i'm talking to my ex right now

  • [WWC 2015]
  • Becky: That's impossible.
  • Carli: Impossible? Becky, we put a man on the moon.
  • Becky: We? Did you have something to do with that?
  • Carli: No, not at all. But I have been watching Apollo 13 - a lot! I got the blu-ray at a garage sale, and oh my - Ed Harris! Do you remember, with the glasses? I mean, come on, he brought those Americans home just like I am going to bring that cup home to you. Like Ed says, "Failure is not an option."
  • Becky: I have no idea what you're talking about right now, but you seem really confident and you're talking about space, so I'm gonna go with your plan.

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I'm so angry. I want to cry. Fox News has an ex Muslim woman right now talking shit about Muslim. She is saying everything these racists want to here. She is fueling their hate. I want to stop being considered an enemy in my country I was born in.

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I'm dating someone right now but I can't get over my ex. My ex and i were in a ldr and we never talk anymore but i can't get him out of my head. I miss him. What do i do?

I think that if you’ve involved with someone now and if you don’t have feelings for them and do for your ex that may not be fair to your current partner. maybe take some time to get over your ex and focus on other things to take your mind off of them.

  • what she says: i'm fine

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Hi mister! I need a bit of advice. I recently got back together with one of my exes. I'm a very affectionate, loving person, he is not. I can also be insecure in a relationship and need lots of reassurance. I tried to talk to him, but I'm not sure he truly understands that this time is the last chance. Do you have any advice on how to proceed? I could really use it right now. -M


Get out before you get locked in and hurt again.

Our exes are our exes for a reason.

Story Time ...

So it’s 4 in the morning, I’m on snapchat, & I was viewing my stories right. So here I am just viewing them & I come across one of my ex’s homies story, & HES AT THE CLUB WITH DOMINIC DEANGELIS! Like they were taking snaps together. So I go look on Dominic’s snapchat & HE POSTED A STORY WITH MY EX’S FRIEND IN IT! HE WAS FLASHING MONEY & DANCING LIKE AS IF THEY’RE LEGIT FRIENDS! So now I’m curious. Ever since my ex & I broke up I never really paid attention to what his friends do, I mean I never paid attention to what they did when we were together tbh. So anyway back when me & my ex were dating, Apex (that’s his friend’s name. Well his real name is Asten but he goes by Apex) was around a lot because they were close so duh. Anyway back in high school my ex thought he was a rapper & Apex was always into making beats & stuff, so anyway they had this little group of friends that would always rap & bs like that. So being the curious bitch that I am, I log back into my FB & I went to his profile, & found his twitter. BITCH TELL ME WHY TF IS HE VERIFIED ON TWITTER?! APPARENTLY HES AN UPCOMING PRODUCER NOW WHO LIVES IN LA. HE FUCKING MADE A BEAT FOR ONE OF GUCCI MANE’S SONG! & NOT ONLY THAT HE FUCKING KNOWS JC CAYLEN! THEY FOLLOW EACH OTHER ON TWITTER! YALL I AM SHOOKETH TO THE FUCKING CORE!!! WHAT A SMALL ASS FUCKING WORLD OMG!! So like if he hangs out with Dominic & he’s friends with JC what if he knows who the twins are?! I STG IF HE DOES IM HITTING UP MY EX LIKE “HEY BIG HEAD”!!! Lmaooooo omg y'all seriously this is crazy! I’m fucking shook! Ok I’m done story time over, I’m going to bed!

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People get on my nerves, more specifically my ex. I waited for him for 6 months and he did nothing and said he didn't care. I finally got a boyfriend who I loved dearly and now my ex wants to act like I'm the only girl in the world. It makes me so mad that you could put so much effort into someone and they don't notice but the moment you move on they wanna come back. How does that work???

He only calls you up when he wants you, delete those people from your life hun. Don’t talk to him block him from everything and be happy with you new man that treats you the right way x

