i'm the derp on the right

  • Rap monster (after the interview): so..um..you speak English?
  • Yoongi (in the cutest English accent ever): yes
  • Rap monster: why didn't you tell us
  • Yoongi: ...I didn't want to because then you'll talk to me in English, force me to talk in interviews and that's just too much for me you see I don't like to talk at all tbh all I wanna do is take a nap in fact I'm gonna take a nap right here because I said way too many words I have to recharge my energy gn
  • Rap monster:
DerpCraft: How Many Dates Does It Take?
  • Galm: You know one of the things I really love about Smarty? It's that you can completely shut him down by talking to him about sex.
  • Chilled: *calls Smarty while he's not streaming, but everyone else is*
  • Tom: Oh my <i>god</i>, Chilled
  • Smarty: *answering the phone* Oh hey, I was just about to call you. I'm escaping work.
  • Chilled: Oh, awesome, cool, I just had a quick question. Uh, we haven't started yet, we're just getting things together. This is more I guess for my own personal thing, so don't talk to the other guys about this, uh-
  • Smarty: I can <i>not</i> hear you, hold on one sec
  • Aphex: *cry-laughing*
  • Chilled: Ok, how was work bro?
  • Galm: He's gonna reveal a bunch of private details
  • Chilled: You there though?
  • Smarty: Yeah, what's up?
  • Chilled: So, serious question, and I need to kinda know- after how many dates you have sex with a woman? Like, is it two? Three?
  • Smarty: ... What?
  • Chilled: Like, I'm just- I'm in three years of dates, like, is it three dates? Did I get the numbers confused? How many-
  • Smarty: Can I just ask you a question? Are you currently on the livestream?
  • Chilled: NO! We haven't started yet- Aphex, being typical Aphex, didn't show up yet. I think we said 5pm-
  • Smarty: Hold on, wait, what?
  • Chilled: So, three dates? Alright, we'll talk about it more afterwards, get back safe buddy.
  • Smarty: ... I can tell you're on the livestream right now
  • Aphex: <i>*wheezing*</i>
  • Chilled: I'm not livestreaming, cross my heart. I am not live streaming.
  • Smarty: ... I just checked <i>Twitter</i>?
  • Chilled: ... Well, maybe <i>they're</i> livestreaming. Smarty, I gotta go something's going on, there's a creeper in my house, bye Smarty-
  • *worms map loads*
  • Ze: Oh, I'm gonna be right at the bottom, I'm gonna spawn at the bottom, I'm gonna be fucked, I'm gonna be pissed-
  • Chilled: No, bottom's good! Bottom means you're not gonna get nuked from the above.
  • Ze: Are you a bottom, Chilled?
  • Smarty: Oh my gawd.
  • Chilled: I don't like to answer that question in the public and internet, Ze-
  • Ze: Alright, we're starting with the ZeRoyalChaos.
  • Chilled: - We could discuss it at E3, if you'd like, and maybe demonstrate, possibly on camera...
  • *ze looks at the camera like he's in the office*
  • Ze: I can say his number if you need to
  • Chilled: Ze, I'm blocking you from my call list
  • Ze: [quietly mutters] But I wanted to call you...
  • Ze: [calls Chilled on his cell and smiles]
  • Chilled: Ze, stop calling me [answers his cell]
  • Ze: Hey, do we have any milk?
  • Chilled: No, honey, you gotta get the bread and milk. Go-g-we're divorced. I'm gonna hang up. [hangs up] [mutters] Trying to call me- Ze, I'm trying to murder your friend here, give me two seconds
  • Ze: I just wanna know if we have any milk
  • Chilled: Did you buy milk?
  • Ze: No, I'm at the grocery store right now
  • Chilled: I have your number Ze, I'm calling you right now, pick up! Fuckin- I'm gonna call you right now
  • Ze: *grabs phone* THROWING MY PHONE ACROSS THE ROOM! *throws it* ... I hope I didn't break anything...
  • Chilled: Call 'Steven Ze Heart'
  • Ze: ... You have a heart? You actually use a heart?
  • Chilled: I do, when you text me, yes.
  • Ze: Aw. 'Kay. *clicks button* Uh, I'm gonna set you on fire now.

Champion Laurent wants to battle!

Collab with @cannedebonbon because she really wanted to draw Laurent’s team, which is the trolliest team to ever troll. The Pokemon AU from forever ago finally resurfaces.


Derp Emblem: For the Birds

Mod Sugar will sometimes suggest random comic ideas for games she hasn’t played based on the two or three things she knows. The key factor here being “that Reyson guy is a bird right?”

Don’t feed the birds.

Leanne’s translations are in the captions, and I apologize to those on mobile who are unable to see them at this time.


