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Here’s my piece for the @kagehinaficzine! And Happy Haikyuu Day!!!

It was my first time doing something so detailed and “finished”! My styled has changed a lot even though it’s only been a couple months (I reckon I’ve completely given up on drawing anything too realistic) but this piece will forever hold a very dear place in my heart!

It was a honour to colab with @someone-stole-my-shoes - who wrote the most breath taking fic - and to be a part of such an amazing project full of so many talented people. I’m kinda sad it’s over now, but our mods were lovely and all the beautiful stories and art warmed my heart, so there are a lot of nice memories left. Thank you everyone who participated and supported this zine!  ♡



i don’t want to disturb you, i don’t want to bother you. i don’t want to be in your way, i promise. i slam the brakes, i crash into walls, i walk past you without looking back. i’m so afraid of being noticed, i fade away – stars shine so much brighter than you and i.
—  spring-sonnets


I like to call this “Les Miserables: The Infomercial” I mean “buy this amaizing feedback and you will see results in a week! Just check our before and after models!” (?)

Joking apart, I think this could be useful for everyone (and I love laughing of myself even when I force myself to be perfect and when I make a mistake I feel terrible (?) so I’m making this my therapy) Well, what I mean with this is that everyone makes mistakes and that’s ok. Feedback is important because we may be very afraid of failing or insecure we don’t want to realize our mistakes or just don’t think we can do it better and we are like “I better don’t redo this because I’m going to spoil the whole drawing”. 
Still, even if it’s scary, listening to feedback will help you improve a lot u3u Again, we all make mistakes, being able to correct them is important and worth trying. And it’s ok if you couldn’t see it at first. Make a pause, breath and analyze what went wrong all the times you need until you find the way to make it better.

So hope this proves you can also go a step forward and improve, step by step u3u I super believe in you!

Alright, everybody

Howdy. I’m not the best with this stuff, so please bear with me here.

Things are a bit rough where I’m at. Money’s tight. I wanna do what I can, y’know? So I’m opening commissions. If you’ve got something extra to spare, please, consider my work as a possible splurge.

My best works come from slice-of-life and hurt/comfort, though not necessarily romance. (Example here). I’ve got a good grasp on dry and sarcastic humor (Example here- multi-chapter ‘fic), but i’m pretty decent with in-depth character analysis too (Example here)

Drabbles (200-1200 words) are fifteen bucks a pop. A oneshot (1300-2000 words) is thirty. If you’re interested, message my Tumbr and I’ll be happy to respond when I can (please keep in mind that there’s time differences and stuff, so it might take a while).

Thank you for your consideration,

mikeybound  asked:

This may be taking things too far, but has Keith ever offered Shiro an open relationship?

I’ve been staring at this ask for way too long that I’ve come to a conclusion that no, Keith didn’t offer Shiro an open relationship. OTL

Keith may be insecure that he can’t give Shiro what he wants, when he wants. He knows what he lacks to the point he even thought about maybe he should change. Maybe he should give in to what his husbands wants. But that’s not who he is and it makes him feel uncomfortable and Shiro knows that.

