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Calgaras, how do you feel about the possibility of Jinbe and Hancock being actual friends, eventhough he's a male and all? She seemed to tolerate him during the Timeskip, and if you don't think they're friends, how would you see their relationship?

Of course I would like to see Hancock and Jinbe become friends. Jinbe both helped save Luffy’s life during Marineford, and he was one of the closest people to Fisher Tiger, the person who saved the Boa Sisters from their enslavement. That’s Grade A stuff for them to bond over. 

The premise of this question bugs me though. “Even though he’s a male and all” is such an unnecessary thing to say. Did Hancock not fall in love with Luffy? Did Hancock not say that she owes Fisher Tiger “an unfathomable debt” and speak of him as a savior to them? Did Hancock not show fondness for Rayleigh, as it was Rayleigh and Shakky who helped the sisters after they escaped their slavery? But people forget this stuff because it is so easy for them to buy into the stereotype of Hancock being “irrationally man-hating.” People don’t process that Hancock keeps virtually all people distant from herself, both men and women. And they don’t process that Hancock has damn good reasons not to trust men, but that she still can and has opened up to them once they’ve demonstrated that she can trust them. 

Why the hell shouldn’t Hancock have her guard up around every man she comes across? She is a pirate after all, so killing literally anyone she wants is fair game for her, and she is a survivor of some of the most horrific abuse imaginable. She was kidnapped by men, sold into slavery by men, and tortured for years by one or more men who literally branded her as their property. And nearly every man that Hancock comes across acts towards her in a way that tells her that she is a [sexual] object to them

Marines who try to spy on her for their own sexual gratification, criminals who harass her, and even Hanyabal slipped up and said “My Hancock,” openly declaring that he wants to “possess” her. You don’t think a former slave should be repulsed by that? 

Whenever I hear things that dismiss the idea that Hancock has every right not to trust men (and remember she doesn’t trust almost all women either), it bothers me. Because again, she is a survivor of abuse more traumatic than most people reading this could ever even imagine–all at the hands of men. And the appropriate response to that is not “not all men are like that!” because the only way to actually demonstrate that you are not like that–not some creep who wants to take advantage of her–is to recognize that she doesn’t want shit to do with you, respect that, and leave her alone. 

Again, Hancock is close with some men. But it has to happen organically, and through clear demonstrations of the kind of people they are so that she can know she can trust them. And Hancock’s character doesn’t need to change at all for that sort of them to happen again–for her to become friends with a character like Jinbe. Meanwhile, there are characters who aren’t even villains who kill people for nothing but their own entertainment and no one gives a damn because that’s just what pirates do. Mihawk single-handedly annihilated almost all of Don Krieg’s crew, which was 5000 people strong, and left only 100 people alive. Mihawk killed 4900 people just to pass the time. And Kid executed a group of pirates trying to leave the New World for no reason too. But we don’t even think of them as villains, and no one expects them to change. But when a female pirate who has been through godawful trauma at the hands of men doesn’t trust men as a default and will kill anyone who harasses or disrespects her, suddenly it’s a problem. 

This is an excessive reply to such an innocuous ask, but it’s riding on the back of multiple asks I got yesterday that directly said the ideas I’m fighting against here. It’s a frustrating subject because no matter how much I explain things, I still get people messaging me who have missed every point I try to make. Please don’t be one of those people, everyone. (Maybe I should have a rule that if people want to ask me about Hancock, they need to read through my whole “Boa Hancock” tag first.) (I’m joking, but also not–people should totally do that)