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Tbpd/hpdfw “I’m going to be super outgoing and loud in public to make people like me but then later feel like I was super annoying and regret it with the entirety of my being”

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I don't understand extroversion. So I feel the introverted sister. My older sister is more extroverted than I am and sometimes it gets on my nerves, because she's like "let's go out!" And then I say "okay where?" And then she's like " why do I have to come up with stuff all the time?" And in my head I exclaim ,"because your the one who wants to go out!!!!"

Hey, friend. I understand where you’re coming from - as I happen to be the introverted sister in the conversation. I think I understand extroverts a little better than a lot of my fellow introverts, though, probably having to do with my sister being my best friend and us spending a lot of time together. We make allowances for each other. She lets me hang by myself when I want, and occasionally I allow her to drag me out to do things. ;)

So, here are some things to remember and tips to understanding extroverts (and you can apply these to hanging out/understanding pretty much anyone)

They have needs like you do. Not the same needs, but that doesn’t make them any less important or valid. Just because you need time to relax and chill and unwind in quiet seclusion with a book or a cat or a movie or your headphones or all of the above, doesn’t mean that’s what your sister needs.

Have you ever asked if your need to be left alone to recharge “sometimes gets on her nerves”? Try raising that question sometime. The answer might surprise you.

Respect their needs. Make allowances for them, just like with anyone else. If you care for someone, you’re going to go out of your way to show that. It’s not going to hurt you to cater to someone else for a bit to make their day a little brighter, trust me. (You will probably feel exhausted, but actually better about yourself in the end.)

There was the advice, here are the tips.

1. Strategically place your Extrovert in an energizing environment to recharge whenever possible: Introverts are batteries. They need downtime to recharge. Extroverts are solar panels. They need to absorb energy from other things to recharge. You know how you get edgy and uncomfortable and worn down when you’re overstimulated by people and activity? Extroverts feel the same way when there is. nothing. for. them. to. do. They can’t stand it. It makes them physically uncomfortable and can lead to bouts of depression.

2. Sometimes your Extrovert desperately needs attention/activity, but may not know how to address this need: This is when you step in. Extroverts are famous for their ability to look after themselves and blaze their own trails, but even they can’t keep up that pace for long. As an Introvert, you’ve got just as much creativity in your bones as they do - sometimes, arguably but not conclusively, more so. So if your Extrovert flops on your bed and looks at you pleadingly and says “I want to go do something” and sends you a text and adds “but I don’t know whaaaaat!” then it’s your time to make a choice. Keep a list of activities close at hand that both you and your Extrovert enjoy, and whip it out on these very occasions. Be wacky with it. Have some tried-and-true favorites saved, but don’t overuse them:

  • window shopping
  • parks
  • movies
  • pet stores
  • concerts
  • museums
  • cafes (at which you can introvert on a laptop while they extrovert with the noise and people, just be sure not to ignore them!)
  • city walks
  • zoos
  • and sporty things (like, idk, bowling) or
  • sporting events (baseball games!)

-are all good things to put on that list.

3. Many Extroverts, like many Introverts, enjoy a good cuddle. Give your Extrovert plenty of hugs and physical affection. This can do a lot to brighten their day and ensure a healthy relationship.

4. Take your Extrovert along when you go shopping: Have some errands to run? Need to replace those old favorite shoes at last? Bring along your Extrovert. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time together, and to expose your extrovert to the soul-strengthening energy of other people and activity without requiring a full-blown neighborhood block party. Malls are great for this, as there are a lot of people around, but you don’t have to do a lot of interpersonal communication with strangers like you might in another setting.

Note: if you do not have the ability to drive, ask friends or parents to help you get your Extrovert out into the world more. Make family activities out of (or don’t, your choice) and find ways to energize your Extrovert without leaving the house. This can be harder, but doable. Make sure your Extrovert gets to hang with their friends every so often, as this gets them into a new environment and lends quality time to those relationships too.