Shiro: Keith… uh, what on earth are you doing? *raises an eyebrow*
Keith: Uh… do you. Idk. Feel like…? 
Shiro: *finally gets the idea* *sighs* Keith, stop. 
Keith: *frowns* Do you… not want to? 
Shiro: It’s not that I don’t want but it seems like you’re forcing yourself. And you know that if we do this, it has to be okay for both of us. And right now, clearly, it isn’t mutual.
Keith: *leans back on the headboard* *closes his eyes* *sighs in relief* Oh god. Bless. Bless you. Forever. Bless you, Takashi. Jesus Christ.
Shiro: *chuckles* Wow. Going religious on me.
Keith: *chuckles* *looks at Shiro fondly* Check this out. *takes Shiro’s hand and places it on his chest* 
Shiro: Oh my god. Your heart is racing.
Keith: *laughs* Yeah. I was so bloody nervous. 
Shiro: Nervous that I’d say yes? *smirks*
Keith: A bit, yeah. *chuckles* I didn’t get to think past that. I was hoping you’d say no to be honest. *removes Shiro’s hand*
Shiro: Then why did you offer? *amused*
Keith: Just thought I’d… *waves hand in the air aimlessly* put it out there.
Shiro: I knew something was off. *smiles* I was like “Is this real life? Is this fantasy? Last time I checked my husband’s all ‘I don’t need it. Takashi. But if you do, just hit me up and we’ll discuss and schedule.’ Schedule, Keith. We schedule things like this. *pokes Keith*
Keith: *laughs* We do, don’t we? Is that weird? I don’t think most married couples make it so formal to even book a schedule.
Shiro: *hums* But we’re not most married couples though. Plus, we gotta be considerate of the time and place and if we have any engagements the following day. I say we’re the better couple. They should follow us.
Keith: *hits Shiro playfully* Don’t make fun of me. *smiles*
Shiro: *grabs Keith’s hand and interlaces theirs* I’m not, sweetheart. Please, don’t ever force yourself, okay? I love you and I don’t give a damn if we’re not as “active” as other couples are in certain areas. Besides, I told you, right? I knew what I was getting into when I proposed to you. So don’t worry about it. I’m not going to leave just because we don’t always throw our pants on the floor. *chuckles* I’m not that stupid. We have kids and we go out of the country often, I say we’re pretty much occupied with other things. Other important things. *wiggles eyebrows*
Keith: Fricking sap. *squeezes Shiro’s hand*

Shiro is Keith’s first love and his one true love. He’d rather have Shiro leave him than share him with someone else who could do better than him. It’s going to eat him up that Shiro could be happy along with someone else, as if a reminder that being Shiro’s husband… he isn’t enough, that Shiro needs an additional one to fill the things Keith can’t. And honestly, that’s just awful. 

So, yeah. That’s a no. XD I was just supposed to answer but the drabble just wrote itself. oops XD

Can I skip forward to when I’m 25 and I can wake up to you breathing on my neck with your arms around me, holding me close?
Can I skip to when we stay up watching cheesy movies under a blanket, eating pizza and laughing? Can I skip to the day that I don’t need to pretend that you’re here holding me, because you’re here, with your arms around me? Can I skip to tomorrow so I can see your beautiful smile, your gorgeous eyes? So I can hold your hand, and feel your soft skin against mine. Can I skip to where you kiss me and I can’t think of anything but you, because you are mine and I’m yours and I don’t know what I’d do without you. I could never repay you for all the happiness and love you have given me. I would do anything for you, be anything for you, but I know I never have to because you love me for myself, for who I am, and how I make you feel.
You make me feel complete.

You and your smile, your laugh, the way you talk to me in that gentle tone of voice that you use when you tell me you love me, that you care about me, that you adore me.
That you’re lucky. That I mean the world to you.
I never in my life thought someone could feel that way, but you do.
I’m the lucky one.

You make me feel alive. You make me feel so many emotions that cannot simply be described using the word ‘love’ and I love you will simply never be enough to describe how I feel when you walk into the room and when you kiss me.
You’re my best friend. You’ve saved me from myself, I’ll never be able to repay you, but I know I don’t have to. You would never let me repay you with anything but my love.
You make me feel whole. I’m less empty than I was before we met.

—  I’m soppy and romantic when I want to be (matildasmind)

anonymous asked:

au where stars are watching humans

 observer effect

i. stars get it wrong, of course–they assume too much phosphorus and not enough fear of death, pulsar instead of pulse. They leave out uncertainty, not knowing what it was above the subatomic level; the softer shades of melancholy and the gentler warmths. But they get the shape right, the brighthot of blood. They get that right too.

ii. all their metaphors are for burning, and they ascribe to soft tongues a taste for sulfur, fingers at the ends of spiral arms. They drink liquid helium from a cracked Dewar flask and wonder aloud if humanity is looking up, looking back.

