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the redbirds must have their due. oh you, wicked children who come close to the banks of the river, do you not know what waits for you? do you not hear them coming, wading, reaching out with blood red hands to tear you asunder, to eat you whole? is this not the fate that awaits you for your terrible deeds? the redbirds must eat. they must eat. they must feed.

A couple of years ago, I had a dream about a pretty frightening scenario concerning a race of strange creatures with origami birds for heads called Redbirds, who lived in the water and snatched any children who wandered by to eat them alive. My brain comes up with some pretty cool (but scarily weird) concepts, what can I say! I could imagine these origami killers (see what I did there) as a sort of grand antagonist in a short story - perhaps a mother needs to find a way to kill them for good before they set their sights on any other child who comes too close to the water…

(Also, sort of related to this, but I kind of want to do a series of drawings focusing on the “final bosses” of some of the myriad story ideas I’ve had, mostly because I just have adored all the antagonists I’ve come up with over the years! I wonder if people would be interested in that…)



sculptor and all-around badass @hrzone2 made a batch of these hand-painted, hand-sculpted little dudes, and they are going to be hitting the mean streets of the SPN con scene, starting in seattle! they should be wherever i’m at for $30!

as of right now they’ll probably be con exclusives, but if they do super well, maybe there would be an online release!!

i’ve been so excited to tell you guys about these ;u;

AND on more god’n’gabe news, i should be releasing content from the third book here in due time! YEA

Penny for your thoughts I know what you want

I can read your mind even from behind

Honestly no matter how many years pass no matter how awesome new anime openings there are there’s nothing that can beat Ao No Exorcist’s first OP and the lyrics “Life’s a bitch so if it’s easy you’re doing it wrong”

Voltron Season 2 sketch dump~


Can it technically be called a sketch dump when none of them are really sketches??


We made WWII Cap and SSR Peggy Carter QR codes for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Free for any star-spangled folks to use.

We accept requests here