i'm the 'you' person here

me, a sensitive and very emotional person who cries easily and can’t take any criticism: i wanna fight someone


You are gorgeous

You are enough

You are going to be alright

You are loved 

You are never truly alone

You are needed on this earth

You are stronger than you know

You have survived 100% of your worst days, and you are going to survive this one, too


I’m Hinata Shouyou, and I sprouted from the concrete.

        Merry Christmas Kitty! @hanamakifrom your secret santa (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star

Don’t imagine Eridan being a drama queen and deciding that he’s not going to chat with anyone online unless they contact him first from now. Don’t think about him waiting for weeks, and the only contact he gets is Feferi telling him about what her mom needs/wants to eat, and sometimes talking about little things for a bit. Don’t imagine him crying over his keyboard as he waits online for someone to try to talk to him. 

Don’t imagine two months passing of nothing but short small talk/instructions from Feferi and one time Karkat clicked on his name by mistake and told him so before leaving. Don’t imagine at the end of this two months, Eridan being about to break down when he gets a message from Feferi, who means so well when she tells him that she thinks their moirailship has improved, that she feels so much less burdened by him “now you’ve gotten over those silly issues you used to have.” or now that he’s “learned to be less clingy”

Don’t think about him typing out agreements about how much better things are this way, through his tears and self hatred. Don’t imagine him sitting there, skin and bones because he never remembers to feed himself, crying his eyes out because he can’t take being alone anymore, but now he knows how she feels about him being an issue and he doesn’t want to stress her, 

Don’t imagine him trying to click on Karkat’s name through the tears because he’s the only one he feels like he can turn to, and sending a mic chat request. Don’t imagine him clicking on Sollux’s name instead, and Sollux accepting, because he hasn’t heard from Eridan in quite a while, and he was missing their fights. Don’t imagine Eridan pouring his heart out to Sollux, thinking it’s Karkat, talking about how he can’t take being alone like this anymore, and how nobody has talked to him for two months and how Feferi thought all those issues he struggles with so much were silly.

Don’t imagine Sollux sitting there horrified, not knowing what to do, since he has no social skills.

Don’t imagine Eridan ending with, “Kar, I need help, I can’t be alone like this anymore. Please.”

Don’t imagine Sollux staying quiet, since he doesn’t want Eridan to know he just heard everything, that and that he doesn’t know what to say. 

Don’t imagine Eridan assuming ‘Karkat’ staying silent means that he was annoyed by him, or that he agrees with Feferi and feels Eridan is a burden.

Don’t imagine Eridan ending the call with ‘I’m sorry.”

You really shouldn’t imagine any of that, it sounds quite sad. 

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

You are the dancing queen, 

who replaces spleens, 

dominating the DDR machine.

anonymous asked:

since u not stan exo anymore u sucha different person

comments like this one piss me off so much lmao

why do some ppl assume that if one person doesn’t talk about some topic that much it automatically means that this person doesn’t like (in this case stans) this thing (anymore). i stan exo, i stopped following their activities on a daily basis but that doesn’t mean that i don’t stan them anymore..? i don’t get this kind of concept like it would be one thing if i’d be a person who shares every thought and every moment online, ok it would still seem kinda stupid to me since you never rly know what kind of person sits behind the screen but it would be less unreasonable to me, i would get it more or less then, but i’m not that kind of person? i do share SOME things yes, but not every detail and not every thought i have?
i know this ask isn’t rly directed in any positive or negative direction (or at least to me it sounds kinda neutral lol idk if you wanted to piss me off on purpose or not lmao) but just like me, exo also changed over the years and that’s nothing bad at all like change is smth natural to happen, people grow up over the time and change (some positively, some negatively). tell me what you want but to me exo isn’t the group they were back then, i fell in love with ot12 back then but that’s not the “nower” exo, you know? members left, exo grew up so did their fans (at least some lol) and that’s nothing bad or smth, it’s smth complete natural to happen. just bc they changed and grew up that doesn’t mean i don’t like or stan them anymore? YES they are different from what they have been back then, NO that doesn’t mean i don’t like them anymore. exo isn’t smth i wanna follow and know everything about anymore, but that DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T LIKE/STAN THEM ANYMORE.
that also applies to me, ofc i grew up over the years like my first exo crack video was 3 or 4 years ago, i was 16 back then.. like what do you expect? people change all the time, opinions change, mindsets change, everything changes, that’s natural. and honestly, i don’t think i changed in some bad way, rather the good way, i got more mature and educated about all kind of stuff and i’m happy about that. i’m happy about what i’ve become. i’m also so happy and thankful for the people who actually like my content that isn’t exo (or even kpop) related, cause apparently plenty of people like me for the way i am and i don’t get why i should change smth about my channel concept like the idea of stop doing what’s fun to me and only upload shit some viewers want like…what halfhearted bullshit would that be? sorry but that’s nothing anyone’s ever gonna find on my channel.
people mainly follow me on yt and i know it’s been AGES since i dropped smth exo crack related or whatsoever but i was never a person who uploaded things on a daily basis like…same concept as it has been all the time: if i’m motivated, i’ll upload smth, if not, i’ll leave it like that cause forcing yourself to do smth (at least in my case) always turns out badly. youtube is smth that makes me happy and is fun to do, it’s my hobby and i know that since day 1 of my “youtube career” (ew that phrase is so gross to say but you know what i mean lol) i make people happy and make them laugh with my videos, doesn’t matter if crackvideo or my face videos. the videos about me doing my makeup or whatsoever also get some good amount of views and positive feedback so why should i stop doing smth that helps others to distract themselves from daily stress or whatever? i actually worked on some exo edits (not cracks, edits) the past months and wanted to drop them by time, but comments like these always demotivate me like hell cause i don’t wanna give ppl whose goal is to piss someone off what they want. i know i’m a hypocrite for saying this rn cause if you wanted to piss me off, congratz m8. you successfully did it.