(how cold they must be, the stars’ carbon cousins–wet and cold, and can humanity do arithmetic in parallax, do you think, counting parsecs between two stars in inexorable collision?

it’s called a kiss, cygnus X-1 says quietly. they call it a kiss.)

iii. they say when you feel your child’s protoplanetary disc first differentiate, you will cry tears of methane.

iv. it’s called the Kindling, when the faint sheen of protostellar mass catches alight, and burns with all the brightness of adulthood. Protostars of thirteen stand around bathroom mirrors, examining their helium layer for bright spots, looking for stray molecular clouds in their nail beds. All of them are in love with the astrophysics teacher, whose stellar wind sends flickers of light across the meteor fields.

late at night (but what is night to a star?) they trace the spiral arms of their evolving galaxies, and dream dry dreams of neutron star collisions hotter than blue hypergiants.

v. we are made of starstuff, says a man, craning his thread-slender neck, looking up into the abyss of wind and fire of the universe.

oh, breathes a star, squinting down at the infinitesimal speck of rock, turning and turning in the vastness of space. oh. 

we didn’t have a name for us, before.

for your own peace of mind, maybe dont pay too close attention to the lyrics of some christmas songs.

this is the christmas card im sending out. steve didnt know what text i was gonna put behind it when he drew the picture.

(You can get this on redbubble!)

and it turns out that clint, who has been humming christmas carols for weeks now, doesnt actually know any of the real lyrics, and has just been making them up as he goes along. this is his latest masterpiece:

Winter Soldier’s Gunnin’ You Down (To the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

You better watch out, you better not cry

You’ll probably bleed out, I’m tellin’ you why

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down

He’s got a hit list, he’s starting a fight

He’s clenching his fist, it’s shiny and bright

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down!

He sees you when you’re sleeping

He knows when you’re awake

His aim is really fucking good and he’s gonna assassinate

You better watch out, you better not cry

You’ll probably bleed out, I’m tellin’ you why

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down

He’s yanking out wheels and firing guns

If you were smart you’d probably run

Winter Soldier’s gunning you down!

Winter Soldier’s gunning you down!

I love Sidon and Sidlink, but...

I can’t devote all of my love to the handsome fish boy because Yiga Clan members are so darn attractive and I have this headcanon:

The vast majority of the Yiga boyos you meet while out and about are actually the same guy. He has a major crush on Link, but misinterprets his feelings as hatred and rivalry because all his life he has been training to kill Link. And he’s a dorky idiot tsundere about the whole thing and it’s really cute.

Side Note: I may be doing other things with this character, and if I do they will all be tagged with “that one yiga boy”.

magnusandalexander  asked:

What the hell, Seph? Who allowed the tags under the latest Malec reblog? Who gave you the right??? Honestly, I just wanna talk.....

let’s talk anica 

but really, please imagine a time when magnus is particularly preoccupied with clients and translating of demon texts and experimenting with new potions on the regular because he just can’t seem to find the appropriate balance between fae dust and rat tails for a rare transmutation spell and while he is toiling away in the loft, whisking back and forth between his shelves of ingredients and his table strewn with supplies, alec has set up a table outside and dolled it tf up for his husband. 

alec has returned home late from a mission himself but from magnus’ short replies to his texts, he knew his husband was still grinding away at work and picked up dinner on the way. he sneaks up to the rooftop to set up their meal with a careful attention to detail. the forks and knives are aligned just right and the champagne bubbles at equal levels in each glass. there’s even a small arrangement of peonies at one end of the table and the meat is just the right temperature before he slinks back down the spiral staircase to coax his love away from magical labor. 

“hey,” he gently calls to magnus who appears weary-boned, like he’s been grinding teeth instead of grinding ingredients. “it’s time for dinner,” even though it’s nearing 11pm. whatever time it is when they meet in the evening is automatically dinner time, quite frankly. 

