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You are Water, I found my Oasis

So I’m still procrastinating writing this final essay, which of course means I had to write more Alyanette. I had to. Also I keep thinking about how great it would be to date a girl because of ALL THE CLOTHES you could share. And thus this story was born. 

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“You’re dating me for your closet, aren’t you?” Marinette asked, watching with amusement as another garment goes flying out of her closet. There is a muffled ooh! sound as the individual inside the closet throws yet another shirt into the growing pile on the floor. Marinette shakes her head affectionately, but calls out, “You know you’re going to have to clean up this mess when you’re done!”

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Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 18x01

I’ll start with some overall thoughts all of which may not be pleasant, because we have a new showrunner.

The episode was tense but unevenly paced. The format felt very old school L&O. The first half is the case, and the second half is the trial. In the first half the ADA/lawyers barely appear, and in the second half the cops barely appear. That may be because of Rick Eid’s L&O past, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

I do think it’ll be great to get more Barba In Action scenes, because the courtroom stuff was almost non-existent at times in the last few seasons, but they need to work on the episode structure a little more. Characters kept disappearing for large chunks of the ep, and the tone was all over the place, which ruined the flow. Half the time it was like “OMG GUNS, SHOOTINGS, DEATH” and the rest of the time it was all somber and lowkey.

Also, the squad is severely understaffed. It was glaring in this ep. Sonny and Amanda kept working all the leads. Liv still gets out there, and Fin is still barely there (plus he’ll be the Sergeant soon), so there are only two detectives left. We really need another squad member or two.

And another thing, regarding Daddy Dodds; I posted that I was excited to see Liv struggling with her guilt, and having to deal with the grieving father of the cop she lost, but what we got in the premiere was not that. It was the classic, standard, same-old “Olivia has an asshole boss” storyline we’ve gotten so many times before. Peter Gallagher brought it, especially in that one moment when he explicitly blamed her, but the writing was just not there for anything more complex. And Dodds himself was never really acknowledged, certainly not by his teammates. My already low expectations were not met.

But let’s get to Sonny :D

Sonny’s New Hair


Sonny’s Butt


No but seriously, we did get two nice butt shots, for some reason, one of which was unecessarily long lol what am i saying it was totally necessary, thank you @nbcsvu

Sonny’s Grey Pants

TIGHT AS EVER ANd ok ok let’s get to the serious stuff.

Sonny’s Temper

I was a little taken aback by Sonny’s anger, and I’m not going to lie, I really hope it was this particular case which triggered his reaction and not an overall character shift. The truth is, Sonny is the de facto male lead now (as opposed to the comic relief, which he was in S16, and the strong supporting player he was in S17), and I fear the SVU writers don’t know how to write for a male lead without resorting to anger and violence.

That said, I would appreciate seeing Sonny further shifting into a leadership role within the squad. With each season, we’ve gotten a slightly different iteration of him (and Peter has somehow managed to keep the character consistent). If last night’s episode was a sign of that, fine. As long as it’s done organically and not by changing the essence of the character.

Also, to be fair, Sonny has been physical before (with Tommy, when he thought Bella was being cheated on, and with certain perps like that creepy dentist who molested his niece). And this was a very out-of-the-ordinary case which warranted his agitation. I still don’t know why he had to, like, yell like that, but I’m hopeful it was just premiere intensity (everything turned up to eleven). I mean, in one scene Sonny was like ‘oh well, let’s check out this address I guess’ and in the next he was like “DO YOU PAY HIS RENTTTT???????!!!!!!” Which, again, pacing and tonal issues. All over this episode. Even Fin was off. I hope they course-correct.

Sonny and Continuity

Thankfully we didn’t go wrong there. First of all, we got a classic Dr. Carisi moment, when he was all “I can tell from this note that this boy’s mother loves him deeply,” because Sonny is a non-licensed therapist, obviously. Not to mention, Dr. Carisi continues to always be right (the mom did love her kid, despite everything). Secondly, we got a solid reference to Sonny’s love of food (spanakopita!) and the fact Sonny literally knows every single diner plus their specialty. Also, we got know-it-all Sonny, when he was all “obviously they cut him loose, Rollins, they can get more leads that way, have you never watched a network procedural???”

And we also got, “Promise.” We got perceptive Sonny, knowing Liv is in a bad place. Knowing she’s worried, knowing she doesn’t want to lose anyone else. I said it in a previous post, but that was such a sweet, genuinely caring thing to say. “Promise.” That’s what Liv wanted to hear, and Sonny wanted to reassure her. That’s what he does. He always knows when his work family has problems (Liv, Barba, Amanda) and he always knows just what to say. Oh and another point for continuity, because Sonny continues to be sassy (his face when Fin put that racist asshole in his place? Gold.).

I gotta say, I also think Peter did a lot to keep Sonny in character despite the mostly expository writing and the added yelling. His lines didn’t help, but his expressions did. The sassy moment with Fin, the sassy moment with Amanda (“Call Barba”), the hilarious look he exchanged with Barba, the way he looked at Liv when she said “follow my lead” (because she sounded shaky, and he was concerned). I trust Peter to keep Sonny, well, Sonny. Always.

Sonny and The Law

A missed opportunity. There was an important question at the center of the episode, but there was no real discussion of it. I would have loved to get everyone’s thoughts on it, not just Liv’s. She did argue with Barba, but it was so soft and friendly. I wish someone had gone against her with arguments, instead of anger (like Daddy Dodds did). Speaking of, Daddy Dodds did quip “omg Liv, are you a cop or a defense attorney?” but Sonny is both a cop and an attorney, and we didn’t get to hear his opinion. Or anyone else’s. I would have appreciated, say, Liv and Amanda agreeing 100% and Sonny and Fin (lol who?) disagreeing with them, partially (like Barba) or competely. Like we used to get on early SVU.

The Barisi Corner

Again, I said it before, but they have come SO far. For them to share a knowing look, like that, for Barba to turn to Sonny, of all people, as if to say “omg Carisi do you believe this shit?”, that’s big. Sonny used to be the cause of those eye rolls, and now he’s in on them. That little moment (for which I credit Peter and Raul, who love working together :D) perfectly displayed their continued closeness, and Barba’s changed attitude. Yet another point for continuity.

Also yes they stood next to each other and Sonny was mixing patterns and that tie was very Barba-esque and they look so handsome when they’re in the same frame and they’re in love :’) wait no, that’s in my upcoming episode tag yes you heard me i’m writing it

Stray Thoughts

Death threats? What death threats?

Fin taking the Sergeant’s exam? What is a Fin?

Rollins has a kid? Where?

Hostage Negotiation? lol nah, Tucker will still be investigating cops.

Non-Stray, Perfectly Relevant Thought

Peter and Raul were looking especially delicious. I love their new hair.