The Moon Signs after a Breakup
  • Moon in Aries: After crying for a solid hour, they're already trying to get that person back.
  • Moon in Taurus: They're honestly just pissed that they wasted so much time.
  • Moon in Gemini: *already flirting with someone else*
  • Moon in Cancer: They take it horribly and blame everyone but themselves.
  • Moon in Leo: They withdraw because they're super hurt, and they probably won't talk to anyone for a couple of days.
  • Moon in Virgo: "Well.... that was a failed experiment" *never gets into a relationship again and closes themselves off to anything romantic*
  • Moon in Libra: Haha oh *literally screaming inside for them to say something to their ex significant other*
  • Moon in Scorpio: "Why does everyone waste my time? Love isn't real. I'll never find it, so it isn't real."
  • Moon in Sagittarius: They move on after feeling bummed. No point in crying over someone who won't be in their life anymore.
  • Moon in Capricorn: "Who's gonna tell me I'm doing this right now?"
  • Moon in Aquarius: "YOUR LOSS"
  • Moon in Pisces: Literally incapable of letting go, especially if they don't have any clarity.
Lmao like you all have no idea how much I want a gf right now

Like I don’t even miss my ex but I miss being in a relationship so a girlfriend would be really nice right about now 😂

I really need someone to talk to about this.

Everyone keeps telling me, everything happens for a reason. Don’t let it get you down. You can find a better guy. But I know that I won’t. You were perfect. You were kind, you loved me, you cared. You made me feel good about myself. It’s not that you stopped doing those things that makes me upset. It’s that you lied to me. I can’t bring myself to look at a face who told me, “I love you so much, I want you, I don’t ever want to lose you, I PROMISE I won’t leave you. I PROMISE everything is okay…..” and finally. “We need to talk about something.” Because you made so many promises to me within hours of breaking them. I don’t know what my life will be like without you. I’ve got so used to having you. Why did I fall in love with someone who breaks so many promises. Why did I have to fall in love with you. I don’t want to move forward, but I have to. I wish I could fix everything and make it go back to normal, but I can’t. I did so much for you, gave you everything you wanted. Was that a mistake? Should I have waited until I knew your true colors? I told myself not to fall into a hole. But I have. And I don’t know how to get out.


You know what’s one of the more interesting things about being an RDJ fan?

It’s the variety of his fans.


You have the young ones who, RDJ is essentially their teen idol– like a 50-year-old Justin Bieber. You insult him and they will fight you, even his shit is pretty much golden. They see and find all the latest pics, literally know where he is right now or where he’s gonna be, follow his son’s friend on social media, can name his favorite underwear, etc.  Predominantly female and very passionate.

Then you have the older folks, usually men and women, who’ve admired RDJ for a very long time.  They may not follow his every single move, or see every picture or photoshoot, nor do they really care about those, honestly.  But they will watch his films, see his interviews when they air on TV, and talk fondly of him, etc.  Basically folks who’d send emails like this–

And in between that you have the members of geekdom (with whom RDJ will forever have street cred for being Tony Stark), the indie/film snobs (who are disenchanted with him right now since he isn’t making anything that are up to their snuff or worthy of his oft-heralded potential/ability), the little kids who call him “Mr. Stark”, casual folks who know who he is and generally like him (ex. like my parents), and my cat.

Man, it’s fucking fantastic.

