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I just wanted to say I’m super proud and impressed by Kim Seokjin who graduated university today! He was able to practice new choreography, learn new songs, promote them with Bangtan, attend all kinds of events and all while keeping up with his courses. He finished strong, a true role model.

group chat with malec & heline (the queer squad)
  • Helen: ??
  • Alec: I hope to the Angel this doesn't mean what I think it means.
  • Magnus: the hets ... i always walk in on the hets ...
  • Alec: Wait, but didn't you go to get Emma and Julian?
  • Aline: 😳😳😳
  • Helen: You're joking right????
  • Helen: RIGHT?????????
  • Alec: Magnus, did you not take into account that Julian's SISTER is in this group chat?
  • Magnus: i cannot think. my mind is too filled with straight sex. it happened with tessa & will too, & although it didn't quite happen with jace & clary, it was a little much.
  • Alec: As much as I looooove talking about Jace's sex life, let's stick to the matter at hand.
  • Helen: hey, you know, it's just as much clary's sex life as it is jace's.
  • Aline: ^^^ I think she's trying to distract from the aforementioned matter at hand. I almost physically feel her shuddering in horror and I'm in a different room of the house.
  • Alec: Magnus, you better gear up. I'm sure this isn't the last time this will happen to you.
  • Magnus: oh dear, i know. i do believe i'll walk in on mark, kieran, and cristina together any day now. although it wouldn't be straight sex, it's still something i'd prefer not to see.
  • Alec: Yeah, or Kit and Ty together.

“I let my kinkshaming guard down for not even a MONTH to focus on school, and you start doing filthy Karamatsu Girl stuff, you goddamn sinner-”

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Hi Jyushimatsu... Can I have a advice ? Well, I'm the eldest of two littles sisters. I really love them both. But sometimes, the youngest came with me and watch me drawing or being in my computer. I didn't like being watched so I'll ask her to go out. She's tell it to my father, but she's modify what I've said to her. And my father get mad after me, and when I try to tell him the truth, he didn't listen. What should I do ? (Sorry if I make any mistakes, English isn't my first language)

…But after a while my parents stopped paying attention to me when I was mad about it, so I guess it can be the same for your sister… IT’S UPSETTING THOUGH

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okay, okay.... I see it, I'm still on the eldest lance team, but I wouldn't be opposed to middle child lance. let's hope we maybe find out about lance's backstory at all, lest dreamworks wants to disappoint me... again

@ dreamworks u can redeem ur self with canon klance and an episode of lance and his family all having a good time

so i made a powerpoint about me being nonbinary to send to my dad at some point and my heart is racing and i feel like crying im so scared? like i’m not even sending it until i’ve moved into my new place in september but i’m just so scared he won’t love me anymore

okay but i’m gonna be so disappointed and pissed if the 1OO writers decide to just drop azgeda to focus on other things. seriously they have such potential to introduce one of roan’s brothers as king. 

Before, we had a rule that said that if you broke a rule you had to pay 1,000 wons but we kept on breaking them and the amount of money we had to pay was too much… so I abolished it with my leader privilege… (laughs).

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Q:  What kinds of rules do you have in the group?