i'm talking to my friends on our group chat

anonymous asked:

Hi boss so Idk how to explain this and it sounds stupid but all my friends love Halloween and always talk about it and joke like about it being the closest holiday and are already sending things about it in our group chat but Halloween honestly raises my anxiety levels so much and idk how to tell them Bc I don't want to make it a bad thing for them and make it weird but it really stresses me like all the scary movies and stuff :/

aaaa aa gosh i’m sorry to hear that,, and it’s not stupid !! if it bothers you, it’s never “stupid”, anon !

i suppose,, maybe..,,

i mean, there’s not much else i can say other than just coming outright with : “could you guys please not send halloween related stuff in this chat? it’s messing with my anxiety”

really, all i can suggest is that you talk to them !! and i’m sorry that it’s causing you stress–i hope everything gets sorted out for you, friend !