yay questions ~
  • 1: Let’s start with a tricky one; what is the real reason you are confused right now? - I think I wanna date this one kid but idk man
  • 2: Do you ever get “good morning” texts from anyone? - nope
  • 3: If your significant other smoked pot, would you care? - I would be happy
  • 4: Do you find it easy to trust others? - nope
  • 5: What were you doing at 11PM last night? - I was at a concert
  • 6: You’re drunk and lost walking down the road; who is with you? - probably my friend B
  • 7: What would you do if you found out you had been cheated on? - I'd cry and then probably punch the person who cheated on me
  • 8: Are you close with your dad? - nope
  • 9: I bet you kissed someone last night, right? - no :(
  • 10: What are you listening to? - my brother and my friend C talking
  • 11: You can only drink ONE liquid for the rest of your life - what is it? - water
  • 12: Do you like hickeys? - I like them as long as they're not insanely visible because my parents get pissy
  • 13: What time do you go to bed? - depends, mostly around midnight
  • 14: Is there someone who continuously lets you down? - yeah
  • 15: Can you text as quickly with one hand as you do both? - not quite
  • 16: Do you always answer your texts? - yeah I feel bad if I don't
  • 17: Do you hate the person you fell the hardest for? - no because I haven't gotten over him yet
  • 18: When was the last time you talked to one of your best friends? - a minute ago
  • 19: Is there someone that makes you happy every time you see them? - yeah, C
  • 20: What was your last thought before you went to bed last night? - I set my alarm
  • 21: Is anyone else in the room with you? - not anymore but a second ago it was my friend C and my brother
  • 22: Do you believe what goes around comes around? - I don't know really
  • 23: Were you happier four months ago than you are now? - yeah
  • 24: Is there someone you wish you could fix things with? - yeah
  • 25: In the past week, have you cried? - yeah I cried ten minutes ago because my mum was being mean
  • 26: What colour is the shirt you are wearing? - light purple
  • 27: Do people ever call you by your last name? - no
  • 28: Is anyone ignoring you right now?- yeah actually
  • 29: Do you have a best friend? - I think so yep
  • 30: Would it be hard seeing someone else kiss the last person you kissed? - it is currently hard, because he's dating someone and they fucking make out and grope right next to me
  • 31: Who was your last call/text message from? - my nana
  • 32: Are you mad at anyone? - yeah
  • 33: Have you ever kissed someone older than you? - yeah everyone I've kissed has been older than me
  • 34: How old will the last person you kissed be on his/her next birthday? - uhh he just turned 16 in october so he'd be 17
  • 35: How many more days until your birthday? - 283
  • 36: Do you have any summer plans yet? - nope
  • 37: Do you have any good friends of the opposite sex? - yeah
  • 38: Are you keeping anything from your best friend(s) now? - yep
  • 39: Do you have a secret that you’ve never told anyone? - yeah
  • 40: Have you ever regretted kissing someone? - yeah
  • 41: Do you think age matters in relationships? - not unless it's either illegal or a super huge gap
  • 42: Are you available? - yeah
  • 43: How many people have you had real, strong feelings for since high school ended? - I'm still in high school
  • 44: If you had to get a piercing (not ears), what would you get? - belly button, I want one sooo bad. And I want a nose piercing
  • 45: Do you believe exes can be friends? - yeah I'm really good friends with an ex now
  • 46: Do you regret anything? - hell yeah
  • 47: Honestly, what’s on your mind right now? - going to sleep
  • 48: Did you ever lose a best friend? - yeah
  • 49: Was your last kiss a mistake? - no
  • 50: Why aren’t you pursuing the person you like? - because he's my best friend and I don't wanna fuck that up like I did last time
  • 51: Has the last person you kissed ever seen you cry? - yeah
  • 52: Do you still talk with the person you LAST kissed? - yeah, but it's weird now. We're trying to work it out
  • 53: What was the last thing you ate? - a rolo
  • 54: Did you get any compliments today? - yeah about my hair
  • 55: Where are you going on your next vacation? - february
  • 56: Do you own anything from other countries? - yeah, I have a bracelet from Afghanistan, a scarf and some jewelry from Spain, a bracelet from France, a scarf and a few shirts from Canada, a hat and dress from Aruba, and a bunch of dresses and shirts from St. Maarten
  • 57: Are most of your friend guys or girls? - most are guys
  • 58: Where have you lived most of your life? - I've lived in America my whole life
  • 59: When was the last time you took a long drive? - earlier tonight we visited my nana which is an hour away
  • 60: Have you ever played Spin the Bottle? - no
  • 61: Have you ever TPd someone’s house? - no
  • 62: Who do you text the most? - either J or C
  • 63: What was the last movie you saw? - Star Trek
  • 64: What’s preventing your current boyfriend/girlfriend from going back to their ex? - I'm single
