i'm the art show deal with it

  • Steven Universe: *is a show with well-developed complex and relatable characters in a completely unique sci-fi setting, an engaging overarching plot, positive messages for dealing with serious issues, wide and positive representation, inclusive casting, a nice soundtrack, and a fluid and changing yet consistent art style promoting artist creativity in the viewers*
  • About 50% of the fandom: ...Ok that was fun but I'm over it. Where's my fall from... You're gonna fall from grace sometime soon right..? oh whatever, i'll just pretend like it's happening...

So I am convinced Rimmer needs to take up some sort of art form– I was thinking like making really meticulous minimalist or abstract expressionist type paintings that he never shows anyone (might make a comic about this idk yet I have so much stuff to make at the moment lmao) but like– figuring out the exact colours and painting blocks by hand perfectly smoothly…

but my friend just suggested that he would paint miniatures and make dioramas and I can’t deal with this omg


so @ therichbxtch asked about Bill teaching magic, and well, Bill teaching Dipper the art of demonic deal sealing, consuming, and otherwise soul-devouring is probably close enough 

HEY! You gotta know whether or not your kid could take the heat before you make him SUMMON VILE ARCANE FORCES FROM BEYOND THE VEIL 

And thus, here you have traumatized children on a pastel palette 

rest of the au

Finals Week

Here’s the deal: I have a paper due Friday that they only told us about today, I have a final presentation Tuesday or Wednesday, then I have my final art project due Thursday, then I have my final the 22nd and 23rd so I can’t guarantee I’ll be on tumblr that often for the next week or so. I don’t want to stop posting completely, but I won’t have a lot of free time so if I don’t respond to something very quickly I’m sorry. I don’t want anyone to think I’m ignoring them, I’m just going to be really busy

  • ororo munroe: finally. the school is mine.
  • ororo munroe: after what felt like 3 years to read xavier's will, the nonsense with the time traveling students, logan tragically dying, and everything else, the school is mine.
  • ororo munroe: kitty abandoned it, because... she was upset that we didn't want to risk all of reality and time itself to keep the original x-men in the present until they felt like going back. fine.
  • ororo munroe: scott handed the school over to me because he's too busy talking about a revolution he isn't actually doing anything with. fine.
  • ororo munroe: it's going to be an actual school now. no more gambit teaching anything. no more 75 percent combat classes to 25 percent everything else. no more ridiculous classes that don't teach the students anything beyond "here's what you do if the watcher shows up".
  • ororo munroe: i'm going to hire actual teachers. the students will learn math, arts, the sciences, and so much more. they'll grow and learn and they'll produce, and they'll be able to live lives all their own, no longer centered around all the nonsense and violence we have to deal with so often.
  • ororo munroe: finally, the jean grey school is going to be an actual schoo-
  • logan's last will and testimony: hey 'ro! i'm dead now. anyway, last act as headmaster: you have to take spider-man onto your teaching staff for reasons i cannot divulge. they'll probably get into wacky adventures every month! love, logan
  • ororo munroe: i hate my dead boyfriend so much.

This is kind of a repost.
I just wanted to explain why I drew ftmWill in bandages.
This is only from stories my ftm friends have told me and a lot of the times I heard about ace bandages being used.I didn’t want to leave that part out. They are dangerous,I know that.

But I drew it with Hannibal holding the ends of the bandages. It’s loose.He’s trying to take it off. I was trying to draw Will uncomfortable about it (his face doesn’t really show it though) cause he (ftmWill) doesn’t like/is insecure about that part of him. Hannibal is drawn smiling cause it shows Will that he doesn’t have to hide anything and that he’s cool with whatever Will is.

This is why I get nervous drawing this I don’t personally deal with.

Some of the Korra crew at the Korra fan art show last night. What a great event! I really enjoyed all of the art and costumes, and meeting lots of nice, talented folks. Thanks to PixelDrip Gallery for organizing this, and to everyone who sent in their artwork! Very awesome and overwhelming! Love, Bryan

P.S. The event is still going on today, if you can make it. I won’t be able to attend today, as I have a lot of non-fan Korra art to do, but they are still raffling off my Naga print, so I will be there in spirit.


One of the best parts about the “I’m the Art Show, Deal With It” event was the way that it almost seamlessly melded some important core values of the cosplay/convention culture with the gallery/art show scene. The ensuing combination really allowed fans to both express their appreciation and love for the fandom, as well as appreciate the love from fellow fans. These cosplayers (and artists!) did a fantastic job at the art show and it was great to meet them and connect through fandom!


ok reposting bc tumblr uploaded it weird BUT HERE’S A SPEEDPAINT NICE OK BYE


No, this isn’t quite art related, but it is at the same time.

Yesterday I went to I’m The Art Show, Deal With It! art show and fundraiser in LA over at Monk Space for The Legend of Korra. It was quite literally a hole in the wall, and my friends and I actually walked passed it before we realized where it was exactly. It was a lot of fun to see the different styles and works these artists put together. I also got a print! It’s by Janet Sung, and it’s currently hanging in my room, and it’s totally awesome. 

I don’t know how art shows work and all, but just to be sure, I’m not going to be posting the photos I took of the work there. You can see slivers of the works from these pictures here, but that’ll be all you’ll see from me. 

Overall, it was a chill day out with friends, and it was my first time going to an art show for a series I like in LA! This city is a gem that way. Yesterday basically caps off my artistic adventures during my Spring Break.