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Dad!Xiu + Son!Mark then vs. now


         Top 15 MTV Scream Relationships (as voted by my followers):
               12. The Lakewood Six // “That’s what everyone’s been calling us lately.”

Appreciation for Series Authors

I’ve seen these for authors of longfics, but man, writing a series is a whole new level of crazy you don’t even realise until you undertake it. 

If you read and love fanfiction series, make sure you’re letting the authors know you’re still engaged as the series goes on. Kudo/favourite the later stories. Reblog chapters of the later stories. Send them an ask about how you hadn’t expected this twist in story 3 and what will that mean for story 4. 

Writing a series is hard work. It’s easy to get burnt out after living in this universe for so long. You can help by showing the authors that our hard work is appreciated.

And to you, series authors:

  • If you’ve charted out your series and stared in mute terror at how long it will be before you finish this bloody thing, you are not alone.
  • If you realise you have three stories to get through before a part you’re really excited to write, you are not alone.
  • If you’re on story 2 and it feels like no one is reading and you’re really excited about story 5 but does it even matter because see above about no one reading, you are not alone.
  • If people only ever comment on the first story in the series when you know the writing gets better as the series goes on, you are not alone.
  • If you were excited by the idea of a series because it meant you didn’t have to stop the story when your OTP got together, but could actually show them in a relationship… and then no one seems to care about reading once they’re together, you are not alone.
  • If you feel like you’ve disappointed readers by taking the series in a direction they didn’t expect/want, you are not alone.
  • If you’re really tired of writing the series, but you’re afraid people will forget about you if you let it lay fallow for a few months, you are not alone.
  • If you’re wondering if anyone would notice if you did take a hiatus, or just dropped the series altogether, please believe me: You Are Not Alone.

This is what it’s like, being a series author. This is why series get abandoned. It’s hard work and a slog sometimes, with not nearly the amount of feedback and excitement coming from readers to keep us going when things get rough. It often feels like people really only care about the first story, and then maybe sort of read the rest out of habit, but not real interest.

Here’s my challenge to readers: Pick your favourite series, and then think of your favourite thing in that series that isn’t from the first story. Now go tell the author about it.

Series authors: You’re amazing. Keep up the good work.

Aqua Form - Juvia Lockser - fanart. I thought I’d try giving the effect she’s using Water Body and make her fingers and edges of her hair watery (?). I tried. I really did. However. I’m really proud of the lighting work on this..I wanted it to be very detailed and yeah I don’t think I did too bad :3

And sorry I haven’t posted in art in a while, it’s just been very hectic with school T T

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source.

More Than This

Anonymous asked: Can you do an imagine where the reader is an artist and bucky wants her to draw him??? please!!! xx

A/N: Ooooo, i hope you like it!! Sorry it’s shortish :/

Warnings: Fluffiness and kisses xx

Originally posted by buckysclique

You were an artist, and you found art in absolutely everything. From the woman sitting quietly on the train, to the bird flying quickly over the fountain. As far as you were concerned, art was everywhere, in everyone. Everyone was capable of beauty, it just takes the right person to find it. 

So there you were, sat silently in the Avenger’s tower and sketching down the scenery out of the window while you waited for your friend Natasha to get back from her training. 

You weren’t part of the Avengers. You were simply friends with Natasha, whom you’d met in the park while you jogged next to each other. You’d become comfortable here, enjoying the view from here much more than the one in your studio apartment. 

Various people walked through the room, acknowledging your presence momentarily before walking back out and taking care of the business that they needed to. 

It wasn’t until you heard the familiar footsteps of Bucky Barnes’ strong boots did your ears perk. He walked through the room, sitting down on the couch and waving at you. You waved back, smiling slightly and watching as he picked up a book on the coffee table and opened it. 

Your interactions with him were slightly limited. Mostly having small talk conversations and sharing looks from across the room when Natasha talked to you. He did wink at you quite a bit, something that definitely made you flush. 

You swallowed, noticing how closely he sat to you, but you continued to draw. 