Oh shoot back at it again with that personality switch au

Situation in Chile

Some of you probably know this but anyways i’m going to explain what is the situation. 

(In this picture you can see the comparison of hectares lost last year and right now from the fifth region to the worst one, the seventh region / where I live) 

Chile is going through the biggest wildfire in its history. Thousands of Thousands of  hectares are gone and despite all the effort and help , the fire seems to not stop any time soon. Houses have been burned down, animals are hurt and dying , and people have lost everything and we cannot see or breathe because the smoke is covering everywhere. It hurts me to see all the beautiful places I visit often, burned down to nothing. It breaks my heart to watch the news announcing more wildfire in other places and hear the fire truck sirens every 10 mins. i can’t take it anymore, and all i can do is send water to the fire station and pray. 

Chile has been through many earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and many other natural disasters. I’m sure we will stand up again and build up our lives from the scratch.

So please keep us in your prayers 🙇 

Today I am proud of myself for...

Today I am proud that I got out of bed and brushed my teeth.  

I know it’s not much, but it really was a struggle for me, but that’s okay because not all days are gonna be easy.  All I can do is hope for a better tomorrow! :)

I’m hoping to go to the gym tonight after hours so there’s not many people and hopefully that will boost my mood in the morning.


Please reblog and add something you’re proud of yourself for today!

My (non-spoilery) thoughts on the day:

  • Colin O’Donoghue is seriously the most handsome and adorable person in person. Seriously. Photos/videos do not do this man justice. Also, his talent and his range as an actor never fails to astound me. Bless this man. 
  • Jennifer Morrison is equally gorgeous and lovely. Also, getting to see Colin and Jen’s dynamic together in person was awesome.
  • Adam and Eddy are really funny and i was hella impressed with their presence in person as well. You can tell they love this show and put a lot of hard work and thought into it. 
  • I LOVED the episode. LOVED Wish!Realm Hook (fucking Colin and that versatility though. GODDAMN).
  • Colin absolutely adores playing Killian Jones. He takes it very seriously. He as asked a question about how he went about making Hook his own, unique from all the others out there, and he really got into and was expressive about his answer and it was a marvel to see. As much as we love Killian, I don’t think it even compares to as much as he loves playing the character.

There’s a million other thoughts and things running through my head, but I spent the day standing the cold and the rain and am a bit wiped. I will be on Tumblr for a bit (I think…we’ll see how long I hold out), so if you want to ask me stuff, I’m here. If it’s spoiler talk, however, please make sure it’s where I can answer privately (So no anons looking for spoilers, sorry).

I do want to say one other thing. You all know I’m fairly accepting of other people’s opinions about the show, negative or positive. But today, in the response to the spoilers that got out, I think a lot of people have reacted absolutely ridiculously. If you don’t like what you’re seen or heard, okay. But acting like assholes about it like I’ve seen (and heard about) is absurd (and I’m sorry if that’s harsh - my kindness and my openmindedness filter is practically non-existant tonight). If you can’t accept what you’ve seen or heard for what it is, and feel the need to harp about it on Twitter to the showrunners, you really need to take a breath and step back. Like Eddy put it today (so well, I might add) - this is just a tv show. And you have to learn to accept that tv shows are not always going to please you. If you can’t accept something for what it is, if you make it into a bigger deal than it was intended to be, you need to let go. And not make a big stink about it if you do. This is for entertainment. This isn’t something that should be turning people into nasty, whining brats (again, harsh, but I’m not bullshitting about it tonight). Find some chill, or walk away.