Derpcraft Episode 1
  • Aphex: *to Chilled* Hey little mama how you doing?
  • Galm: This is why you don't have a girl Aphex.
  • Tom: Is it because he's creepy?
  • Chilled: Did we just get personal?
  • Aphex: Really Galm you're gonna hit me with that?
  • Galm: Hey man you're the one hitting on Chilled.
  • Chilled: Exactly and I'm not even the right gender for you, you don't like boys!
  • Aphex: Well you're a girl in this realm boy so it don't matter.
  • Chilled: That's a weird way to talk to your dick.
  • Everyone: *busts out laughing*
Most kissable and feminine out of the Derp Crew
  • Chilled: Yeah, I thought about it, on who'd I'd make out with, like who are friends, and uhh. Yeah, I don't know, I really wouldn't get anyone, I couldn't, I really couldn't put in on, uuhhh. Even with Ze, nope, don't think I would. Don't think I would.
  • Aphex: Damn.
  • Smarty: Couldn't see it happening.
  • Galm: What if you were a girl?
  • Aphex: What if you were?
  • Chilled: Uhh, does he still have the beard as a girl?
  • Aphex: *burst out laughing*
  • Galm: I said you, not him.
  • Tom: If there was a situation if I had to make out with one of you, I think I would make out with Ze.
  • Smarty: *laughs* You want that beard?
  • Chilled: .... I think I would make out with Smarty.
  • Tom: He's got a pretty kissable face.
  • Smarty: *while Tom was talking* Really?
  • Chilled: See, you're the most feminine out of all of us.
  • Smarty: Aw thanks guys, *puts on a girly voice* jesus!
  • Aphex: Damn
  • Galm: I would give Ze the most feminine out of all of us.
  • Aphex: You really think so?
  • Chilled: I think Ze would get a pedicure out of all of us, Ze would get a pedicure and a manicure.
  • Galm: Yeah, I could see him getting his eyebrows done, and everything, absolutely.
  • Aphex: *intrigued* wow
  • Galm: He's got nice eyes.
  • Chilled: I'd think he be a gentle kiss, like not really anything rough.
  • -few seconds later-
  • Tom: My chat is making, saying about you know, 'oh you would kiss Ze if you had to kiss anyone?', like no. I'm talking about within the derp crew here.
  • Smarty: Don't make that, *gets talked over by Aphex and Tom*, listen. Listen, if fangirls, err, if a bunch of fangirls got us to smack Chilled's ass while he was doing autographs, they are going to try and get us to do anything. That's not something we want.
  • Aphex: No no no no, we aren't kissing in public.
  • Tom: We have our limits, we definitely have our LIMITS *falls in game*.
  • Everyone: *starts laughing*
  • Chilled: Those limits flew right off
  • Smarty: Those limits are off
  • -few minutes or so later-
  • Aphex: You know, I'm not gonna lie though. I will admit. Okay, I'm going by Chilled's, like you know description on Ze being, like kissable. I can actually see Ze being kissable.
  • Chilled: I think Ze should kiss us all, since he's not play Mario Kart
  • Everyone: *starts laughing again*
  • Smarty: I hope to god that he comes into the chat and is just 'What the fuck is going on?'.
  • Chilled: Uhh, uhh, chat, all of our chats, can you tell Ze that since he is not playing Mario Kart he has to kiss us?

a little bird told me someone’s celebrating a ZoSan month here on tumblr, I’m taking the wedding prompt because I’m told that I’m very good at tooth-rotting-sap.

also let me share with you the HC that Zoro loves to lift Sanji off the ground and smother his cook with affection and while Sanji hates being manhandled he can’t help but let the plant-head do what he wants because Zoro puts on this super focused smooching face like if he doesn’t do this right now the world will surely end and who can say no to that face?

Happy birthday and Happy ZoSan Month!

So I just noticed this (I’m slow herp derp)

So after drawing Adamai yesterday, I started looking at Wakfu season 3 promo image and started thinking “If the villain in front is another Xelor I swear to god…”

but then I looked at other two figures and thought “Yeah that on the right has to be Lady Echo…”

then I looked at the other figure and noticed the shape of it’s ears and horns

“Wait a minute, don’t those look like…”

“… well I guess we will see Ad in a human form! :D”

  • Chilled: I'm gonna tunnel right into Ze's ass
  • Smarty: I called it!
  • Ze: ...God damn it
  • Chilled: Heeeey Ze....thanks for opening up the hole!
  • Ze: Nope, nope, go away, go away!
  • GaLm: You get to go out together, it's such a lovely thing!
  • Chilled: You wanna go out together?
  • GaLm: Your fanfics are gonna go wild!
  • Ze: HUG ME!
  • Chilled: Do you wanna go out together?
  • Ze: YES!!
  • Smarty: *singing* Aaaaand Iiiiiiiiii will alwaaaays loooove yooouuuuuu
  • (should I make this with gifs later?)