i'm tearing tears of joy here

Wedding time! 🎉🎆🎇🎉🎆🎇 Going to a chapel and CS is gonna get married!!

Oh god, it’s hitting me. 

This is it.  

So many beautiful kisses and flirts galore and I love you’s. We had multiple separations by realms, there was death and darkness and going to Hell to get him back. We got emotional goodbyes and attack kisses reunions. We got plenty of encouragement speeches that makes us weak and all giddy and smiley inside. We got “Move in with me.” and “Will you marry me?” twice. We even got a shadow swan moment (never over that lol). We got plenty of foreshadowing that make A&E go #nospoilers and make us scratch our heads and laugh because we know the truth.

We have two characters that we have loved for 5 years, some of us didn’t start shipping them until a specific moment, some even knew from the very beginning and have been shipping them since and they’re getting married and I’m crying. 

Today is gonna be a great day.


Always, Wanda–
–until the stars burn out.

something-wicked-sims  asked:

Day 1: Beautiful Builds: Yeah, hi, it's just little ole me, Trash Can 1, here to praise you for your amazingness. Particularly your building prowess, this time around. You and Lila were the first ts3 blogs I followed from this account, and your stuff always makes me want to cry tears of joy and then play ts3 forever, and then become a scientist so I can turn myself into a pixel and live in your game. It's too pretty. POST MORE. #15dayspreadthelovechallenge

OMG WHAT ME?? I’m gonna cry now ;_____; you followed me when I did my Ireland photos i think, during my first outing with a good computer and reshade and I followed you cause you followed me and was replying to my posts and I liked your url LOL and then you were posting Life and Times and i’m like THIS GIRLS GOOD and now we have to talk about you and all your ts4 glory *___* Your decorating is flawless and i’m so jelly of your writing honestly ;__; why are you so amazing?? How do you exist Jade?? All I can say is all these hearts ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

i would post more but WORRKKK -___-