i'm swimming in a pool of them right now

exotisque  asked:

OBSIDIAN MY FRIEND WHO DIDN'T LIKE HARRYMORT (Voldemort was ugly in her opinion /scaly) READ YOUR EXQUISITELY AND SHE SAID IT WAS VERY DARK BUT SHE LIKED IT A LOT and im crying 😭😭😭 im so emotional right now-- she's checking out No Glory. This is too much for my heart too handle. I'm so happy oh my god. My life is complete i can sink into the void i am ready


You started someone off with EXQUISITELY

That’s like… taking a toddler who has never taken swimming lessons and carrying them past the baby pool (the rated T tomarry AU’s), past the shallow end (the T-M Tomarry or Harrmort long, plotty fics), beyond the deep end (Harrymort, rated M, lots of violence, bloodshed, sex, and angst) and said “naw my friend, what you want is up here” and just cradled them as you took them up the high dive, walked them to the end of the plank, and then dropped ‘em into ‘explicit Harrymort horror’ territory and just hoped they wouldn’t drown immediately.

…and evidently they didn’t, good job, your friend is a warrior tell them they are welcome in my inner circle, they can join the wedding party if they want, I am all about those high-dive surviving toddlers