  • 65: How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have in 2011? - one
  • 66: Is the last person you kissed younger than you? - no, older
  • 67: Do you curse around your parents? - yeah, everything except for fuck and cunt
  • 68: Are you happy with where you live? - for now
  • 69: Picture of yourself? - nah
  • 70: Are you a monogamous person or do you believe in open-ended relationships? - monogamous
  • 71: Have you ever been dumped? - yeah
  • 72: What do you most like about making out? - hearing the other person make those little sounds
  • 73: Have you ever casually made out with someone who you weren’t seriously involved with? - no
  • 74: When you kiss someone for the first time, is it usually you who initiates it or the other? - other person
  • 75: What part of a person’s body do you find most attractive? - depends on the person and gender. For guys I really like jawbones and eyes. For girls I really like lips and eyes.
  • 76: Who was the last person you talked to last night before you went to bed? - C
  • 77: Had sex with someone you knew less than an hour? - no
  • 78: Had sex with someone you didn’t know their name? - no
  • 79: What makes your heart flutter and brings a big cheesy smile to your face? - C
  • 80: Would you get involved with someone if they had a child already? - depends on when and how I'm doing in life
  • 81: Has someone who had a crush on you ever confessed to you? - yeah
  • 82: Do you tell a lot of people when you have a crush? - no
  • 83: Do you miss your last sweetie? - yeah
  • 84: Last time you slow danced with someone? - over the summer
  • 85: Have you ever ‘dated’ someone you’ve never met? - no
  • 86: How can I win your heart? - cuddles
  • 87: What is your astrological sign? - Virgo
  • 88: What were you doing last night at 12 AM? - I was at a concert
  • 89: Do you cook? - yep
  • 90: Have you ever gotten back in touch with an old flame after a time of more than 3 months of no communication? - um no
  • 91: If you’re single right now, do you wish you were in a relationship? - yeah
  • 92: Do you prefer to date various people or do you pretty much fall into monogamous relationships quickly? - monogamous relationships
  • 93: What physical traits do you look for in a potential interest? - pretty eyes... uh I prefer not super skinny people
  • 94: Name four things that you wish you had! - love, happiness, unlimited concert tickets, unlimited hippie clothing
  • 95: Are you a player? - no
  • 96: Have you ever kissed 2 people in one day? - no
  • 97: Are you a tease? - not for real
  • 98: Ever meet anyone you met on Tumblr? - no
  • 99: Have you ever been deeply in love with someone? - yeah
  • 100: Anybody on Tumblr that you’d go on a date with? - yeah
  • 101: Hugs or Kisses? - both? If I have to choose then hugs
  • 102: Are you too shy to ask someone out? - most of the time
  • 103: The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? - generally hair
  • 104: Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you babe? - if I want them too then yes
  • 105: If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew he/she was in relationship, would you go for it? - no
  • 106: Do you flirt a lot? - yeah
  • 107: Your last kiss? - like two months ago with J
  • 108: Have you kissed more than 5 people since the start of 2012? - no
  • 109: Have you kissed anyone in the past month? - no
  • 110: If you could kiss anyone who would it be? - C
  • 111: Do you know who you’ll kiss next? - hopefully it's who I want
  • 112: Does someone like you currently? - I think so
  • 113: Do you currently have feelings for anyone? - yeah
  • 114: Do you like to be in serious relationships or just flings? - serious relationships
  • 115: Ever made out with just a friend? - no
  • 116: Are you happier single or in a relationship? - in a relationship
  • 117: Your own question that you want me to answer. Just write it.
TextsFromLastNight (4/?)
  • [Text] Plus, I'm basically a doctor, so what could go wrong.
  • [Text] And he's a cuddle champ. I know because I slept over because I don't know what boundaries are.
  • [Text] My girlfriend is talking to my ex-boyfriend at the bar right now. I REPEAT, GIRLFRIEND IS TALKING TO EX BOYFRIEND RIGHT NOW. GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF THIS PLAACE.
  • [Text] I didn't pay $79 for lingerie for you to cum in 30 seconds.
  • [Text] He plays D&D and his dick should be carved out of marble. I think I'm in love.
  • [Text] There's a burrito next to my bed. Did you buy it for me or is the Chipotle fairy real? And why am I naked?
  • [Text] I forgot to lock the bathroom door. He walked in, saw me on the toliet, nodded, and walked back out.
  • [Text] Pretty sure the cop told you that you were the first person he pulled over for being drunk on a tractor. So there's that.
  • [Text] Pretty sure the cop told you that you were the first person he pulled over for being drunk on a tractor. So there's that.
  • [Text] I promise that I won't shotgun beers with your boyfriend this time, Scouts Honor.

