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Sometimes I like to think Emma does like stupidly cute magic for Regina during their lessons. Like Regina will be teaching her and Emma will just randomly conjure up a flower and give it to Regina. And she’d be all like “please focus, miss swan” but at the same time she has to turn around to hide her blush and Emma’s just smirking cause she KNOWS.


it occurred to me that Mabel’s the sort of person who tells her friends and family she loves them all the time, while Stan probably hasn’t had anyone say it to him in decades, and this happened.

lizzietheteenagewitch  asked:

Have yu ever thought abut drawing Vic in one/or a few of the scream queen outfits? I so love this idea, but all i can draw are stick figures xD

I’m sorry this took me a while, but here she is! There’s a lot of campy fashion to choose from, but I picked this to start with. Maybe I’ll do some more in the future!! Thank you for your request, I hope you like!

The Picture of Health

Still trying to catch up! Written for day three of of Snow Sisters Week, for the prompt “For the First Time in Forever”. Short drabble for today.

I love these idiot sisters.

Rating: K

Pairing(s): Snow Sisters

Summary: Elsa’s not the best of patients when sick, as Anna is learning.

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lala-kate  asked:

OQ: Robin finally makes breakfast for Regina


Rated K

A modern kitchen wasn’t something he was used to. He and his men usually cooked breakfast around a fire, so when he’d rolled up his sleeves to prepare breakfast for her he hadn’t been at his most confident.

He’d shooed her away when she’d tried to help insisting once she’d shown him how things worked that this was something he wanted to do for her.

She had what she’d called a gas range (whatever that meant) to cook on and it was a flame so it didn’t seem all that different. There was also the strange little machine that made toast that he’d been fascinated with. All in all he thought he was doing a decent enough job.

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After the Snow Queen, after Marian, Outlaw Queen reunite.

Unedited. I apologize for any mistakes left.

For outlawqueensituation; xx ♥! :)

Elsa was gone; Anna and Kristoff followed her through the portal, back to Arendelle. The Snow Queen has been vanquished. Storybrooke was calm once again.

If only the turmoil inside her would stop.

She was walking aimlessly in the middle on Main Street.

If only she’d stop thinking about a certain thief.

The storm was raging all around them, the Snow Queen standing in the eye. They were surrounded by snowmen, all more scarier than the other. She looked over to her right.

Robin had insisted on coming, but he was struggling. Even the magical fire Regina had adorned his arrows with wasn’t make much damage to the enemy, and he wasn’t going to make it through this.

David’s flaming sword came to his rescue and the two men were able to fight off and meld one of the snow creatures before the Prince jumped back in the battle.

The archer’s gaze locked with the Queen, and she knew he saw the concern in her eyes, the kind of attention she should not give him, especially not in the heat of battle.

She waved her hand, and purple smoke enveloped him, not before she glimpse at the horror veiling his eyes.

The next thing she knew, a snowman was coming on her from behind.

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