kurt had never pondered the color of his own shit before, but it upset him to hear that it was comparable to the color of his favorite drink.
Rachel sighed, sad that she couldn’t explain any more to Kurt. “You’ll meet him when the time is right. For now it’s you, me, and a re-watching of Funny Girl against the world,” she smiled and hurried back to their apartment with her best friend to watch her favorite movie.
That night after pizza and Funny Girl, Kurt laid in bed and opened Grindr. He got over the idea of saving himself for the one in his first year in New York, when it seemed like everyone but him had done it, and he was grateful to see that plenty of other guys in New York had a similar mindset. Rachel had fallen asleep during the movie, so he didn’t think it would be hard to sneak out for the night. He’d be home before she knew he was gone.
He scrolled through the app for what felt like a while before something caught his eye. “Actor, Singer, Composer,” was the bolded title over a picture of a dark-haired man with his guitar. “NYU student, studying music. Free most nights,” read the description, hooking Kurt.
He got up to position himself into a comfortable face-only photo, shot it, and sent it to “Blaine,” who quickly responded.
Within an hour, Kurt was on the subway on his way to Blaine’s apartment. He had done this plenty of times, enough to for sure be used to it by now, but this time he had butterflies in his stomach. He considered turning around, judging it as a sign that something was about to go wrong. But before he could make up his mind, Blaine opened his door. He had messy curls that could not pick a direction and was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans.
“Woah,” Blaine responded, quicker than Kurt could.
Kurt’s only response was a nod-he was not able to form words.
Blaine was gorgeous, but so was understanding the world the way that all of Kurt’s friends could.
He understood blue, the calm sea and peaceful sky.
He understood green, nature and envy.
But he understood violet, love and passion, the most.

anyway this is one of the greatest pictures ever taken of the wonderful man that is John Boyega.

the tailored purple suit??? the black shirt and bowtie??? TH EFUCKING BLACK LEATHER GLOVE ??? he just invented men’s fashion. the sleek haircut. the smirk and the piercing gaze ????? the fucking pose, he’s reaching out for something i don’t know what BUT I WANT TO BE THAT THING. the freaking sex appeal ??? of this man???

when will your fave ever compete with this greatness. John Boyega.

Asexual!MC + MM Characters
  • Jumin: "what do you want to do tonight?"
  • MC: "not you."
  • Jaehee: "MC, I have a thread loose on this shirt, can you give me some scissors?"
  • MC: "sorry, I can't scissor you"
  • Zen: "grilled duck sounds pretty good for dinner, thoughts?"
  • MC: "I prefer not to eat anything that is one vowel off from the male genitalia"
  • Yoosung: "What color theme SHOULD I set my LOLOL avatar as?"
  • MC: "black, gray, white, and purple are pretty nice colors"
  • 707: "cover your eyes, MC, there's a sex scene in this movie and ~god is watching~"
  • MC: "you don't have to tell me twice"

and finally, after much pain and struggle, it’s complete.

i rewatched anastasia a few nights ago, and i must say, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. i loved it when i watched it as a teeny kid, and i love it even more now. it’s just gorgeous, and i just really wanted to draw something from it!! this was definitely a challenge!

johnlock au where john and sherlock are microbes. johns a gram negative bacterial cell bc he has lots of layers like an ogre, while sherlock is a gram positive cell bc he has one big thick dfp barrier between his literally microscopic smoll self and the world (also he stains purple during a gram stain, so like his purple shirt 💜). john tries to touch sherlock w his big long monster sex pilus to ~exchange genetic information~ sherlock does a happy wiggle when it touches his cell butt

anyway, theyre in love bye

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top 5 sam outfits?

Okay, Anon, I spent a good hour on this and then my browser crashed. So let’s try this again.

1. The lovely gray/black v-neck sweater we see in 8.08.
I love love love Sam in these comfortable sweaters. He’s worn some great ones over the last few seasons (the one in 8.20 comes to mind, too), but this one is just… Guh. It’s tragic how little he wears these: in the scene with Amelia, as sleepwear, and in promo pictures, but I need more of them.
In terms of a good alternative to constantly dressing poor Sam in plaid, this is the best one. These things look amazing on him. I mean, just look at how this one drapes over his shoulders and chest. It’s enough to make my heart ache.
Also it looks super comfy. And I want one.

2. The yoga outfit in The Purge (9.13)
As a Sam girl, I’m contractually obligated to include this one, right? Whatever. Because, seriously, this might be the outfit I will never recover from. Arms. Chest. Legs. Hot damn.
As a girl who has done a lot of yoga during her lifetime, sign me up for these classes. I’ll be at every single one, with my mat front and center, doing the best damn shoulder stand you have ever seen. And then I totally climb him like a flagpole in the equipment closet.

3. The sweater vest in 8.13.
I love me a man who can rock a sweater vest, and Sam Winchester can rock a sweater vest. To the confusion of everyone else sitting in the living room right now, I just sat here fanning myself.
Look. Throw on a pair of hipster glasses, and this is the type of coworker I would fantasize about at night. Probably teaching history and law. (”Hey, I broke the copier again. Help?” “Hey, I’m teaching genetics. You’re teaching law. Want to co-teach a few lessons this week?” “Yes I will chaperone this field trip with you!”) Boy could read the phone book for an entire class period and his class would still be absolutely enraptured by him.

4. The blue/yellow/white plaid shirt (8.14)
I love this color scheme on him. Overall, it’s just a really glorious shirt that I need to find a female version of for myself. But, beyond that, the symbolism in the colors and his tendency to wear it in season 8 are utterly fascinating to me. Royalty, intuition, balance, and growth. It’s all very poignant.

5. That soft green plaid that originated in 11.06.
Hot damn this is some nice-looking plaid. I have a plaid shirt in a fabric like this, and it’s honestly the most amazing thing ever, so I totally understand why Sam would own this in multiple colors. And it looks so fucking good on him - especially with the way he’s paired it with that V-neck. I just want to bury my face in that little bit of V-neck we can see and just… Stay there.

Other highlights include the rusty bacon shirt (both original and blue flavor), the purple whippet shirt, shirtless soulless!Sam (that’s totally an outfit and I will fight you on this), and any of the adorkabley college-like shirt/hoodie/jacket combos he wears during season one.