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Begin Again (Prologue)

So this au has been cooking in my brain for a while now, but I finally finished the prologue and i’m finally posting this thing. So let’s see how this goes!
(Quick shoutout to my two best friends @mibasiamille and @marlosbooknook for letting me bounce ideas off of them and helping me edit. Also just being overall great people, ily guys <3)

When We Collide

Oxford, England
22nd September 1976

It’s the little things that we rarely notice: those smaller, seemingly irrelevant memories that always lead to more memorable ones. We seem to forget that these events, when put in succession, can eventually change our lives forever. The aftermath can often times leave us in a state that we can never truly recover from, and can even change us into completely different people; people that we wouldn’t even recognize.

These events are usually ones we often see in films and literature; we never expect that they can happen to us. But the fact of the matter is that these things do happen, and they can happen to anyone.

One tiny fraction of a second is all it takes to change everything. Your whole world turns upside down: you can’t tell which way is up or which way is down. But these moments– they’re only the beginning.

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whats ur number one fave fic they u urself have written?

fav fic that i myself i have written? oooooooooooooooh tough one 

fav fun fic i’ve done is probably the dead-end case of the kilted kirkyard killer mostly because i love edinburgh so much and also it involves a fun new first meeting 

fav important fic i’ve done is if nobody speaks of remarkable things which is the first thing i started publishing in fandom and which was a labor of love and healing and which continues to give back to me with all the comments

bonus round fav for the dead hours which is my new wip but which i am certain i am going to loooooooooooove writing 

One of the photos of my graduation from The University of Edinburgh Hogwarts.

  • Justin: Um don't- please don't trip, I'm wearing a skirt. Don't even BUG on that.
  • Griffin: Like a-
  • Justin: Like of COURSE I'm wearing a-
  • Clint: A kilt!
  • Justin: Not a kilt.
  • Griffin: Like a man kilt?
  • Clint: Not a kilt?
  • Justin: Not a kilt.
  • Clint: You don't wanna go with a-
  • Travis: No, MERLE would have a utila-kilt. That's a fact.
  • Justin: No, like a skirt! But like, a magical one.
  • Clint: Ah, okay.
  • Griffin: Okay!
Sonic Boom Episodes 1-39
  • ...as told by someone who is really sleepy at the moment.
  • The Sidekick: Knuckles Jr.!
  • Can An Evil Genius...: Eggman is a horrible roommate and nobody likes him.
  • Translate This: TAKE IT EASY WHACK-JOB
  • Buster: Sticks gets a dog who barfs slime all over creation. Also Knuckles makes the best "WTF" face ever.
  • My Fair Sticksy: Red Crudicio Spread
  • Fortress of Squalitude: Knuckles uses uncooked poultry as puppets (which looks hilariously inappropriate due to where he's sticking his hands xP). Also he eats a napkin
  • Double Doomsday: "Who puts an off-switch on a doomsday device?" Eggman, Tails, meet Heinz Doofenshmirtz.
  • Eggheads: Sonic didn't get invited to MustacheCon. Also I'M AN EVIL MASTERMIND OF AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE!
  • Guilt Tripping: The frick is a Gogoba
  • Dude Where's My Eggman: That subtle Beatles reference tho
  • Cowbot: Sonic and Knuckles beat Sonic & Knuckles
  • Circus of Plunders: Amy is a sad clown
  • Unlucky Knuckles: Knuckles attempts to reset the balance of the universe by killing himself several times. Oh and Tails dies at the end
  • The Meteor: Probably the most well executed body-swap episode in cartoon history (the voice acting alone is fricking amazing)
  • Aim Low: RIP Knuckles' birdhouse ;_;
  • How To Succeed in Evil: Tails destroys everything and gets invited to an evil potluck. Also pizza (and pizzazz)
  • Don't Judge Me: Ace Attorney & Knuckles
  • Dr Eggman's Tomato Sauce: The love story of Tails and his plane
  • Sole Power: I can't do 6 'o clock, I have tickets to the opera! Oh wait no that's someone else
  • Hedgehog Day: Knuckles keeps the world trapped in a time loop so he won't have to go to the dentist
  • Sleeping Giant: Apparently the only way to make a rock giant go to sleep is to sing REALLY BADLY. Also Sonic makes a Princess Bride reference
  • Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple: I'M NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR BOSOM, BUDDY!
  • Let's Play Musical Friends: Rock, Donut, Thursday--the game that will make your head explode. Literally.
  • Late Fees: "Did I ever tell you about the time--" "*internal screaming*"
  • Into the Wilderness: Sonic and Knuckles go into the wilderness and come out of the closet
  • Eggman Unplugged: My delicious whipped cream filling will shoot out like toothpaste ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
  • Chez Amy: I'm just convinced that Dave is stoned for the entirety of this episode
  • Blue With Envy: RADICAL SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE (please)
  • Curse of the Cross-Eyed Moose: "I think I'm allergic to fish saliva" "THEN GET OUT OF THE FISH"
  • Chili Dog Day Afternoon: Knuckles gets high on peppers and hallucinates about the rejected VeggieTales villains who make him wear a kilt
  • Closed Door Policy: Don't worry Knuckles, I didn't understand a word of that either
  • Mayor Knuckles: That stamp is like the One Ring
  • Eggman the Auteur: When I said "Sonknux" that wasn't what I meant
  • Just A Guy: Tumblr in a nutshell tbh
  • Beyond the Valley of Cubots: Sonic makes underwear jokes
  • New Years Retribution: Sonic and Eggman have a dance-off, and it's fricking awesome
  • Battle of the Boy Bands: BEST EPISODE EVER!
  • Conclusion: I fricking love this show. <3
Would You Do It For A Scooby Snack?

