i'm tagging andrea so she won't miss it with all the glee pandemonium

I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It.

Pairing: O’Lupin. 

Rating: R for language and mentions of sex, but no actual sex…sorry kids.

Word Count: 3,178

Warnings: None really, except someone else trying to get all up on Cole and Teddy whooping some butt.

I basically had this little thought bubble in my head all of Friday. I was inspired by Sebastian and came up with a new guy. He’s basically the wizard version of Sebastian, but he has eyes for Cole and his recently acquired super sexy long legs. Andrea gave me the name so credit her for this pompous bastards name. This has no real plot, it’s just 3,178 words of jealous!Teddy and kind of slutty!Cole. I do plan on writing more of these with this new guy, that actually include sex. I feel like I’m taking over the Welcome to Hogwarts verse…sorry. 

Anyways, read on. 

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