i'm tagging it as vintage


I don’t care if Monday’s blue,
Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too,
Thursday I don’t care about you,
It’s Friday I’m in love!

One more day till New Years Eve! Have fun but be careful out there. I can’t wait to see what 2017 has to offer for all of us!

Be well and Happy New Year!!!!
Marty (Raleightransplant)

-Time was something I could never physically hold, never feel; but through conversations and sentiments you became my time. With you the universe made sense, time began to form, and I felt. I felt deeper with such a passion reserved only for you. So I will continue to hold onto this moment until it is swept away, and on that day I hope my time should decide to wait for me-

Hello everyone, I’m trying to put together my dashboard. :)
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we have enough troubles in our daily lives. there are so many great and beautiful things to discuss in this world of ours. it would be wasting these precious moments if we told each other the vulgar details of how we earn our daily bread. so don’t let’s do it.

My grandfather was a photographer, and used to take photos of my aunt and uncle. This one was from christmas eve, around 1955, and was taken on a film camera. There’s something so warm about it to me. His photographs didn’t really get any exposure, but I found this one and thought it would be nice to share it with you guys!

(Please don’t steal this photo or remove the source!)