“Have you ever drawn a person?” Bucky’s mouth spoke after a moment, causing you to bring your attention back to him. “Hmm?”

“A person, have you drawn a person?” He said again, this time making you flip through your sketchbook. 

You pulled to a page of an older man who sat feeding pigeons one day. You showed Bucky who nodded in approval. 

“How long are you here for?” Bucky asked, his torso now turned to you. “Uhm… I guess until Natasha doesn’t want me here anymore?” You responded.

“Do you,” Bucky stopped to laugh, “-I can’t believe I’m asking you this- would you like to draw me?” 

An eyebrow of yours raised, sticking your pencil behind your ear, “What’s in it for me?” 

You sounded much more confident than you were. This is the longest conversation you’d ever had with Bucky, but you certainly didn’t want it to stop any time soon. 

“Well,” he started, standing up and reaching out his hand, “you get to see my room if you do it.” 

“Is that an innuendo?” You teased, taking his outstretched hand and allowing him to pull you up from the couch. “It can be if you want it.” He winked, making you blush. 

Of course you were into him, how could you not be? As much as you didn’t want to be a cliche, you were definitely crushing on none other than Bucky Barnes and have been since Natasha first introduced you two. 

His hand still hadn’t left yours as he led you to his bedroom, looking back to make sure you have your sketch book. 

Bucky smiled, opening his bedroom door and pushing it open to lead you in. Your eyes took in the dark curtains that hung open around the window, a little light shedding in between the opening. 

He flicked on the lights, a slight red glow now resting atop his cheeks as you could now take in more of the room. It wasn’t messy at all, in fact the floor was spotless. His cabinets and dresser were all black, and you could definitely see a theme. 

“This isn’t anything like a pictured it…” you trailed off, running your fingers over the fabric of his curtains. 

“You’ve pictured my room?” Bucky laughed, crossing his arms over his chest. 

Your face grew beet red, “N- no, that isn’t what I- oh god.” You stammered, face palming. 

“It’s alright, doll,” he chuckled, “how would you like me to pose?” 

Your mind switched from flushed schoolgirl to artist, glancing quickly around the room. You found a stool, grabbing it quickly and setting it in front of the mirror. 

You bit your lip, looking at Bucky’s bed, “Lay across the bed.” 

“You gonna draw me like one of your French girls?” 

“That’s a dated reference, Barnes.” You giggled. 

“I’m a dated man, (Y/L/N).” 

You rolled your eyes, waiting for him to lay on the bed. He went to straighten out the duvet but you stopped him, “No! It adds character. Leave it.” 

Bucky looked up at you and nodded, smiling brightly. He laid across the bed, resting his arm behind his head and looking up at the ceiling, “Is this okay?” 

You swallowed, trying to stop yourself from drooling over his stretched out body, “Perfect.” 

Your pencil glided across the fresh page of sketch paper with ease, starting with the general shape of his body. You studied the way his shirt hugged his torso, muscles practically popping out. 

Your eyes focused on his body, watching his chest softly rise and fall as he took every breath. His stubble scattered unevenly across his chin, adding touch of rustic likeness to his usual badass persona. 

You talked quietly with one another, him mostly asking you about your family and personal life, while you asked him about his life in the ‘40s. He talked fondly of what he could remember, mostly talking about the music and his memories of seeing what was once Stark inventions.

“So, why did you want me to draw you?” You asked after a moment of sitting in silence, the drawing almost done, you just having to finish the shading in the duvet on the bed. 

Bucky shrugged, his eyes finally turning to you, “Gave me an excuse to get to know you more.” 

You raised an eyebrow, “Why didn’t you just ask me?” 

“Well I had to tell Steve an excuse so he didn’t lose his shit over me finally being interested in a girl.” He scoffed, sitting up after noticing you hadn’t drawn anything in a bit. 

“You’re interested in me?” You asked as he moved towards you and took your sketchbook from your hands. 

He set the sketch book on his bedside table, standing very close to you. So close that you could smell his wonderful cologne radiating off of his body. “…Duh.” 