Author: zepppie

Prompt: costumes have become real and need to return back to normal

Characters: Team Free Will, Reader

A/N: i just grabbed the first thing i saw (my scooby toy) and ran with it

Halloween Drabbles Masterlist

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Castiel looks around the room. It’s unfamiliar, and it’s too bright and too colorful. Something’s off about this place.

“Jinkies! It’s the angel!”

He can feel something definitely wrong with the three of you. You look different, but he can still sense your souls burning inside of you.

“Castiel, we need your help. Gabriel has once again gotten the best of us.” It’s Sam. Except he’s dressed like the angel, trenchcoat and all. And he’s talking like Cas too, with a tone that doesn’t fall or rise. A monotony that you’d once called quirky.

“I cannot undo my brother’s work,” Castiel frowns. “He must be the one to do it himself.”

“Whit’ll we do in th’ meantime?” Dean demands. He’s in a Braveheart costume, face painted blue just like Mel Gibson’s, and flowing dark hair that could probably rival Sam’s. He even has the Scottish accent. “Am nae too keen on stayin’ thes way forever!”

If the orange turtleneck you had on were any larger, you’d sink right into it so you can hide the blush that rises to your cheeks whenever Dean speaks. “I like it,” you admit.

Dean immediately turns on the charm and pours it all in your direction. “An’ ah like ye. Yer a braw hen.”

“Is that a good thing?”


Sam pointedly clears his throat. Now isn’t the time to be flirting, considering the urgency of your situation. “Please, Dean, keep it in your kilt.”

of kilts and men
  • Em: finrod is delighted when the beornings introduce him to the magnificent mannish compromise that is
  • Em: the kilt
  • sath: fuck yes
  • Em: all the practicality of trousers but there is some satisfying flutteriness about it
  • Em: finrod likes clothes that do a fun flouncy thing if you twirl
  • sath: do beorings do the sword dance
  • Em: well they already live in the highlands so I'm saying yes
  • sath: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjXYfDax_-0
  • sath: help
  • sath: help
  • Em: god the entire house of finarfin going about in kilts. galadriel pretends she's not realted to any of them.
  • Em: this is finrod's favourite thing that Men do
  • sath: god absolutely
  • Em: no one else understands
  • sath: finrod insists maedhros and maglor watch a performance when they visit
  • Em: FUCK
  • Em: YES
  • Em: HE DOES

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I was thinking about buying your book, but could you tell me first if the Scottish element to it is overly-apparent? Like I don't want to go buy it and find it's full of Scottish stereotypes (i'm Scottish myself.) I'm sorry if this sounds rude and/or unclear but I don't mean it to, just apprehensive I guess :)

Pretty sure it’s safe.

So far all my Scottish readers who have written in have enjoyed it a lot. I’m not sure what the stereotypes for Scottish people are, I certainly didn’t work any in intentionally. At absolute worst there’s one mention of a kilt and Highland Cattle are mentioned once or twice but it’s not like “And this takes place in Scotland so everyone wears kilts and lives in castles and plays bagpipes.” If those are the stereotypes, I’m honestly not sure what negative stereotypes anyone would even have about Scotland.

All the content for Scotland is actually in the first couple chapters, which you can read for free on Amazon. Just click “Look Inside” on this page.