i'm terribly upset

5s*s stans are so fucking gross and nasty towards one another that their drama is just them tearing each other apart…. it’s not even about 5s*s and their drama it’s about fans fighting over who’s right and who’s wrong…. 

i understand there are green day fans who haven’t been fans that long or they are just casual fans who don’t know too much about the boys’ personal lives, but alcohol addiction is such a distasteful thing to joke about. it’s as serious as any drug addiction. just because he did seemingly silly things when he was drunk doesn’t mean he can’t do those same things now that he’s sober and actually healthy and aware of doing those things. let the man be naked and happy without turning his past against him or into a bad joke.

give me a Hamlet who believes he must be cruel to be kind

a Hamlet whose “I loved you not” is choked out like the lie it is. whose words to Ophelia begin stumbling and contradictory but build to viciousness, tears in his eyes barely in check. Hamlet, whose attacks upon her femininity are calculated and careful, hitting her where it hurts most. a Hamlet who tragically mistakenly believes aiming for her most intimate insecurities, betraying that trust born of a tender love, will make a cleaner break of it all and keep her away from him, away from the doom that he sees settling over Elsinore like a black cloud.

give me a Hamlet who acts, as he always does, from a sense of necessity. Hamlet who protects those he loves by betraying them. Hamlet whose mistake was acting too much on his own, making true the isolation and single-minded purpose he promised the ghost of his father. Hamlet who walks away from Ophelia disgusted with himself, self-loathing and heartbroken but that’s nothing new. 

give me a Hamlet whose lamentations and rage at her graveside don’t feel hypocritical. a Hamlet who loved her and hates how he failed to keep her away from all this death, driving her to it instead. a Hamlet who sees that the pain he caused with good intentions only continues to build.

give me a Hamlet quietly begging that, in Ophelia’s orisons, all the sins he is about to commit against her be remembered.


And this? Ragnar gave me this.

Every time I see Wish!Hook with his daughter I die a little inside, because if I only existed in the parallel dimension where Jen had decided to stay on the show then I could be seeing the real Killian Jones looking at his and Emma’s baby girl, and it wouldn’t make me simultaneously want to combust from rage and cry for five years from sadness.  But nooOOoo I just had to exist in this reality where Jen left OUAT, our president is a reality TV star intent on ruining our already dying world, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to die alone.

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Hi, Going Vegan Anon again. I was looking at the labels on the things in my house, just to get familiar with doing that, and my frickin BODY WASH isn't even vegan. It's got honey extract and "hydrolyzed milk protein". I'm not...terribly upset about that, really, but it just astounded me. I wanted to share.

DUDE IT’S NUTS. Wait until you learn what things like “glycerin” are. Slaughterhouse byproduct (unless they state it’s plant-derived glycerin). Albumen is from egg whites. Casein is from dairy. Rennet comes from the stomach lining of slaughtered calves and is put in cheese. Carmine is a red pigment from the crushed female cochineal insect and is used in all sorts of dyes and coloring agents.

And it’s all in soaps, toothpaste, shampoo, makeup, you name it. It starts to feel like you’re in a horror movie once you realize that liquidized animals are in so many things. Instead of wanting to scream, “IT’S PEOPLE!” you’ll start yelling, “IT’S MADE OF ANIMALS!!”

But don’t worry, friend. There’s lots of great products made with plant-based ingredients. No more days of washing your teeth, hair, and skin with bits of animals.

Also a common theme among hygiene products that contain animal products - they are often test on animals. I’ll provide a couple links that might be helpful to you too!

10 Common Ingredients in Cosmetics Derived from Animals

Common Cosmetic Companies That Test on Animals

How to Read a Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Label

Vegan Apps (including one to identify animal ingredients)

i’ve been obsessed with bioshock lately and just finished it and started bioshock 2 and jj bought me a shirt with a little sister and a big daddy on it and it’s my new favorite shirt i love it so much

this is lame but skyrim is really the only other console game i’ve gotten heavily into and it’s so nice to have another series of games that i’m SO into.