You started to giggle at his sudden admission, “Well, isn’t this something.” 

Bucky chuckled along with you, “I hope I’m not going to scare you off?” 

You shook your head, “Not at all.” 

It was then that he took your head into his hands, pressing small and gentle kiss against your lips. You happily kissed him back, feeling for the first time in a while that you could genuinely be interested in someone. Bucky smiled into the kiss, moving his hands from your cheeks to your lower back and pushing you closer to him. 

Your hands moved to his jawline, loving the feeling of his stubble under your fingers. 

“Can I take this as a yes to a date tonight?” He murmured against your lips, his eyes still closed. 

“Yes, definitely.” You nodded, grinning widely. 

Bucky’s bedroom door burst open, causing you two to jump apart. He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly as both Steve and Natasha stood in the doorway. “Is this where you’ve-” 

“He asked me to draw him.” You cut Nat off and picked up the sketchbook, showing her the drawing. Bucky finally looked at it as well, smiling, “See, Steve? Told ya she could do it.” 

You didn’t care that you had almost gotten caught kissing Bucky, because you had a date to get ready for. 

the one in which sanha accidentally changes their entire house (and knk's too)

au masterlist

for @goddammitdanyul - buddy ur post it’s canon now~~~

It’s the hottest day in the whole history of ever, MJ swears. It’s the kind of sluggy day where all the energy in the world has been absorbed into the weather and nobody has any motivation to move or do anything at all, much less MJ. He’s been slumped over in the armchair by the window for the past hour, trying to seek coolness from the three Cooling crystals he stole from Bin earlier in the day.

Perhaps he should steal another one, a small voice at the back of his head says. It sounds a little like Sanha, so MJ chooses to ignore it. Also because going upstairs to Bin’s charms room requires Getting Up, though, something MJ’s unprepared to do.

And anyway he’s pretty sure if he moves from his spot in the armchair an MJ-copy made purely out of sweat would peel away from his body and remain in the exact same position he’s in now, twirling its salty, sticky finger around (increasingly ineffective) crystals.

Perhaps he could ask Sanha to do it… MJ tilts his head a single degree to the left and is greeted with the sight of Sanha, Soggy Noodle Extraordinaire, sprawled out nearly unconscious on the floor, kind of like that one soggy noodle that falls out of the colander by accident when you’re trying to drain a pot of pasta.

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Just finished listening to the album and the EX’ACT era is still honestly my favourite but speaking from an objective point of view, I still so proud of my boys and I’m just so thankful that they worked so hard on this. They’ve all come so far and improved soooo much. I only wished Sehun got more lines (I N J U S T I C E ) but seems like he has loads of dance breaks in the song. 

Love you forever and always boys we r one saranghaja  :((((((((

Level Hundo Pidgey, aayyyyyeeeee ٩( ᐛ )و

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ: Lance

(งツ)ว : Keith

Quick update on the censored post thing.

I was informed that some older posts were marked as sensitive as well, and after looking I found three others besides the recent one. I decided to send a request for a review on one of the older posts. If it actually works, I’ll send requests for the others and hopefully get everything cleared up so that everyone can see my content without it being incorrectly labeled or blocked.


Feeling unsettled about not seeing each other. (x)


“Go and have your horse faced, mealy mouthed girl,” I cried. “Have her! But you best remove from your memory all thoughts that Anne Boleyn ever loved Your Gracious Majesty. For she never did. Never.”

Robin Maxwell - The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn

Comfort - Feral/Rex Oneshot

Part of my main AU: AGFFA [A Galaxy Far Far Away]

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Post Thanksgiving dinner!

This is the first time I haven’t stressed about the calories or fat content of the food and ate simply because it tastes good and I wanted to! For a kid with a rather long history of disordered eating that’s a massive massive victory! Today has just been a great day in general, it started with a change in my outlook on the holidays and it’s ending with a successful, happy time that I can look back on fondly!

Last thanksgiving I was on the road to recovery but I still remember not being able to let go, this thanksgiving was a nice reminder of just how far I’ve come and how things are getting easier with each passing day!