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  • *After both getting kicked in the face by Basashi*
  • Domyoji: We had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!
  • Bando: Nope, don't remember it, didn't happen.

Not pictured: Marcus LaPorte

Everyone I was lucky to see at RTX. I see a lot of people who are worried about never meeting anyone from RT or afraid of missing the signings they want. Really, all you have to do is keep a look out, be friendly and courteous, and don’t be afraid to approach someone you want to meet. If they’re out on the floor, chances are they’ll have no problem with you asking for a photo or an autograph. You don’t always have to go searching for a certain person too. I think Jeremy was the only one I really tried to track down. Everyone else was just running because they were there, including Risinger and Andy, who I picked up a signing for when they got added.

You shouldn’t go to RTX for the specific reason of meeting specific RT people, but I know its important to a lot of attendees, so if you really want to, you will. Don’t limit yourself, just be open, and talk to the attendees around you. Making friends and making groups is a lot more fun and keeps your mind off “but what if I don’t see anything or do anything?” and makes it easier to just do. 💜

i'm coming home to you. - Fangirlqueen87 - Emmerdale [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Emmerdale, robron
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Aaron Dingle/Robert Sugden, Robert Sugden/Chrissie White
Characters: Aaron Dingle, Robert Sugden, Chrissie White, Rebecca White, Victoria Sugden, Adam Barton, Chas Dingle, Andy Sugden, Katie Sugden, Charity Dingle, Ross Barton, Pete Barton, Liv Flaherty
Additional Tags: Sweet Home Alabama AU, estranged lovers, husbands from afar, Childhood Sweethearts, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Self-Harm, Homophobia

Robert has it all. He’s got the fiancé and he’s grown accustom to the lifestyle she leads. The future is looking bright. There’s only one catch, he’s married, and he’s got to travel all the way back to his old village to try and get a divorce.

Aaron shakes his head and presses it back against the door of the pavilion. “You just left.” He looks towards the wooden slabs beneath him. “You left me, walked away from what we could have -”

Robert needs distance, pulls himself up. “Could have been? Aaron we were just stupid kids, we - we were in over our heads. Both of us.” Aaron pulls a face and Robert doesn’t know what it means but he does remember Aaron being adamant that no one could know he was gay. That’s changed, obviously. “None of it was real.”

Aaron lifts his head at that, and Robert can see that he’s hit some mad nerve, that he’s gone and insulted him or something. “Felt pretty real to me.” He says, drags the bottle up towards his lips and forces it down.

THANK YOU TO @softrobertsugden for being the brain child of this beautiful fic and making the idea come to me in the first place!! have 49k of feelings. 

Fire Escapes and Cigarettes 2

p>Summary: single you meets someone on the fire escape and share in the solitude of stale cigarettes, liquor, and chit chat. 

Characters: Reader x Single!Jared

Pairings: Platonic

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I stumbled across AskTheBoyWhoLived having never seen such blogs before and through that one found yours. I am loving it and you guys are amazing! What I am having trouble with is being able to find and enjoy older posts. Each blog is so different and even when I can find other posts rarely can I find them in order or determine exactly were they begin, Ive never needed to worry about this before so maybe I'm not looking in the right place. Is there a way I can find older posts in order?

Andy: I do tag all my threads by their series name, but if you are on a laptop, and not Tumblr mobile, then my most popular series are at the top of my page! Thank you!!

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Rick 😊

*snorffles into distance* Why are you evil? Mmmmkay here we go.

  • do I like them: Ahem. Nope.
  • 5 good qualities: He can grow a truly excellent beard. That’s all I got.
  • 3 bad qualities: Thinks he can solve any problem with violence, literally never learns from his mistakes, refuses to listen to people who are smarter than he is.
  • favourite episode/etc: ‘Consumed.’ “But Rick isn’t in this episode!” you say. “I know,” I say.
  • otp: Rick x common sense
  • brotp: I mean on a good day Rick and Daryl are funny. Sort of.
  • ot3: Yeah I got nothin’!
  • notp: Rick x Carol. Pls to be forever staying away from my fave.
  • best quote: The entire conversation between Rick and Morgan in ‘East,’ the one that culminates in, “That woman, she’s a force of nature.” It was everything I needed in life, to hear Rick admit once and for all that he was categorically wrong to banish Carol for killing Karen and David. Every time I hear him acknowledge that he’d thank her and/or would have killed them himself, I’m like THANK GOD, FINALLY.
  • head canon: I mean in order to have a head canon, I’d have to spend time actually thinking about him, and I try to avoid this as much as possible. It’s been a lot easier lately now that Carol’s back in his good graces lmao.

A ground-breaking new production of the beloved musical performed simultaneously in Spoken English and American Sign Language (ASL).

hi everybody! i’ve really never made a post like this before, but i’m going to try to make this as concise and coherent as possible

the deaf west theatre in north hollywood is putting on a revolutionary production of spring awakening, directed by michael arden. the cast is made up of both deaf and hearing actors and it incorporates sign language throughout the show. this production is not only going to be innovative, but really portray themes of communication already present in the show in an original and inspiring way. 

as of today, august 7th 2014, they’re over halfway to reaching their goal of raising $25,000 by august 20th, but they really do need support in their final two weeks! please consider checking out their kickstarter page to watch a more informative video about this production (featuring jonathan groff and skylar astin!) and signal boosting this post. if you’re a fan of the deaf west theatre, spring awakening, or amazing new productions, then please support! thank you!

20 Questions!!

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Name: Alex

Nicknames: Alex, Andy, zandra…

Zodiac sign: Libra

Height: 5'3"

Orientation: I swing either way. I’ll figure it out more over time though. No rush I guess.

Nationality: Latina and (way back) Dutch

Favorite fruit: strawberries all the way, fam. Also greenish bananas

Favorite season: definitely autumn

Favorite books: any book I love. I used to like YA stuff but now I veer away from them. Still trying to find what I like best.

Favorite scent: mint, lemon, ink, old paper, antique shop smell

Favorite color: forest green

Favorite animal: elk

Coffee/ tea /hot cocoa: tea

Average hours of sleep: 6 ish (not enough)

Cat or dog person: dogs are freakin fun

Favorite fictional characters: The voltron crew, the All ForThe Game crew, The raven cycle crew, other people’s OC’s aaaaand others I can’t remember

Number of blankets you sleep with: (uh ok?) I like heavy comforters, but I have only one light quilt-y thing.

Dream trip: outer space

Blog created: oh boy, it’s a roller coaster; I made it, didn’t use it, then used it to rebolog everything and anything, then I deleted everything on it and restarted, here we are now

Number of followers: 25 lol. idk why they even follow me. They’re all bots anyways (I think)

Random fact: uhhh I love drawing on everything. I leave messages for people on desks at school, and I draw on my arms and legs if I have a pen, am bored, and am wearing shorts/short sleeves.

Idk who to tag so uh: @lowkeytatertot all the rest of my followers are spam/bots or people I don’t know

Imagine: Andy getting home from tour and just staring at you speechless with that amazed half-smile because he just missed you so much he doesn’t even know where to start…