i'm talking to my dash wtf

Okay, so I know there’s a lot to talk about in the promo for next week’s episode… but I haven’t yet seen anyone on my dash discussing the most mystifying part of the promo. You know the one. Come on, guys. You must know the one I mean!!! It’s the one where Captain Charming whips out a fucking bunsen burner and starts doing chemistry in the middle of the loft.

Why are we not discussing this??

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Cass, crush of my life, wtf is happening? What is all this about a doctor and lawyers? I don't see anything on my dash, just people talking... I'm lost. Please, help me.

crush of my life?? thats a good one.. thanks babe! ;)

basically there were lawyers and a doctor papped going into louis’ house in la… the reason we know it was a doctor is because he was holding his otoscope in his hand as he got out of the car while he was what it looks like either talking to someone on speaker on his phone or reading something on his phone… which is a completely professional and hygienic action for a doctor. *sarcasm* basically we’re all laughing because it’s a staged thing… just like the maccas delivery. just like the dog walks etc… they’re obviously showing that a doctor is entering the house for a check up or something to build louis’ case..  

then, because we always make like of every situation,everyone is joking around saying that the dr was there for a pat test. it’s just how we cope with these things because it’s SO fucking ridiculous. but whatever… free louis. from his team who doesnt care, and from this stupid case against him where you can see hes innocent. just get him the hell away from it all.

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UH WTF HARRY SAID HE’S INTRODUUCNF SONG ABOUT WHEN HE BROME UO WTH ME??? HWO IS HE??? IS HW JOKIN???) i’M SO CONFUSED???? WHO IS HE?????? (Debunks Larry because they still think they’re together lol)

Rob Stringer, the guy who he’s dedicating the song to.

But a) he’s confirmed it’s a break up song and b) even if Larries try and twist it out of context, they’re going to be forced to claim Harry said he broke up with Louis and it’s a song about that. SO.