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a landscape of amiable codgers - Chapter 1 - daddygrandpaandthebeaver (CourtneyCourtney) - Gravity Falls [Archive of Our Own]
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An assortment of Stanchez drabbles I’ve posted on Tumblr


(Forgot to mention I started uploading my Stanchez stories onto AO3. If you follow me here, odds are you’ve already read them, but if you want to re-read them without scrolling through my blog, I got you covered.)


I hate everything 

having a little art block, so here’s a little shameless destiel scribbling

the second one is when they’ve been together a while and cas just crowds on in there so they can just both look at the phone, even though sam could probably just send the stuff for the case to each of their phones


lovelyz at hogwarts: lee mijoo // gryffindor // half-blood // sixth year // © 

With her girl-next-door looks and her outgoing personality, people are drawn to Lee Mijoo. Her down-to-earth and sweet charms - a subject, she is ironically failing in - makes her a popular Gryffindor, with many of her late night escapades around the castle influencing the first years to conduct their own (Lee Soojung, head girl: MIJOO JUST STAY IN YOUR COMMON ROOM). An avid fan of Quidditch since she was 8, she is ecstatic when she becomes one of Gryffindor’s chasers in her fifth year – however she can’t help but also have butterflies in her stomach when a certain Hufflepuff beater winks at her every time she’s out on the field.

If I were to use one screenshot to describe Quick Play, this would be it

Aikatsu Stars! AU where Reader is invited to join this Idol Girl/Boy Academy and they get lost on the first day stumbling into Gladion who says that they’ve walked right into the boys dorm.

“There’s a boys dorm?”

You and Gladion become like Idol Rivals and you find out too late that he’s part of the 4 most popular and successful idols from the Boys Division.

Me, first learning MBTI: I’m an INTP… huh. Okay. And my dominant function is introverted thinking. Wow, that sounds really serious and cool, like an old, contemplative sage, or something.

Me, now: INTPs are such lame fucking nerds why the hell did I ever get into this shit.

types of pink blogs

• i love sanrio so much hello kitty could tell me i was a dumbass and i would be honored also i really love desserts

• this isn’t really a pink blog more of a ‘pink-isnt-my-colour-but-all-my-mutuals-are-pink-blogs-so-here-i-am’ blog

• eyestrain pink, white words on neon pastel pink, weird ass pink filter on every picture, “insert code eatmyass to get 20% off on your next purchase!!”

• csa victims vent out their feelings good pale pink aesthetic very sad posts nice poetry, generally kind except when people push their boundaries

• white girl who does yellow face and tries to do fairy kei aesthetic, lowkey into ddlg and gets angry when people call her out on it, “shut the fuck up eyeliner and contacts isn’t yellow face”

• positive pink blog who cries when their friend is sad, a mixture of pink aesthetic + other colours but link is their main, probably has a myspace

3am things

I will join y'all in Denmark 🇩🇰

When I first saw the post I’d have been Li'l Baked Brie. At the moment li'l burrito.

Dill blew out his diaper and is wide tf awake still I’ve been in here over an hour.

I am still traumatized by a car accident I somehow survived 15 years ago and I had to drive back from El Paso in the dark in worse weather conditions than that day. I made it home but all my muscles are still locked up.

I could’ve used a muscle relaxer and a full night’s sleep but I’m here instead 🙃


Tem. XVII; the situation out west.



Taichihaya (Taichi x Chihaya) [1/5]

I’m in love with you, Chihaya. Chihaya i love your fingers, your always short nails, your hair, your mouth that opens so unbelievably wide, your smiling face…and i have always, always been, ever since we were little.”

Idk if it’s appropriate to give each other cute nicknames