5. Your Extrovert is NOT “high maintenance”: Your Extrovert requires a good deal of care to be healthy and happy, but no more so than you. When your friends let you be alone for a bit, they are caring about you enough to leave you out as needed. When your Extrovert goes off to do their own thing without you, they are probably taking your introvertedness into account. Introverts also tend to internalize things more than Extroverts. Your Extrovert may often voice opinions, feelings, or problems you think about but keep to yourself. This doesn’t mean you are dealing with them better, or that they are. You just have different methods of facing things, and that’s okay. Talk to your Extrovert about these things as they come up, and remember to continue to participate in the conversation once you’ve got your Extrovert going.

6. If your Extrovert appears sluggish or down, Emergency Measures should be taken IMMEDIATELY: This is it, friend, this is the time when your Extrovert is as their neediest, and it’s possible the lack of stimuli and energy is going to lead them into a depressed emotional state. They require something energizing and fast. Grab the car keys and dash out to the movie theater, or just sit down and ask them about their day and be prepared to listen, and ask for details, encourage the conversation from their side. Extroverts like talking, Introverts like listening - honestly, we should be able to get along just fine. A good cure for this dangerous time is a good dinner out someplace (doesn’t have to be fancy), and a car trip for twenty minutes or so (turn up some tunes if conversation is lacking, this will still help to stimulate your Extrovert) but usually not longer, as your Extrovert can grow bored. Live out in the middle of nowhere? Roll those windows down and take turns shouting at the cows to see if you can get them to react. Live in a metropolis area? Just take a walk down the city streets, maybe buy them some ice cream. (Warning: sugar at this stage can be very beneficial, but can also lead to an extremely hyper state which, if you’re not careful, can lead to a breakdown. Ice cream is good, but make sure to do something afterward to help that energy work through their system - and yours!)

7. Try to say “Yes” to your Extrovert at least as many times as you say “No”: Why? Because your Extrovert is another human being, equally as important as you are. If you say no to parties, nights on the town, double dates, or random cafe visits, make sure you say yes to them too. Your Extrovert probably knows about your introvertedness and will respect it more as you respect them. Your Extrovert will appreciate this, and in the end you will too as you build an awesome relationship and learn about how other people function outside your own personal bubble. Keep your eyes open. ;) All relationships require some give and take. Make time for yourself of course, but try to give more than you take.

Extroverts are not more special. Introverts are not more special. They’re just different. We’re all just different. So take care of your Extrovert, and they will take care of you.

I hope this helps! Remember, EXTROVERTS ARE PEOPLE TOO so take care of yours! ;)

People say that just because you hate/dislike/get annoyed by people, it doesn’t make you an introvert. To be honest, I think my dislike of a lot of people is a byproduct of me being an introvert. If people didn’t try to force their opinions on how I should act or think so much, maybe I would be more inclined towards them. I’m not “boring” or “lame” or “a buzzkill” because I don’t want to party, hang out with a group of strangers, or constantly be doing something or talking about small talk like the weather or sports. I prefer to spend time on my own or with close friends, to sit in my own and just think about random, interesting, introspective things, to recharge and relax. That’s what being an introvert requires sometimes. I shouldn’t have to explain myself just as extroverts aren’t constantly required to explain themselves. Having to explain these ideas to people is tiring and having them attack me with annoying and rude labels because I’m not exactly like them is irritating and it has left a bad impressive on me. I try to stay open minded but sometimes… I don’t know. This turned into more of a rant than I meant it to be but I hope my point comes across well.

Introverts are like portable battery chargers.

Other people are devices. Social situations are when you are connected to said other devices. They drain you, and eventually you need to be plugged into the wall again to recharge. “Plugging into the wall” is alone time, or quiet time relaxing with one or two people that you’re completely comfortable with.

The more devices you’re connected to at once (i.e. the more people you have to interact with at a time), the faster your charge is drained. You’ll last far longer with one or two devices than five or six (or more), but even then you’ll eventually need to plug into the wall again.

