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Haha, Sparkles!

[ & ; * - karla souza ] isn’t it weird how close { elena reyes } resembles { karla souza }? damn, i heard they are { 21 } years old and a { junior } studying { astrophysics }. rumor has it { elena } is { gay } and is a { member } of { kappa omega pi }. i heard they are known as { the interstellar } and their party anthem is { sunset lover } by { petit biscuit }. — molly / 18 / she/her / utc+12 

hi hey hello??? omg okay so i am the WORST at these intro things bc i’m the lamest person in the world so ?? cool ?? i’m molly, i’m 18 n i just finished high school (literally like two weeks ago ?? wild !! i still have 2 exams tho rip) N E WAYS !! ur here for info on elena not me so like !! check out the info under the cut :)) OK also a quick p.s i recognise like a few of the muses names?? i was in a greek rp like last year (i think?? i have lost track of time) so if u recognise the muse name emilia allard (she was a marie avgeropoulos fc) or avia (honestly can’t remember what surname i used but she was a emily bett rickards fc) then that was me! ok i’m done now! edit: lmao whoops i forgot to say flick me an im if u wanna plot

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Because I can’t draw the original Mar no matter how hard I try so I made up an au where I can draw him as chibi and made him wear whatever type of clothes I could draw. That’s how the “Demonic guardians high school au” was born.
And that was the lamest excuse I have ever made…

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