i'm the one between pete and andy

Jet Pack Blues Music Video Idea

It starts with silence, and we see 4 girls in identical long black coats. It’s raining heavily, but none of them have umbrellas, and seem unaffected by it. They turn away from each other and head off in opposite directions.

The music starts. We see Patrick, Pete, Joe, and Andy standing and talking. They break off and get into four identical black cars. Each car heads in a different direction, reminiscent of the girls.

The cameras switch between the four cars. In one, Patrick is driving normally, while singing Jet Pack Blues. The next has Pete humming along, driving with one hand, and scratching music notes onto a paper with the other. His bass guitar is buckled into the passenger seat. Andy is driving, but drumming in the steering wheel while doing it. Finally, Joe is driving with his feet, playing guitar with his hands (because, it’s not the happiest song, but every Fall Out Boy song needs some element of nonsense).

All the boys are intently focused on driving. The windshield wipers are going on constantly, due to the heavy rain.

The four girls continue to weave through the city. Occasionally one of the boys’ cars will come into the frame with her, but she will avoid it.

Then it comes from the boys point of view. Through the pouring rain, there is a sign of the girl. A flash of hair, or the tail of the coat, anything. But just as soon as it’s there, she disappears.

Finally, at the end of the song, the rain starts to let up. Not completely, but enough that it’s just a drizzle. Each of the boys gets one of the girls in their sights. As they come closer so they can see them clearly, the music stops. And the screen fades to black.