If introverts are in a situation where we cannot plug into the wall (a social situation from which you cannot excuse yourself) and our charge is running low, we may disconnect from the other devices (withdraw, and participate very little) whenever possible, in an effort to conserve what remains of our charge.

Introversion and extroversion are a scale, and people fall at various places on it. In other words, some people are more introverted (or extroverted) than others. People who fall towards the end of the scale, i.e. who are really heavily introverted (yours truly, for example), can only hold a small amount of charge (and therefore get drained very, very easily) and require long periods of time plugged into the wall to recharge ourselves. Introverts who are closer to the middle of the scale can hold a much greater charge and connect to many devices at once for long periods of time. Eventually, though, they too must plug back into the wall for at least a little while.

Extroverts are like devices, with other people being the battery chargers (for the sake of the metaphor, you have a cord which would potentially let you connect to multiple battery chargers at once). Social situations charge your batteries. The more chargers (people) you’re connected to (interacting with) at once, the faster your battery charges. Staying connected keeps you at full charge. People who fall near that end of the scale (people who are heavily extroverted) would need to be plugged in often in order to keep functioning well. Extroverts closer to the middle of the scale have longer-lasting batteries, but would eventually need to connect again to recharge.

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Between jensen and misha, who's more likely to babble around the other? Like awkward babbling and rambling


jensen’s a talker around misha, interrupts him a lot and misha always lets him and doesn’t seem bothered by it. so i bet when they’re together in private and jensen is less intense than he is onstage, misha takes the opportunity to really talk to him. which probably results in nonsense babbling. 

fellow INTxs: do you pace, is pacing a thing you do while anxious, on the phone, or otherwise trying to process your thoughts? 

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I'm sure you get a lot of these now, but... I'm loud, extroverted, and socially fluid. I'm an athlete but also a creator. Mostly I embroider or blacksmith. I'm femme, wear a lot of dresses and glitter, but my head is shaved, my septum is pierced, my tattoos are large. I read tarot for friends. Got any projections for my time at EU?

Most give you the wide, respectful berth smiths are always afforded. But over your time at Elsewhere, a good half dozen or so entities are infatuated enough with you and your glitter and thread and ink and fortunes to ignore the reek of iron and (very, very politely) attempt to court you. Your presence keeps those in your dorm safe, and if you chose, you could walk into any revel and leave at dawn unharmed. Smiths are given respect.

i’m so ??? about people rejecting the concept of jimin being an extrovert? people who are extroverted prefer being around others instead of being alone and that describes jimin perfectly. sure, in certain social situations, he can be shy but being shy and introverted aren’t the same thing. and besides…introversion and extroversion are on a spectrum and aren’t mutually exclusive anyway—a person can be more or less of an extrovert depending on the scenario. 

You ever been in that weird situation where it’s been a while since youve done any typology related introspection that you have no clue why you said you are the type you are anymore?

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I'm an introvert. At work, I'm training an extrovert. She won't stop talking about things I don't care about and she talks all the time. At the end of the day, I am completely drained. I usually listen to music on the way home, but lately, I've just been enjoying the silence. Not sure how else to handle this problem at the moment.

@doctordeadwizard2, it’s common for introverts to not want to listen to music sometimes. In your case, it’s very understandable. You’re around sound and chatter all day, so the last thing you want to hear is music when your mind might just want silence. It won’t last long. Don’t worry, it’s not a problem. :-)

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Honestly, you're super gorgeous. If the chocobros were real you'd easily win over whoever you choose

Awww, that’s so sweet of you to say~ Although I do think that the bros wouldn’t be overly susceptible to just physical attraction (even if they’re all fucking gods, wtf even is up with that). They’d love anyone just the way they are.

But if I have to shove my tits in Ignis’s face to get his attention, then… *THOTS OUT*

LMAO okay frfr I’d have to be lowkey asf to not automatically do Ignis a big concern. But I don’t know how to turn down. It’s hard. It’s either I’m too extra or I’d run away from him on principle while having heart palpitations. There is no in-between.