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sweetmisschesire  asked:

Kinda want to see lotor try to flirt with lance again in your spy au and the team will have none of it, like allura flat out punches him while pidge and matt just fling insults at him and talk about how creepy he is

Oh my god, yes! Protective team for the win!

I’m just thinking like the team some how take lotor prisoner after a harsh battle, and Lance had to be in the healing pod because he took a pretty hard hit during it.

And Lotor is just calling out for Lance, thinking that while he’s stuck he might as well have some fun. Of course the team is subjected to all of Lotor’s disgusting and cringe worthy flirting that Lotor keeps calling out to Lance.

By the time Lance comes out of the pod, the whole team is ready to either go down to Lotor’s cell and punch the creep straight square in he mouth to make him shut up (Pidge, Coran and Allura) or is trying to cover Lance’s ears so he doesn’t have to hear all of the derogatory flirts that Lotor has been yelling out for the past hour (Hunk and Shiro). Keith wants to personally run his blade through Lotor, but after what he did to Lance, he’s a little wary of actually killing anyone, even Lotor.

Of course, Lance does hear Lotor’s ‘flirting’ and he goes down to the cells just to make Lotor shut up (and of course the rest of the team follows) Lotor’s flirting only get more creepier and bordering on sexual harassment. Of course then he make a comment about how screwed up Lance was and hat no one would ever love him like he does. And that was the last straw; Allura and Pidge and Keith go into the cell and decide to ‘rough him up a little’ (aka, beat him to an inch of his life) mean while Hunk, Shiro and Matt lead Lance out of the cell block, with promises of sweet treats and a team sleep over.
(Gotta put in some fluff into this angst train)

That night, Lotor some how escaped, but they weren’t really focused on that. They were all focused on making sure Lance knew how much they cared about him and loved him, no matter what. (If Lance believes them or not, that’s up to you ;) )

Wow that got kinda sappy, but gotta give my boy a break every once in a while.