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listening to Nicki Minaj’s “Fly” and the Daisy feelings just….. hit me all at once (don’t ask why, I don’t know either - it’s late). 

just…. guys. this woman is so incredibly strong, and has been through so much. from the very beginning her life was never going to be normal, but Daisy faced each an every challenge with her head held high. she has never backed down, or taken the easy way out. even when she left SHIELD to become Quake, she didn’t choose to become a famed vigilante. she decided to continue standing up for what she believed in, to do what was right, without legal protection. 

Daisy Johnson is so amazing. she watched one of her parents die in front of her; the other had his memory erased. she has had so many families, so many friends, turn on her - Miles, from season one, who sold information to Raina, Ward, who lied to her for months and betrayed her to HYDRA, Jiaying manipulated her by playing with those very issues. and Daisy kept fighting, has been fighting all her life. 

she fought the foster care system, the label of “0-8-4,” she fought against the Watchdogs and HYDRA and Hive and…. Daisy has lost so much. I’m amazed that it took her so long to break. 

except - she didn’t break. she recuperated. and she came back stronger. she brought Robbie into SHIELD, inserted herself into his support system even when she herself was still healing; she grieved over Lincoln but didn’t lose herself in the process, and when push came to shove Daisy was - and is - ready to put everything on the line. 

she is selfless. she is kind. she is beautiful. she is one of the most powerful women to grace a marvel screen. and Daisy Johnson does it with a smile on her face and a quip on that whip-sharp tongue. her humour has survived everything - and sure, it’s grown more sardonic and dark as the seasons pass but still she laughs.

she cares so deeply about this world. if anyone can save it, Daisy can. more than ANYTHING Daisy Johnson is a hero. she was a hero before SHIELD, when she was exposing HYDRA’s Project Centipede; she was a hero as a consultant, when she made her loyalties known once and for all by using her street skill set of a charming smile. she was already a hero when Coulson gave her that Agent badge, and she had been a hero for a long time by the time she donned that Quake suit. 

in black and silver, it’s easy to forget how soft Daisy is. how, under all that leather, she feels things so intensely. how deeply she relies on her friends, and how much she will do for them. it’s easy to forget that Daisy’s moral compass has never wavered, not once, that she may not be a perfect person but she is morally flawless. Daisy has the biggest heart, and she carries the weight of humanity on her shoulders.

don’t forget that. I love kickass Daisy too - but I also love the girl we met way back when, the girl that hasn’t disappeared, the girl that needs help and love and support, the girl that can rise above anything. Daisy is a badass AND a best friend; a warrior AND the softest hugger; she is the woman who took out a group of watchdogs with her bare hands AND the woman who put her hand on Robbie’s knee and reassured him everything was going to be okay. 

Daisy is so much. I love all of her. I love her so much. 

  • The Great British Bake Off: Everybody have fun :) :) I'm sure you'll all do fine :) Your Swiss roll is so lovely :) :) :) Very nice :))) *Light ballet music*

i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored 

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i'm scared to ask this but what happened in chile today?

I usually don’t discuss drama openly on this blog and will typically ask you guys to personally message me off anon, but this is way too important.

So apparently “fans” were bothering BTS at their hotel (i.e. screaming for them, making lots of noise) and they couldn’t even rest. Then when they left the hotel to try to relax and eat at a restaurant, the fans followed them there… They were again being loud and disturbing the boys. According to @we-breathe-bangtan-sonyeondan, there were videos of someone explaining to these “fans” that “the boys were tired and needed to eat and then to rest for the concert. However, a group of 20-30 people were arguing that they just wanted to see them or greet them. They even said that BTS were artists and that they owed(?) the fans some sort of greeting or recognition. The person tried to explain that there were fans screaming and disturbing BTS all day and that they just wanted to rest, but the “fans” kept demanding some sort of recognition.”

I really cannot stress how ridiculous this situation is. Yes, not all fans are like this, but these fans are the fans BTS were first greeted with upon their arrival to Chile. Imagine how stunned BTS is right now. So called “fans” are not even letting them eat or sleep? Are BTS not humans like us? 

This is not exclusive to Chile, as we all know from Bon Voyage, this happened in Europe as well. Fans chased after BTS, forced them to give signatures, recorded them, followed them to hotels, and many more horrifying things. BTS has no obligation or reason to interact with fans during their “free-time” and that’s that. Imagine if you were on a plane for hours, were tired, jetlagged, hungry, exhausted, and were then greeted with screams, groups of people following you, acting like YOU owed them something. How would you feel? Frustrated? Mad? Irritated? That’s probably exactly what BTS is feeling right now.

I know not all of us are seeing BTS in concert even though they are visiting our countries or cities, but that gives you absolutely no right to treat them the way they were treated today. 

