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Fallout 3 and 4 companions react to an immortal lone/sole being stabbed by a raider and just saying something like "You want this back or can I keep it?".

This is such an interesting and funny concept to me oh my god 

Fallout 3

Butch: As soon as he saw them being stabbed he ran towards the raider yelling “you mother fu-” and upon seeing that Lone was perfectly fine, he stopped in his tracks and, was speechless. He’d definitely ask about it later though, once they were safe. 

Clover: Immediately took down the raider, and didn’t even notice Lone was standing there watching. When she did though, she slowly walked up to them and poked them, just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. 

Charon: He held back from yelling when he witnessed Lone being stabbed in a place that’s typically fatal. Expecting them to keel over, he ran over to them to catch them, except they didn’t fall. After Lone made their snide remark and killed the raider with ease, they looked at him like nothing happened. He didn’t say anything but just looked at them bewildered. 

Dogmeat: What the woof???

Jericho: “Holy mother of..” Jericho couldn’t finish his sentence before Lone offed the raider with a knife in their back. Lone took the knife out of them and handed it to him and told him to hold it for a second. “Uhhh… well this is new.” 

Fawkes: After he saw Lone being stabbed, a few times, he ran over and all it took was one punch for that raider to be out. He quickly looked over to Lone to see what the damage was, and saw them trying to wipe the blood off their clothes and saying “I just got this jacket too..” Fawkes made a point to ask if being immortal was a new thing that humans just, became. 

Star Paladin Cross: Running to jump in front of Lone to sacrifice herself, Cross didn’t make it before the raider had managed to jab a knife into them. Enraged, she killed the raider quickly before turning to Lone. They looked at her confused and asked if she was okay. After they explained, Cross said, “so when were you planning on telling me about this?” 

Fallout 4 

Cait: Cait had just finished off some other raiders when she saw - from afar- Sole being stabbed. She screamed out to them, but mid scream, she saw that they were unaffected. She just sat on the ground as she watched them finish off any raiders left. When they approached her, she just laughed at how worried she was. 

Curie: Curie was running towards Sole when it happened, and even though she watched them turn it around on the raider, she didn’t stop running. Regardless of the fact that they were telling her that they were fine, she had to make treat their wounds. 

Codsworth: “Sir/mum!” Codsworth didn’t have nerves, but just watching Sole being stabbed, he could damn near feel it. Even though he had just watched that unfold, they still managed to take down the raider before them. Afterward, they walked up to him like nothing happened, and he asked, “have you always been like this?!” 

Danse: He watched as Sole stumbled after being brutally stabbed by a raider, but before he could take action, he saw them take the knife out of themselves and say, “sorry, is this yours? Allow me to return it.” Then they thrust the knife back into the raider, dusted themselves off, and asked if Danse was okay. He replied with an open mouth and no words. 

Deacon: Standing aways away, Deacon silently watched Sole being stabbed and immediately returning the knife to the raider. Of course he was surprised, but he couldn’t let them know that, so he just said, “are you a new model of synth, orrrr…?” 

Dogmeat: Again, what the woof????

Gage: “Boss!” Gage called out to Sole at the same time a gunner lunged toward them with a knife. He fell silent, but that was before they turned it back around on the gunner. After they had said they were perfectly fine, he just laughed and didn’t really feel like questioning it. 

Hancock: After watching Sole miraculously come back from being stabbed multiple times, Hancock just, stared at them. Sole gave him a, “what?” He replied with, “is there something you want to share with the class?” 

MacCready: MacCready quickly ran and slid on his knees to catch Sole, because, most people fall to the ground when they get stabbed. Sole didn’t, so when they turned around to see Mac’s pants all ripped and dirty, they asked if he was playing baseball. 

Nick: “Oh Jesus..” Nick said under his breath as he witnessed Sole being thrust into by a lengthy knife. He started running toward them, but they acted indifferent and killed the raider. When they looked at the expression on Nick’s face, Sole just said, “what, were you worried or something?” 

Piper: Piper shoved the raider off of Sole after they stabbed them, she checked on Sole before killing the raider, in turn, Sole pushed her out of the way to deal with the raider. She stumbled back and just, looked at them. They told her they were fine, and all she said was, “this’ll make one hell of a story.” 

Preston: Preston yelled a loud, “General,” when he saw them being impaled by a knife by some raider. They didn’t even flinch, the dealt with the raider swiftly before asking if Preston was alright. When they did, he said never mind him and asked if they were okay and if they needed medical attention. It took Sole a long time to finally convince Preston they were okay. 

Strong: “Strong don’t understand.. human, not weak?”

X6-88: “Not, all humans are like this, right?” After watching the whole ordeal, X6 was really questioning humans. He had a whole lotta questions to ask them, but held off for awhile. He was surprisingly calm about it. 


I put in some quick color but I actually really enjoyed the sketch of this! Cute besties are the best! Their names are Clover and Poppy (Pop for short). 

Edit: I’m just looking at this again and the sketch really makes me happy?? The characters are kind of off model and certain things are a bit wonky but ahhh…still..not bad


//Hey who wants to see some pics I took at Comic Con

//My mom’s terrible at taking pictures so I took a lot of selfies

//Also if any of these are you or you know these cosplayers please lemme know cause I’d really love to talk to y’all more

Serene-Heart-in-the-Chaos-of-Battle, the greatest elven guard of the Border who ever lived! 

I’m grateful to @sarahreesbrennan for inspiring me with her beautiful stories and characters. I’m very excited for the news, hope to read soon new adventures of Elliot, Serene and Luke! 

(Sorry for my lame English, I’m not a native speaker)

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