“i missed you come in,” magnus turns to him with a smile that could light up the night like bedazzling fireworks, an explosion of vibrant reds and stunning golds. his eyes no longer appear tired. a simple kiss pressed to alec’s lips feels that way too. what he means is i missed you and alec’s small kiss and dopey grin in return translates to i missed you too.

“what’s on the menu?”

“i have a little something set up.” 

“oh?” magnus is suddenly awake, head cocked to the side. his smile is pleased and eyebrows are raised in anticipation.

the mortar and pestle are replaced by alec’s hands and magnus is lead up to the roof and for some reason the night sky has never appeared so magnificent as it does tonight, velveteen and violet, dotted with crystalline stars that seem to breathe as does the gentle breeze. 

all is quiet except for the gentle hum of white candles standing tall on their dressed-to-perfection, impromptu dinner table and the glowing of fairy lights swooping along the brick and concrete border.

“it takes a little more time,” than magicking up a table from a five-star capeside restaurant, he muses, “but i hope it’s worth it.”

their chairs are discovered, close to one another, and amber candlelight dances across their smiling faces, twinkling in smiling eyes. they sit upon the city as if has been tucked away under the quilt of night. (only real adults gets to stay up this late and it is a blessing the “children” are away).

flasks of champagne are being held by their stems, ready to be clinked but they’re too lost in one another. in the softness of light rounding out gentle smiles and long, adoring gazes. in all the time spent with one another, all the turbulence that lead up to this moment of absolute tranquility and how grateful they are to the watching heavens. 

magnus’ voice is but a whisper when he finally speaks up, but a declaration nonetheless: “you’re always worth it, alexander.”

ignore this i’m buzzed

As I’m working on some symbol memes and plots right now, I wanted to share an update on my foster babies! These three were super rough when they were brought to me (Tallulah, the girl at the top, had Fading Kitten Syndrome from a mixture of severe dehydration, a respiratory infection, and all three were sick from drinking cow’s milk - please don’t give neonatal kittens cow’s milk, just don’t do it.) hence why my first picture of her was of me holding her. I wouldn’t leave her for 72 hours, but with subcutaneous fluids and antibiotics, she pulled through and started thriving! Now all three are old enough for adoption! The calico girls are going home together and our little pearly white boy is getting groomed and fixed up for his first adoption event next weekend to find someone to love.

Moral of the story: foster programs are awesome. Kittens are awesome. And seriously feel free to ask me questions about fostering because it’s heckin’ great to save animals who are scheduled for euthanasia and cheaper + simpler than most people think. The babies love you and they send kisses. <3

Calm your nerves,
stop your arms and legs from flying in different directions,
cry alone in bathroom stalls and throw up in-between classes.
Smile, even when you don’t want to,
distance yourself from people who are too intrusive, too concerned.
Learn to live alone, love alone,
doomed to find solace in people who know,
but don’t care, will never really care.
Clamp down on a slightly damp business card
and sprint away from recovery, as fast as your food-deprived body
can carry you, bring only your suitcase
and leave everyone else screaming your name.
Pretend to be perfect. 
Let the hurt seep in through your veins,
roll your sleeves up, careful to prevent the world from seeing
words written in permanent marker:
“I am more fond of memories than who I’ve become.”
Hide, conceal, lodge secrets in your rapidly beating heart.
But if you want to live,
Let the oxygen rush through your lungs,
and burst out of your chapped lips.
Laugh when you want to laugh,
Cry when you need to.
Love only the people who will always love you back.
—  pieces of advice I gave myself, pieces of advice you should NEVER follow // suzy

Ugh I hate when my aunt keeps asking if I’m done with college uuuggghhh and its been 4 years now that I graduated high school eeekkkk so a few of my classmates have already graduated college and I’m over here like hoooowwww ugh I feel like a loser but my family life has totally flipped and gotten so complicated grrrrrrr