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Alright so I'm sort of in need of a pep talk. School starts next week, shit went down with this guy last year, and I'm forced to be his friend because we're all in the same group of friends. I'm pretty sure he's with another girl right now. And with prom and everything this year, I need help to get through this. This is my last year and I can't let him get in the way of it, it's not fair to me

It’s not fair to you, you’re right. The only thing that’s in the way is yourself. It’s okay to be friends with your exes, just don’t let it bother you. Go out there, hang out with your friends, work hard, maybe find someone new, and have your best last year

Preference #90: You're best friends and your boyfriend breaks up with you
  • Michael: Your vision was blurry and you were finding it hard to breathe, but you managed to get to Michael's because you just wanted to curl up beside him and cry all night. You knocked on the door and folded your arms across your chest and sobbed quietly before the door swung open. He smiled once he saw it was you, but that smile was quickly gone when he realized the state you were in. He gently pulled you into his house and led you to the couch and held you close to him, rubbing your back as you sobbed into his chest. "H-He broke up with m-me. I loved h-him so much, Michael..." You stuttered, tears falling from your eyes. He leaned his head on top of yours and continued to rub your back to try and calm you down. "He is an idiot for letting you go, (Y/N)." Michael tried to make you feel better, but unfortunately you weren't sure anything could at this moment. "I'm not just saying that because we're best friends and that's what you want to hear right now. I'm saying it because it's true and it's what you need to hear. Any man who lets you out of their life is a straight up dumb ass and I can't believe he let perfection go." You felt his lips on the top of your head and you smiled slightly, looking up at him. "Thank you for being you." You leaned down and laid down, laying your head on his lap. The rest of the night he tried to get your mind off of it and when you were ready you both talked about what exactly happened and Michael helped you a lot which you were extremely grateful for.
  • Ashton: "What's up?" Ashton asked on the other end. You could hear loud voices in the background and you felt bad that you interrupted whatever he was doing, but you just really needed him at that moment. "I guess you're busy, but I just really need to see you..." Your voice trailed off and you tried to keep your voice clear. You know if it were shaky or anything he would automatically know something was wrong and ask a million questions. You heard him laugh slightly. "(Y/N), I'll be back in a few weeks I told you that already! You'll see me soon enough, goof ball." He continued to chuckle and you closed your eyes, letting tears fall from them. You sniffled and Ashton stopped laughing. "Is something wrong? Are you okay?" Suddenly, the noise in the background was gone and you could only hear his voice. "I...No, I'm not okay. I don't want to drop this on you while you're away, but-" "No, I want you to drop whatever is bugging you on me. Please, (Y/N)." He pleaded, sounding more eager by the second. You sighed and closed your eyes once more. "I'm single." There was silence on the phone. You could tell her was shocked, especially since you and your boyfriend - now ex-boyfriend - were fine just last week...or so you thought. "What the hell... Oh my god, I'm so sorry, (Y/N). I wish I could be there with you right now..." You smiled at the thought, but told him there was nothing he could do. It was just nice to have him to talk to about this. You explained everything. Like how you both thought you were happy together for the last three months, but didn't realize that you weren't because you both were so blinded by the love you had for each other. You didn't realize that you could be in love, but not happy; neither of you did. "Well, as soon as I get back I am taking you out and make sure you forget all about that guy. If you're ever down about it, though, just shoot me a text and even if I'm doing a show I'll reply." He laughed at his joke and it made you smile. You were glad you had a friend that could make you laugh or smile no matter what mood you were in.
  • Calum: You waited in your room for Calum to show up. You had texted him ten minutes ago asking if he could come to your place it was urgent. You and your boyfriend had just broken up and all you wanted to do was talk to Calum about it. He knew how to make you feel better about it all. Suddenly, he barged into your room panting. "I came as quick as I could. What's the emergency?" He asked as you were laying on your bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. "He dumped me." You spoke quietly. Calum stood there shocked, and sat down beside you, asking if you were okay. "I thought I would be okay, but I'm not. Am I not good enough for him? What did I do wrong?" You sat up and looked into Calum's eyes. "Do I need to go to his place and beat the shit out of him? Because I will! You know I will!" He was about to get up from the bed, but you pulled him back down, laughing. "No, no. That's not necessary. I just need you to tell me that I'm beautiful and a wonderful person." You joked as he leaned in for a hug, rubbing your back. "Hey, now I can be the only guy in your life that you really need." He joked. You both laughed and stayed together for the rest of the day watching movies, and that's all you really needed.
  • Luke: You screamed as you continued to throw things at the wall and onto the floor. You were so frustrated with everything that was happening at this moment and wanted to punch a wall, but chose not to. "Hey, (Y/N)?" You heard a soft voice from behind you. You had a picture frame in your hand and threw it onto the ground, letting out another frustrated scream. You felt arms around you and you struggled for a moment, but finally quit and began to sob. You both fell to the ground and you felt them rub your hair. You looked up and saw your best friend, Luke, looking down at you sympathetically. "You were right. He was an ass. He left me for some grade nine he met at a party." You were about to grab another picture of you both to break, but Luke stopped you. "He did what?!" Luke's voice raised slightly and you looked up at him, startled. "I'm gonna fucking kill him." Luke was about to get up and do God knows what to your ex, but you stopped him. "No, don't. There's no use. He's worthless to me." You both sat on the ground for a few minutes, then Luke got up, helping you up, too. "How about we go get some food and then go egg his house, yeah?" Luke suggested and you smiled, following after him. Thank God, for Luke.