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I want to write like you so bad my heart kind of hurts. I want to move mountains the way you do with your words.

don’t write like me. don’t write like anyone else. write like you.

write like the time you broke your tooth. like riding a bike without handlebars. like when the dog bit you even after you thought it liked you. like who buried the hamster. like having your hair pulled. like having to say sorry. like a mistake you never forgot and like compliments you never got. like your mother’s lipstick and your first car. like what was under the couch. like who lived in the closet. 

i write a lot. it’s a lot of practice. i’ve written a lot of things i think are bad and that’s okay. five thousand poems later and some of it is going to be junk. but it’s mine. every word of it came from me trying to find out who i was going to write like. and it turns out the best way to write is to write like my dreams and nightmares and silly heartstrings. 

you are already carrying everything you need to move mountains. you’ve got your own words, don’t you?

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Lee Chan.

  • Seventeen’s maknae.
  • Helps Hoshi choreograph.
  • Has a strong rapping voice
  • Michael Chanson. Powerful and sharp-edge dancing.
  • Has a stable singing voice.
  • He can do falsettos.
  • Brave. Brave enough to break a gourd thing on Jeonghan’s head.
  • Jeonghan’s baby. Even if he doesn’t like it.
  • He can actually MC well.
  • His glow up.
  • I mean, he endured an era with that Dinosaur hair. Praise him.
  • Girl group dances. Michael Chanson style.
  • Facial expression changes in a split second.
  • Cute, precious child.
  • With this pure, adorable smile.
  • …But also pretty hot. But he’s still a baby. RIGHT? :( 
  • Cinnamon roll.
  • Sinnamon roll.
  • Had Seungcheol and Jihoon soft enough that they let him use a “gat” for their OMG performance– even if the two knew it was ridiculous– in Seventeen Project because he sulked and wouldn’t talk. If that isn’t power, I don’t know what is.

I probably missed a lot of things. But we just got to keep adding to list and spread the love for Seventeen’s precious maknae.

MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

Jason: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.


Is this a potentially challenging time to mount a show that has an earnest, straightforward story and that isn’t, perhaps, a cornerstone of musical-theater history? 

Benanti: We’re not “Hamilton.” But there wouldn’t be a “Hamilton” if there weren’t a “She Loves Me” or “Gypsy” or “The King and I.”
Krakowski: I did see Scott’s original revival. It feels, as it does now, like this beautiful jewel box. For a musical that isn’t as well known, it’s quite a perfect little piece.


Have you guys seen this video?! 


It was dark when Ritsu and Shou first kissed. They kissed after Shou broke his own window and busted the screen out so they could get out of his house. It was after they ran to the middle of an open field in the dead of night and Shou had collapsed to his knees with grass knitted in fistfuls between his fingers. It was after Shou’s dad had yelled at him for the umpteenth time. It was after they pulled away from a long silent hug and their noses brushed against each other. It was after they stared at each other’s cloudy eyes and shared the same unknowing fear of what would happen if they turned back. They didn’t know if they would ever see each other again. So with a concoction of dread and concern boiling in their stomachs, they kissed. Both of their hands were on each other’s cheeks and they held each other there until they couldn’t breathe. It was wet between both of their tears and it broke when Shou couldn’t keep his mouthed closed from a sob. They stayed there and cried until the sun rose.


Happy Birthday to Monsta X’s visual, vocalist and dancer, Chae Hyungwon! 🐢 (Born on January 15, 1994).

@dailyshinycutiefly‘s been having a hard time lately… So I decided to draw something for them as well…

They were the first ones to actually welcome me to the daily community when I decided to convert the ask blog into a daily one ;u; I was so embarrassed I never mustered the courage to reply… Better late than never?

I really hope everything works out…

  • someone : *does anything*
  • jungkook : *does it better without trying*

Hi, there. I like the comic and find Fatal kind of cute and in need of love and recognition, so I decided to draw this for his birthday. Hope you like it, and again, happy birthday Fatal.


If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?
If our love’s insanity, why are you my clarity?

happy birthday, @reeseneseira!