i'm terrible at these games

Iggy Stardust and the Recipehs from Insomnia

Bonus Prompto and Noct FreakingTheFuckOut™ now that they’ve discovered Iggy’s secret alter ego and corresponding double life.

So Minecraft..

How many of you lovely sugar cookies play it?

Edit: I guess some of you should be made aware that I was talking to my followers only and was seeing if anyone wanted to join me on the PC version. I’m well aware of how many people play it, it was just a way to hang with my followers. XD
Drinking Games (2500 Follower Giveaway Fic #21)

For @ahn-juhl-ras, who requested a fic based on this prompt: Imagine that your OTP are enemies of some sort and are fighting furiously and Person A is trying to scream “fuck you” and “fight me” at the same time and ends up screaming “fuck me” really loud at Person B in front of all their friends and it gets really quiet until Person B goes ‘why not’ and kisses A. Turns out they liked each other all along and fluff ensues and their friends just go “FINALLY”.”

And, well, kind of, if you use “based on” loosely.

E/R, Modern AU, developing relationship, all of the shenanigans.

Courfeyrac propped himself up on his elbows and fluttered his eyelashes at Enjolras, who pulled his laptop closer and did his best to ignore him. “Enjy,” Courfeyrac said in a sing-song voice, sticking his bottom lip out in a pout. “You can’t spend all night on your laptop. Come play with us.”

“Firstly, I can in fact spend all night on my laptop if I want,” Enjolras said. “And secondly, I’m not playing King’s Cup with Combeferre ever again. You know that Rule Master goes to his head.”

As if to reinforce Enjolras’s point, across the room, Combeferre pointed at Grantaire and exclaimed triumphantly, “You didn’t say it! You have to drink!”

Grantaire gave Combeferre the finger but willing drained his red Solo cup, and Courfeyrac shrugged as he gave Enjolras his most winning smile. “Yeah, but we’re done with King’s Cup now, and Combeferre is only enforcing one specific rule for the rest of the evening, and only because Grantaire told him that he didn’t give a flying fuck if he was Rule Master so he’s being punished.”

Enjolras considered that for a moment. “Fair.” He frowned at Courfeyrac. “So if you’re not playing King’s Cup anymore, what exactly are you trying to convince me to play?”

“Just a little game I like to call…Spin the bottle.”

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            we’re hell raisin’ and we don’t need savin’
                              ‘cause there’s no  s a l v a t i o n  for a bad girl

Tatiana Maslany really is everyone! 

neil’s grad party

anonymous asked: if youre still taking prompts can you write something about neil finally getting drunk with the foxes? like neil being really loud & open about how much he likes andrew and everyone being like holy shit this is so cute 

anonymous asked: pls pls pls write something about how neil calls andrew his best friend in front of the other foxes !!

anonymous asked: omg please write about neil mistaking aaron for andrew (maybe when he’s a little tipsy or something??)

so as soon as i went to start on the first prompt i got the second and third ones in my inbox and i decided to combine them!

  • the more i’ve thought about it, the more i think neil wouldn’t really get drunk with the foxes while they’re all in college
  • they’re only all together in his sophomore year and i don’t think that he would go from having a drink with andrew over spring break to getting plastered with the rest of the foxes so soon
  • but eventually it happens during neil’s graduation party that they have at the house in colombia
  • since neil was the youngest out of all of the foxes, he was the last to graduate so the celebration was like a family renunion: loud, lively, crowded, and full of alcohol

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if u ever feel bad just know that for about 9 of my 14 years of existence i was obsessed with sonic the hedgehog and when i was in kindergarten this kid named christian was like the sonic expert so we’d walk around the track holding hands while i pried juicy sonic details from him and we sat together at lunch talking about sonic and then one day he told me he liked me and all i said to him was “i’m only your friend because of sonic” and you could see the moment where his heart shattered that is the most i have ever hurt a human being in my entire life

I was tagged by @chuulain Thank you dear! >_<

1. What is your sex and gender?

  • Female

2. What do you identify as?

  • Straight

3. Are you skilled in Martial arts? What do you know or want to learn?

  • No, but one of my brothers used to be and ass so I learned how to fight

4. How many followers AS OF THIS MOMENT?

  • The last two digits are 23

5. Are you a morning person?

  • More or less Yes, even if I don’t want to.

6. How many languages have you studied/fluent in?

  • English
  • Spanish
  • I’m trying Japanese

7. What are your hobbies?

  • EruRI, Erwin, Levi, anime, manga, doujis, eruri porn, drawing, coloring, watching sports on tv, reading books and AO3, doing exercise in the morning, going to the movies with my friends, driving, eat sweets.

8. What is one thing you did in the past month that you are embarrassed of doing?

  • Two weeks ago I was in the cinema, my friend passed me the popcorn and the bottom was kinda loose, I forgot about it and by accident I dropped all the popcorn on my lap, it was more or less one or two inches and I could only rescue a little bunch with my hand. XDXD

9. Do you work/high school/college?

  • Work… I wish I could go back to college, it was like heaven XD

10. Tell us one funny joke!
When someone says Levi still hates Erwin cause what happened in ACWR putting him in the mud… or Denying that Levi follows Erwin by his own decision… or ignoring the ackerbond XD

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You don’t have to if you don’t want to XD