Furthermore, if you guys don’t want to treat BTS like human beings and respect them, don’t call yourself a fan or an ARMY. Also don’t expect BTS to come to your country again and don’t complain if they don’t return. 
- Kylie

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: three days ago thomas stanley holland, a man who i USED to stan, tweeted "bye bye hair". harrison fucking responded to the tweet with an cheeky ass emoji. he knew that little shit he knew but he's holding out on us just like tom is. so tom's hair, the hair i love, the locks, the curls, the softness, is gone. next harrison is back at it again with instagram posts, this one with them riding horses but toms head is covered by a helmet. covered by a helmet. these boys, before we even truly knew it, were setting us up for cardiac arrest. so for three days we were left in the dark. then out of the blue we see tom with a hoodie covering his head strolling the streets in montreal with a laughing harrison beside him. we cannot see the hair. not one bit. THE LITTLE SHIT is specifically is pulling down his hood so we cannot see what he fucking did to his hair. AND THEN he posts another instagram story saying "guys it's not as bad as you think. i actually think it looks really good. i think you'll like it but i'm going to save it for an actual picture to show you." with harrison 'legit devil on the shoulder' osterfield smirking over his shoulder. these two boys are fucking teases and they know it. BUT IT DOESNT STOP THERE! Oh no. Tom then posts a photo on his instagram. throwback to my curls + tash. bitch, we all know you cut your hair. STOP TEASING US FOR FUCKS SAKE. we should've seen this coming. we should've listened to anthony mackie, he knew and we all should've listened. tom is a little asshole. so is harrison. i hate him. i hate them both. they can both CHOKE!

He woke tho

Dads play Dream Daddy
  • Dadsona: Wow...Why does everyone else look sexy and I look like a waffle that's been run over and left to die in the sun?
  • Joseph: -squirms uncomfortably as his secrets of being disloyal are spilled- I...Dont Wanna play this game.
  • Robert: I'm gonna bang Craig.
  • Craig: I'm gonna bang Craig.
  • Brian: You can't buy a dog?? This game is trash but I love that guy with the beard.
  • Mat: I'm glad Joseph picked his wife. I feel...heart broken, but that's okay ;u; . As long as he's happy! I should have picked Damien.
  • Damien: Tasteless. But I like Mat.
  • Mat: Aww! Thank you!
  • Amanda: Ew ew ew that angle! Gross! someone fix me!! Look at me!
  • Dadsona: Sweetie, you look fine.
  • Hugo: I have a cheat sheet to all their good endings and.. Joseph's..cult ending??
  • All: -turn towards Joseph-
  • Joseph: I told you I didn't wanna play. -nervous laughing-

You know, if I wasn’t part of this fandom, I might think this show is actually scripted. 

Because, in the campaign guide Matt released several months ago to the public, there’s this:

“The actual date of the [Matron of Raven’s] rise to divinity is unclear, but the Night of Ascension is nonetheless celebrated on the thirteenth day of the tenth month. Many people of Emon see this cheery celebration of the dead to be unnerving and macabre, but the Raven’s followers believe the honored dead would rather be venerated with cheer, not misery.”

Now Matt, in his final description of the campaign, with the exposition of that evening in Zephra, said “…Cuersaar the thirteenth, the tenth month of the year…”, which means that Kiki gains a raven companion on the day where those devoted to the Raven Queen celebrate those who have passed, and remember their legacy. 

But, this campaign closed on the 13th of October, the tenth month of our calendar year, at least where I live. (give or take a few hours, depending on the time zone)

And I can’t think of a better time to send these characters off than on a day where, in their fictional world, there would be people finding joy and hope in the stories they left behind them.

(all credit to the og revelation made by @tieflingofcolor​ on discord <3)

I need your help!

Yep here I am, asking for your assistance in completing my very last minute media research analysis.

I am a second-year university student studying a Bachelor of International Relations doing a dual major in Islam-West Relations and International Relations. For one of my courses this semester - Islam, Media, and Conflict - I am required to select an event covered by the mass media concerning Islam or Muslims and analyse the content and response to the coverage. Part of my assessment requires analysing an audience’s response to the coverage in the method of conducting a survey. 

The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete and does not require any previous knowledge about the attack my study focuses on. By completing this, you will be helping me out greatly (aka if you guys do this then I won’t have to make up 50 fake answers)

Here is the link to the survey.

The survey is 100% anonymous and can be taken by anyone 13+ regardless of where in the world you live. It would be amazing if you could help spread the word because 1 reblog = 1 less emotional breakdown on monday when I go to write my analysis.


Tom is your Tom problem.


just a couple of guys being dudes


he regrets talking to gladio about it

Dean: You know, the invention of the shovel was ground-breaking.

Dean: Ground-breaking.

Dean: [laughing at his own joke]

Mary: [face palming]

Dean: … But it was the broom’s creation that really swept the nation.

Sam: [rolling his eyes]

Dean: Of course, some say it’s the wheel that really got things rolling. C’mon guys give me something here.

Castiel: [squinting]

Castiel: I should’ve left you in hell

Things that could have been done to help Shmi Skywalker:
  • They had republic credits. He could have found a more suggestible businessman and “forced” them to trade currencies so he would have enough to buy Shmi.
  • They could have knocked Watto down and taken Shmi with them. By the time watto woke they would be long gone, probably with enough tech to remove the chip or disable it (in legends it’s established that the chip’s signal only works on the planet so when the slave leaves orbit they are safe whether or not the chip was removed or inactive.
  • They could have hired someone to strong-arm Watto into freeing shmi (or done it themselves)
  • They could have gone straight to the Hutts to make a deal with them. Something like, make this guy free this slave and this jedi will owe you one. We know the jedi have no problem helping slavers when it serves their own interests.
  • he could at least have bought some protection for her, like hiring someone to keep an eye on her. she was only left with some credits because Anakin gave his to her. No one else made any attempt to, at the very least, improve the poor woman’s life.