i'm terrible at photoshop but for some reason i keep trying anyways

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Can miss Cortese please stop posting pictures of Jared in that red plaid to suggest that the photoshopped event actually happened? It's sympathetically awkward and even though I'm not exactly a G hater, it's getting too annoying

Hello, dear anon!

Oh trust me, I know how you feel. I doubt many of us believers are particularly thrilled with what she posts on her instagram. Her attempts at fixing the photoshop fiascos are embarrassing and do nothing but confirm that there was indeed something hinky about the pictures.

Still, most often I just ignore whatever the beards post on the social media. My interest only perks whenever there’s a blatant inconsistency detectable. I suggest you try the same! Whenever we make a big deal of something terribly mundane they do, we’re helping to create a hype around them.

In a way I fear that might add to the reasons the J’s to keep to their closet - the more their wives are on display, the harder they might need to keep up the imagine. But on the other hand, it might also add to the independence of these women. I don’t know which one of the theories is closer to the truth, but I don’t want to take the risk of enabling their closeted state, so I would rather not shower the wives with any kind of attention (when I can avoid it).

I think nothing we say can stop the beards from being active on social media, just like there’s nothing the hets can say that would stop me from blogging. As annoying and pretentious as it is, we just have to deal with it and focus on the positive side - the women now carry the largest chunk of the bearding while the J’s only need to pose for a picture every now and then.

Anyway, sorry for straying from the subject. I’m afraid I used your ask to write down some thoughts I’ve had as of late. I hope I responded to your question even somewhat! Have a lovely week. :)

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