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i’m LOVING the 70s/80s(?) aesthetic of the netflix a series of unfortunate events but i couldn’t help thinking about a modern version………..


“ My ultimate inspiration comes from my best friend, the dazzling woman from whom I reccieved my name and my life’s blood: Lorelai Gilmore. My mother never gave me any idea that I couldn’t do whatever I wanted to do or be whomever I wanted to be… as she guided me through these incredible eighteen years I don’t know if she ever realized that person I most wanted to be was her. “


  • ‘ i feel it in my bones ’
  • ‘ you had a hold on me right from the start ‘
  • ‘ you taught me the courage of stars before you left ’
  • ‘ you’re the snake hidden in my daffodils when i’m picking flowers ‘
  • ‘ nobody does it like you do ‘
  • ‘ i was naive and hopeful and lost ‘
  • ‘ you can call me up, the phone works two ways you know ‘
  • ‘ they didn’t warn me ‘
  • ‘ how rare and beautiful it is to even exist ’
  • ‘ no one will love you if you’re unattractive ‘
  • ‘ i needed you more when you wanted us less ’
  • ‘ there’s a menace in my bed ‘
  • ‘ you’re gonna miss me when i’m gone ‘
  • ‘ finally someone let me out of my cage ‘
  • ‘ we’re coming for blood ‘
  • ‘ what would you do if you lost your beauty? ‘
  • ‘ the devil has his eye on you ‘
  • ‘ you don’t have to die alone tonight ‘
  • ‘ i’m not that fragile ‘
  • ‘ i know all about your type ‘
  • ‘ do you wanna get married or run away? ‘
  • ‘ it’s like jesus jones and the rolling stones in a game of twister ‘
  • ‘ kiss me just once for luck ‘
  • ‘ would you bleed for me? ’
  • ‘ we’ll make it i swear ‘
  • ‘ we go together or we don’t go down at all ‘
  • ‘ things go bump in the night ‘
  • ‘ save yourself ‘
  • ‘ i never watch the stars, there’s so much down here ‘
  • ‘ you can count on me ‘
  • ‘ we mean it but i promise we’re not mean ‘
  • ‘ you’re everywhere , but right now i wish you were here ‘
  • ‘ we’re birds of a feather ‘
  • ‘ you think you know me so well ‘

is history repeating itself?!?!!!?!1?!: the 100% historically accurate musical
england as the problematic lead
america as america
france as a beautiful hon
italy as scared pasta child
doitsu as guy who can’t put up with this shit right now
prussia as corpse 
and switzerland, liechtenstein, norway and iceland as the cool kids

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…this makes me happy

Companion piece to this! This time it’s the beta kids :’D Like Jake, I think Jade would be the one to be able to pick all her friends up with ease! (This was also me putting down similarities and contrasts I’ve already spotted between the Alpha and Beta children~)