i'm the extrovert

Tbpd/hpdfw “I’m going to be super outgoing and loud in public to make people like me but then later feel like I was super annoying and regret it with the entirety of my being”

Extrovert Problems

1. Searching “extrovert” on Pinterest or tumblr and getting nothing but results about introverts.

2. “Introverts are so misunderstood and beautiful! ALL THE CONTENT MUST BE FOR INTROVERTS”

3. “Ha, LOL, extroverts are such losers.”

4. “Extroverts have no problems with social anxiety, making friends, or succeeding in the world.”

5. The overwhelming vibe that somehow being an extrovert is something to be lowkey ashamed of.


Go read my fic. I have 60 of em (and only TWO, that’s right TWO are still in progress) and some of them are really sappy and dumb (if you’re into that garbage :D :D :D) and some of them are angsty and some of them are all about gettin’ that D in, and maybe one? (maybe?) is rpf, but basically what I’m doing to cheer myself up is reading good old johnlock fic. And if you haven’t read mine, well, read mine, because I’m desperate for attention and I think my stuff is as least pretty good? And might put a smile on your face?

Oh, and I have one about Sherlock watching John play rugby and then they bone. So. Yeah.

Go read my things, because I wrote the things for the people who want Sherlock and John to kiss and be happy, and I assume that’s some of you.

The signs as atla characters
  • Aries: Suki
  • Taurus: Toph
  • Gemini: Ty Lee
  • Cancer: Zuko
  • Leo: Iroh
  • Virgo: Katara
  • Libra: Aang (but as the avatar he prob has a very balanced chart)
  • Scorpio: Mai
  • Sagittarius: Sokka
  • Capricorn: Azula
  • Aquarius: Momo tbh
  • Pisces: Yue
Extrovert Problems
  • Introvert Friend: Hey, I'm just not feeling like myself. I need to isolate myself from the world and be alone for a while. I hope you understand. I still love you!
  • Me, on the outside: Oh, I totally understand! Take all the time you need! I'm here if you need anything! I love you too!

Extreme extroverts need to learn to not talk over introverts or just generally quiet people. They literally add to the stereotype that quiet people never talk by not giving them the chance to speak. They’re literally attempting to erase people different from them by not giving everyone the chance to be heard.

The woman I work with always seeks out the spotlight. Always. She actively speaks over me and has to be the center of the conversation, citing the reasons that “well I’m just a social butterfly and you’re so quiet, so you must not want to talk”.

You can say all you want that “it’s not an extrovert thing, that’s an asshole thing” but she’s being socially rewarded for her extroversion. So it’s not just an asshole thing, it’s because society values extroversion over people who aren’t. I should not have to change who I am, and make a change that is detrimental to my mental health, to find a place in society. Society should be for all of us, not just one personality type.

Introverts, particularly those like me who struggle with mental health problems, can benefit from socializing. But when you shut us out of the conversation because “I probably don’t want to be involved anyway” you’re making some very serious, false assumptions and potentially adding to the problem where we increasingly feel like we don’t matter and that there’s no place for us.

I have no friends. No one. I work such long hours that I don’t have time to socialize outside of work, and even when I do have time I’m so emotionally drained that I can’t. My classes are all online, so I don’t have a chance to socialize with my classmates. My job is the only place I can actually make friends but I am being actively shut out.

I’m horrifyingly lonely. I go to work, and I got home. No one texts me, no one contacts me. I have an online relationship with a guy who is often too busy to spend time with me. So to be shut out on top of all of that is absolutely painful.

She always rants about racism, which I get. But she doesn’t realize that for as aware as she is about that one topic, there’s a whole mass of other social issues she frankly ignores, that she adds to. It’s shameful.

…. Does anyone else need to 1. write out a script for themselves before they make a phone call, and then 2. get exhausted after like 3 calls and need to sit down quietly for a while to recuperate? 

I’ve made 5 phone calls today so excuse me I need to turn off my lights and lie on the floor for a while.

Being Friends with Another ENFP includes

•DOUBLE the fangirling/fanboying/whatever 

•A LOT of emotional heart to heart sessions with a bunch of tissues. 

•Shitloads of laughing over nothing (“OMG HAHAH LAND OMG HAHAHA OXYGEN HAHAHA”) 

•A lot of projects started and not finished (“LET’S CO-WRITE A STORY” *starts story* *never finishes*) 

•Crazy things no one will EVER get. 

•Weird words that xxTJs definitely DEFINITELY not approve 😅 (thingy, thingamabob, asdfjkl, 


I'm about 30 minutes away from doing a training exercise/presentation to my fellow trainers on getting the attention of your audience...

The introduction will include me doing my best impression of the announcer voice from Legend of Korra.

The conclusion will end will me singing a parody of “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.

I love this job.

okay folks there are too many people over in my house like there are two families there right now in addition to mine and it would be fine but a. There are other t e e n a g e r s who don’t get my very awkward not-so-funny humor style, and also some people are staying the night and it is just stressful and bad and i want it all to stop and